What is the best breakfast that is both tasty and healthy? I really need some ideas!

Baptiste C.
Oatmeal with a banana and avocado smoothie.

For smoothies I used
– half avocado
– one banana
– a teaspoon of powdered moringa leaves
– one tablespoon of milk
– one tablespoon of honey

Rapaz Q.
I think eggs are the best breakfast because there are so many varieties that you can prepare and are perfect with any type of salad. My favourite: scrambled eggs with thyme, roasted cherry tomatoes and salad with pumpkin seed oil, wine-vinegar and a little bit of honAs a vegan option I would recommend eggplant cream with garlic and pepper – might totop it with little bit of lemon juices. Don't forget to drink freshy squeezed orange juice or grind some apple without its peel. You can eat the apple peel seperately or dry it for later as snacks.
Notburga X.
Hard-but-still-moist-boiled eggs OR sunripe tomatoes on a lightly toasted whole grain rye bread with butter, top with sea salt and either fresh chives or fresh parsley. Mmm! (P.S. More of a general rule: Avoid scorching bread when toasting as the burnt bits are HIGHLY carcinogenic! This really applies to all things burnt. Good to know!)
Jack O.
Low fat Greek yogurt with a sweet fruit, like raspberries. I love protein and a slow acting sugar (fruit) in the morning!
Isaac T.
Im not sure, I just ate oatmeal for 3 days. I have to admit it was pretty bitter. Maybe eating fruits with a spoon of peanut butter or 2 eggs would've tasted better in the mornings.
Samantha E.
My favorite is a breakfast burrito. They have protein to keep you full, and they're delicious. There are good frozen options. If you meal prep and freeze your own, you can even sneak in more veggies. They're also pretty easy to microwave, grab, and go in the morning.
Nicolas Q.
I like to chop up some kale, garlic, mushrooms, grated cheese, and nutritional yeast (sounds gross but it’s delicious and so healthy, just try it) and throw it in a ziplock or jar the night before. The next morning i just crack a couple eggs and scramble them up with the mix of veggies i prepared and you have a super quick, tasty breakfast. If you want some extra carbs you can also toast a bagel or some bread or heat up a tortilla while you’re scrambling. If you’re in a serious rush you can pre-scramble the eggs the night before and minimize the cleanup in the morning.

Another similar breakfast is egg muffins — you’d have to look up the recipe for this one but it’s a common quick breakfast hack where you cook a bunch of mini-quiche sort things in a muffin tin. Basically scrambled eggs + veggies in a muffin-shape. They last a week in the fridge, just microwave and go.

Tracy T.
An example of a healthy and tasty breakfast is oatmeal or millet with a teaspoon of vegetable oil, fruit (banana which has potassium and boosts your "happy" hormones or an apple) and a boiled egg because you need protein. If it seems boring you can be more creative and still eat healthily. For instance, you can make pancakes with the same ingredients: mix oat with an egg to make a pancake batter, decorate with bananas and/or berries and voila! Colorful and energy boosting morning!
Christoffer A.
I like to toast bread and spread it with avocado. I put a fried egg, black pepper, and salt on it. Cooking the egg with coconut oil can add an extra flavor. The gooey yolk compliments avocado really well.
Arianna Z.
I eat berries (blueberries, raspberries, cherries recently), sometimes an apple, mixed with Greek yogurt and chia seeds. I might chop some almonds and put them in there too
Alison E.
I usually go with a simple but healthy and kick starting breakfasts. Such as a delcious sandwich with anything healthy in it of my choosing. And a cup of green tea. With cucumbers and nuts on the side. Of course before anything, i drink water. Good Luck!
Glen Y.
I like a multi-grainy organic cooked cereal. I include chopped nuts and dried and fresh fruit. I use stevia as a sweetener, but am slowly cutting back on that because I don’t think there is any health benefit to sweetening it.
This seems to keep me from food cravings for the next few hours.
Emma C.
Muesly with yougurt and fruits (boueberries, strawberries, banana, apple, etc.) Really tasty and if you manage the amount of sugar you get in each component it's a healthy way to start the day and feel satisfied until lunch.
Steven U.
Scrambled eggs or egg whites with sauteed peppers and onions .. you can chop peppers for several days they saute rather quick then just add the beaten egg to it…omelettes are a good option as well if you have the time.. plain oatmeal dressed with dried fruits and mixed nuts.
Avery O.
I like to do a two egg omelette with mushrooms, onions, and asparagus, then slice a fourth of an avocado and put that on top with a side of fruit.
M Line T.
Try Bob’s Redmill Muesli with whole milk. Or mix the Muesli with yogurt and let it rest a while or even overnight in the fridge. And mix in a grated apple.
Sander B.
My best breakfast is mashed avocado over a thin slice of whole wheat bread ( or other healthy one) with cherry tomatoes and a boiled egg. Use some salt and fresh lemon juice for taste. 🙂
Mason O.
Greek yogurt and granola with fresh (or frozen) fruit and honey. Avocado toast with poached egg and micro greens and onion sprinkled on top. A peanut butter and banana smoothie. Peanut butter and banana toast. Peanuts are a good source of protein for energy 🙂 Overnight oats with fruit and chia seeds. Scrambled eggs with rye or multigrain toast. Pinterest is a good source for healthy meal ideas. Good luck!
Isael P.
I have been making all kinds of fruit smoothies with a scoop of protein powder, chia seeds and pumpkin seeds. Then I have a slice of multi grain bread with either a small amount of real butter or a sugar free fruit spread. Yum!
Joanne S.
Overnight oats- healthy and filling. There are many variations- a quick Google search will give you an idea. After, it’s up to you to adapt it to your taste 😁
Louis A.
Chia seed pudding with coconut milk, raspberries, a little coconut sugar and 3 table spoons chia seeds. Made the night before.
Paige E.
If I'm in a hurry, I just eat an apple and another fruit of my choice. If not, I drink coffee with bread and chese and walnuts and boiled eggs
Gabrielle E.
I love scrambled eggs and cheese. Add a handful of spinach for added nutrients, and/or shredded chicken for the protein.

Also smoothies. So many yummy recipes out there, but for ease I usually just add a handful of frozen strawberries to yogurt, a scoop of chocolate protein powder, and milk. (You can also toss a few leaves of spinach in. You can't taste them, but they add vitamins and minerals.) Have a piece of low carb toast or frozen waffle to fill you up and you're set!

Lison N.
I love making fruit smoothies, sometimes I add milk, cocoa powder and honey to make it more like a milkshake. You can set it all up the night before and make it quick in the morning. I also love avocado toasts. It's simple and so tasty. I sometimes put a hard boiled egg on top if I am lacking some protein
Xander F.
I think herbs and seasonings make such a big difference when it comes to taste. I like to have a tofu scramble with garlic powder, salt, and some Chile powder. Swamp Dust is a delicious seasoning mix. Add some onion, greens like spinach or even brussel sprouts, and mushrooms or tomatoes, you'll have a healthy, flavor packed breakfast. 🙂
Alfred C.
Oatmeal, but for me, the key to oatmeal tasting good is to cook it al dente. Take 1c old fashioned rolled oats, add soy milk, microwave for 1 minute, then top with cinnamon, ground flax, and raisins. Delicious!
Ronnie O.
Apples and peanut butter, a smoothie with some peanut butter/some protein powder, and avocado toast with a side of eggs!
La Ssa Q.
I’ve been having muesli with almond milk and bananas. If I’m out of bananas then I add a little honey. It’s nice because none of the ingredients expire super quickly so there’s not a lot of waste
Susan C.
Anything with eggs is great. A vegan option is making oatmeal with water and adding a bit of syrup and or/cinnamon (sugar free if you can) as a substitute for the sweeteners that stores add. Or you're looking for something small, even just a spoonful of peanut butter should help get you through the morning!
Christina F.
Leftover pasta. People get scared of having "too many carbs" while they eat processed, impossible color cereal. Change that up and have a piece of fruit on the side and some pasta with a light dusting of salt and oil and a fried egg. Don't like runny yikes? Scramble the egg into the pasta as you warm it up! Otherwise enjoy that delectable yoke coating the noods. Eating carbs early in the day makes it easier for your body to use them, instead of eating carbs at 7-10pm, then laying down ,and doing nothing to process that meal. (While I'm ranting start having your occasional dessert earlier in the day!)
Mer G.
Egg and veggie omelet! 2 brown eggs whisked, add 1 cup fresh chopped spinach and 1 cup broccoli chopped. Top with salsa and sriracha.
Storm B.
My favorite I used to love; toasted English muffin (whole wheat though I do prefer it regular) with peanut butter and honey.
Jason N.
oatmeal is a great choice! load it with nuts, seeds, spices, fruits – make it savoury with sharp cheddar or onions. it’s full of fibre, it’s cheap and delicious. it’s a win-win.