How do you get a quick, healthy breakfast without being late for work?

Jessica C.
At our house, we put oatmeal in a small crockpot with water in the evening. An outlet timer turns the crockpot on a few hours before we wake up. You can add cinnamon, maple syrup, honey, butter, or dried fruit the night before or in the morning. Fresh fruit and nuts can also be added in the morning.
Isabella B.
mam casu dost, protoze mame distancni vyuku a zakaz opoustet kraje, takze jsem cele dny doma. a hodiny zacinaji az v 8:00, takze kdyz si privstanu, mam cas navic
Mari W.
Preparing your breakfast the day before can help you in the morning. Making oatmeal or baking some healthy muffins or even making a healthy smoothie.
Preplan your morning meal will help to not be late to work.
Jared Z.
Prepare the menu the night before! Set out the pots and pans you’ll need, and check that you have all the ingredients. Make it as easy as possible to make.
Asta E.
It’s simple – just make sure that you wake up when you planned to so that you have time to complete your routine and allow a time buffer so you’re never in a hurry. Getting the wake up part of your routine down to the point where you aren’t procrastinating empowers you to routinise the other healthy habits without ever having to rush.
Jo J.
My main tool is my alarm clock… I set it a little earlier. That way I can give each mouthful the attention it deserves.
If I fancy a lie-in I will make a Bircher muesli before going to bed the night before, or get one of my home made breakfast muffins out of the freezer to thaw overnight and then eat it with a piece of fruit next morning.
If I ever oversleep I can just grab a banana and a muffin. The muffin is defrosted by the time I get to work, and I can scoff the banana end route.
Mason E.
I woke up earlier and then I watched what I can eat that was good for me, so I chase a cup of milk an apple, an orange and a block of chocolate
Emi N.
I try to prepare ahead of time for my breakfasts and if I know that I’ll be in a rush in the morning, I will usually grab a banana and a granola bar and eat it on the go! Having knowledge about healthy meals can also help with prep!