What is the perfect breakfast for you?

Thomas W.
The perfect breakfast for me is waffles with maple syrup, whipped cream and fruits (mango, blueberries, strawberries, pineapple, etc.), bread, lightly toasted with butter, and a strawberry banana smoothie or some orange juice 😋

Andrea Z.
I love starting my day off with an energy drink!
Add some fruit on busy days!

I always feel weak in the mornings, and will forget to eat.

So then later in the morning after I’ve done some daily tasks.

I loooove making scrambled eggs with lots of pepper. Fruit of my choice, breakfast potatoes, and a homemade muffin, or toast!

Silke P.
Well it differs per day
Sometimes I prefer a bowl with cornflakes or a bowl of oatmeals and fruits , but my favorite of all are toast with advocado and eggs with a cup if tea.

Beto Z.
My perfect breakfast is a glass of water. Some kind of fruit or fruit pressed juice. A carb like whole grain toast, waffles, grits, oat meal. And of course with some veggie sausage.

Logan Y.
It depends in my morning mood
If im craving something sweet or salty
If something sweet, i have banana then croissant with coffee
If something salty, i would have boiled eggs with brown bread and maybe i will have a cup of tea

Catarina N.
Usually if I go all out on breakfast, I make omelets with peppers, onion, cheese, and bacon. And I make the bacon fresh.

Jac N.
The perfect breakfast to me is what I try to eat every day:
Yoghurt (preferably vanilla), with banana slices in it, and also oatmeal in it if I have that at home.
Two sandwiches (I’m not sure if the English word is used in this way, but I mean two single slices of bread), with butter and cheese on. Or maybe I’ll slice an egg and put on, if I boiled a few recently (I don’t like cooking so I prepare everything in batches ahead of time). If I’m feeling very luxurious I could even put some sliced cucumber on there.
I also like drinking something warm. Usually coffee in the morning, with sugar and milk (only black when I’m in a bad mood or trying to impress someone, haha). Otherwise a glass of milk or some orange juice can be nice alternatives, or complement so that I have one hot and one cold, but that’s taking it further than I usually do.
A lot of dairy on the menu, haha. That comes with living in Scandinavia, and also growing up with a Finnish grandmother who said having access to milk was a luxury we must never take for granted.

The perfect-perfect breakfast, which I only have on super luxurious days when I have all the time in the world, is American pancakes (or any pancakes really, I adore them all), topped with fruits and berries and ice cream 🙂 Always drink milk with pancakes. Yum yum.

NB! Earlier in the app the question I was asked was for gluten-free recipes, which I know nothing about. Here in my country you have access to gluten-free alternatives of all I mentioned, but I would suggest looking it up on the internet or asking your local librarian for some cookbooks 🙂
The question I was asked here on this page (that I came to by clicking on the gluten question) was a different one, which just asked me what my perfect breakfast was, adding that a long answer is preferred.
I’m not sure which one I was really supposed to answer, or where my answer will end up, but I hope you reading this will have a lovely day! 🙂