What are low-sugar fruits? Also what savory snacks are best?

F Tima A.
Um I don’t really know what low-sugar fruits are but I’ll make a guess. I think low sugar fruits are fruits with the most acid in them for reason being they are more sour then sweet. So that’s why I think pineapples, and kiwis are low sugar fruits. And in my opinion the best savory foods depend on the mood I’m in. For example I’m in a lazy mood right now so the best savory food for this moment would be sour cream and onion chips. But if I was in a more upset mood I would choose pretzels shaped in animals. It all depends on how I’m feeling and what’s the cheapest option.
Caroline E.
I’m not sure about Low sugar fruits but I feel any type of fruit is good for you! Rather than worrying about sugar, eat what makes you feel good! I love carrots and hummus or pretzels and hummus. Almost anything with hummus is good!
Wilma U.
Strawberries and other berries is I know are low in sugar, and cucumbers (though I don't know if they are considerer fruit).
For savoury snacks, various nuts, carrots, or cauliflower (Not as bitter as broccoli)
Rayan Q.
Watermelon-strawberries -avocado-lime-berries are low sugar fruits
And for the savory snacks ( popcorn-pretzels- veggie chips)