What are the best things to eat for breakfast? I’m looking for different ideas.

Armand E.
See if you don't have much time in morning then you can eat mixed nuts or fruit dish which contains banana, apple, strawberry, and you can also add berries. And if you have much time you can eat eggs with milk and bread and if you don't like milk you can go with some healthy juice (orange) or any other.
This all are common for breakfast you can try oats and scramble eggs too!

Max Z.
I eat the same things. All days i have breakfast with coffee and milk. This Is my routine… During the morning i have a break and I drink some tea or I eat cookies or snack because they are more faster than fruits

Klemens O.
Me personally, I can never go wrong with some eggs and some sort of fruit, and toast or a bagel are a great way to cap it off! It all tastes great, and it’s largely pretty filling and healthy

Lara W.
Sunny side up eggs are really quick and easy because you just through them in a pan, season to your liking, through a clear lid on top and wait for the yolks to get a thin white layer on top and you can pair them with anything from toast to home fries/ hash browns to sausage and bacon and you can have virtually any drink with it.

Nanna P.
I love smoothie bowls or fruit bowls. It’s a great way to get in a bunch of fruits and still enjoy your breakfast, rather than something like oatmeal or toast. It’s simple, healthy, and sweet (but not bad for you)!