What’s the best breakfast to keep you energized before starting your day?

Pepe S.
My personal favorite is a generous helping of blueberries, raspberries, and or black berries and plain Greek yogurt topped with matcha. It's full of protein, fiber, antioxidants, some caffeine, and no added sugars! I also like to add some granola, but I keep it at a minimum because of the added sugars and such (or even skip it entirely).

I think as long as you focus as protein and fiber you'll be set! Maybe like a spinach omelette or something as well! And keep added sugars to a minimum, but make sure there's something you're excited about in the meal so that it's emotionally energizing, too.

Edgar T.
I personally recommend scrambled eggs and a baked potato. I ate this every day for a week and I felt like I could win a 5mile marathon
Jesualdo Z.
For me, it's oat porridge with almond milk and added protein, like chia, peanut butter or vegan vanilla protein powder. Not too heavy, but it stimulates good digestion and gives me a kickstart to the day!
Asta C.
Firstly, the amount. It can not be too much as it will lead to food coma, but not too little that you would be hungry before lunch. Green vegetables, and fish meat. Some fruits and milk.
Irene Y.
Protein is always best for energy throughout the day, then after that whole grains are good too. So if you want to have toast, or similar stick to brown or wholegrain bread.
I like fish and eggs for breakfast, so I'll quite often have smoked salmon or mackerel and scrambled eggs. Sometimes on whole wheat toast or a small bagel.
Oscar N.
Bran flakes with fruit because its firbre and makes me feel full for longer. I prefer sweeter things in the morning too.
Ingeburg F.
The breakfast I mostly love is 0% fat greek yougurth with banana slices, orange slices, some dry fruits, honey and seeds.
Felic Ssimo P.
I like to eat parfait in the morning. It’s sugary, which I like, but also really healthy. I sometimes also boil eggs the day before I get up so that they are ready in the morning. These are some of the healthy things I eat in the morning!
Clecira Q.
There are several but what I found works miracles for me is some plain yoghurt with apple cut into pieces, some walnuts, chia seeds, some granola and raisins. But if I’m craving sweet, I put some chocolate chips in it, or when I need a change I put apricots, cherries, or a pear in instead of apples. The great thing is that this has almost undone amount of variations!
Another breakfast that I love is simple scrambled eggs (on butter and with a little salt and pepper) with avocado (I don’t eat bread with it) and a drip of maple syrup on top of them. Sounds weird but is delicious. And after I have the eggs, I’ll usually eas a little plain oatmeal with some fruit in it as a “dessert”.
Those foods can keep me going well past lunchtime if I happen to be super-busy, although I try to always make sure to have some lunch, mostly I prepare it at home and carry it with me. As I’m someone who gets hungry easily, this means a lot!
Hip Lito P.
I love a good breakfast with some grains, protein, and fat. Toast with egg and cheese is a nice option that can be made and frozen for a quick meal on the go.
Carol W.
Eggs, bacon OR any special K cereal. My favorite is Special K probiotics. It’s sooo good. Has dried peaches raspberries and blueberries and these little bits of creamy deliciousness. My kids love it too
Sohan A.
I like to eat a small jar of overnight oats with organic yogurt blueberries, Chia seeds, flax seeds, and some honey. I also drink a big cup of tea. I also drink a small glass of vegetarian protein shake.
Kuno E.
I have been drinking green smoothies every morning for the past seven years. The ingredients vary but here is a sample : cup of fresh kale, two apples, two small bananas, 3 spoons of hemp seeds, lemon peel, one date, ice, water or almond milk- blend it all well and enjoy. It has more than one serving. I usually have a big full glass then carry the rest with me and finish within two hours.
Christin O.
Eggs or other protein are great to help you stay energised. Nuts or an apple are just a couple of the go to energy breakfasts you can eat. My favourite is apples, peanut butter and eggs
Eleanor N.
I love granola bars!!! I eat one and I seem to be able to have enough energy to last all morning and they’re an easy grab and go breakfast.
Nicoline W.
Cage-free eggs, sausage, multi grain toast, & a greens/fruit/coconut water smoothie. It’s filling after a nice hard workout, keeps me full for hours and is clean eating. When I have the time, I like to make homemade turkey sausage patties to lean it out, and then I can add in some avocado for a healthier fat!
Rosemary O.
I really like eating a cliff bar for breakfast and a tube of yogurt. It's just enough to keep me going without that super full sluggish feeling.
Drinking water first thing out of bed also helps because it forces my body to wake up faster.
Alexej U.
A couple of years ago, I was eating oatmeal every morning. Just a couple of servings of oatmeal boosted me up. I had to be careful because
Too much of it made me want to sleep again.
Violet C.
Something with plenty of protein! I find that keeps me full until lunch, which lets me focus on my work instead of when I get to munch next. My favorite weekday breakfast is a peanut butter and banana smoothie— it’s so quick and so good! I’ve also been experimenting with oatmeal topped with PB and pumpkin seeds, as well as meal prep breakfast burritos. Having something I can take with me and eat on the way to work (or even at my desk) encourages me to get that good breakfast in every day!
Nurettin N.
I like to start my day with a berry and avocado smoothie. It sustains me while giving me energy to get through the first part of my day.
Lewis Y.
It depends on where I am, meaning whether I am at home or traveling. At home everyone morning I have a granola mix of pumpkin and flaxseeds and use almond milk. I hear it up and then put berries on top. Traveling I try anything vegan or vegetarian so that I am no full and bloated. Coffee and orange juice are usually enjoyed with breakfast.
Hana E.
One that has a significant amount of protein. Eggs, lean meat, oatmeal or fruit with peanut butter. Stay away from sugary carbs like donuts or cinnamon rolls, which leads to a sugar crash, increased hunger and overeating.
Jamie F.
Something with a protein like eggs and a carb like toast and a fruit or veggie like a banana. I like to eat a egg sandwich with a banana so if you would like to do that it’s a great option.
Herman B.
I find that eggs keep me going till lunchtime or porridge and banana. I like to keep breakfasts simple so that I’m more likely to choose them.
Paloma Z.
I rely on the same super-nutrition breakfast every day. And have for many years now. My breakfast starts with a berry smoothie, made with 1 cup of frozen berries and 1 cup of whole-milk viilli (a Finnish cultured milk, like yogurt). I add whey protein, collagen, cocoa powder, chia seeds, and a greens powder for extra nutrition. I enjoy my smoothie with a handful of mixed nuts (peanuts, almonds, and walnuts).
Chad J.
Oatmeal with fresh or dried fruits toopings & creatively reusing leftovers are my two energizing breakfasts. For example, this morning I scrambled some eggs with a leftover grain bowl I had yesterday. Yum.
Annett W.
I like to have an egg or two with toast and tomato slices when I'm in the mood for a savory breakfast. When I want something sweeter I make oatmeal with a sprinkling of sunflower seeds and a drizzle of maple syrup along with yogurt and a banana.
D Lia E.
My favorite is Greek yogurt with fruit, nuts and a drizzle of honey. I often pair with water or tea. Lots of protein and great taste!
Jeffrey P.
I like to alterate between – – -2 eggs with spinach and mushrooms
– 1 piece of toast with 1/2 avocado, tomato, cucumber and 1 boiled egg
-green smoothie with spinach, ripe banana, frozen fruit and chia seeds almond milk
-oatmeal with cinnamon, banana and nuts
Justin N.
Well, my breakfast aren't so different between each other, but i think the one that keeps me energized before starting my day is an apple or some yogurt, something fresh
Kasper F.
I say oatmeal with pecans and dark chocolate. I also enjoy 2 scrambled eggs with a side of home made bread, honey and ricotta plus some tomatoes and a fruit like apples and peanut butter. Enough to keep you energized till lunch time!
Ethan F.
Home made museli with almonds, apricots, crystallised ginger, pumpkin seeds and hazelnuts alongside the oats, sultanas and linseeds.
Franco P.
One thing that always fills me up is oatmeal! As long as you make it with some extra fiber from chia or flax seeds and fruit, it’s really a winning combo. And there’s so many different ways to make it so it’s versatile too!