If you don’t like eggs what options do you have?

Nicolas Y.
Overnight oats are great – you can top them with fresh fruit, nuts or granola and can be eaten cold or nuked for a warm breakfast. Can be made a bit savory with the right toppings. If you want to boost the protein content, you can add chia seeds or a nut butter when preparing. If you want savory, try toast with roasted veggies and ricotta (veggies can be batch roasted and refrigerated for easy warm up and quick assembly). Avocado toast is great but harder to prep on the quick
Birgitt Y.
Instead of eating eggs for breakfast, you can eat an apple and peanut butter or oatmeal, or a banana and peanut butter. Just make sure that whatever you eat instead, it is healthy.
Violet P.
I dont like eggs. Sometimes i do have them for breakfast though. I like cornflakes, greek yougurt, granolla, fruit, paisteries, mini sandwich, vegies, oatmeal, some nuts
Aiden Y.
This question makes no sense. What options do I have in terms of food sources? Of binding agents? If food source, pleeeenty.
Peyton A.
A protien shake. I like to mix in frozen berries, acai and fresh spinach. You can also add yogurt or a nut butter. I also add a little almond or oat milk and ice. Very filling for most of the morning. And if you don't like the taste of protein powder, the add ins cover up the taste really well.
Thibaut E.
Since I like a quick, small breakfast, I typically eat a bagel with some cream cheese and a small handful of nuts and dried berries. Sometimes I'll swap out the bagel for some toast, or even just some slices of cheese. Another great quick meal is a half sandwich of peanut butter and honey, and you can never go wrong on a bowl of oatmeal; mix in some fruit and you've got a meal fit for the gods!
Gemma Q.
Try a breakfast smoothie, e.g frozen mixed berries, perhaps protein powder, spinach, flax seeds, almond milk. Or have some granola and coconut yoghurt
Carolyn E.
Well if we are talking about a diet. I never liked eggs so I always instead would mix them into something more tasteful to get rid of the egg taste.
Aar O Z.
I don't like eggs. I DO like cottage cheese. However unsweetened Greek yogurt is better for me because I have slight problems with dairy. And yogurt has the enzymes that I don't make enough of. Another option I like is tofu. I'll just cover it with some bouillon or soy sauce or whatever sauce strikes my fancy. I can also Grill it up in any seasoning that strikes my fancy and slices, small cubes or crumbles
Silke F.
Plant based options are plentiful! Diced tofu tossed with leafy greens and tomatoes, oats with nut butter and plant milk (try adding some seeds or cinnamon!), whole grain toast or sourdough with avocado!
Em Y.
Oatmeal, quinoa, cheese – there are lots of options! Look into vegan breakfast ideas because vegans go for healthy high protein items that have no egg.
Douglas U.
You could make a sandwich, have some oatmeal, honestly, almost anything as ling as it doesn't have added sugar to it. Foods like syrup, cinnamon rolls, tend to not be healthy in the morning. Or junk food, that can also be unhealthy.
Elena T.
My alternative to eggs are fruits like kiwis, bananas and apples that are energising as well as eggs.. but I like eggs! Fruits are just an alternative to not eat eggs every day
Astrid A.
Peanut butter and banana sandwiches, oatmeal with some fruit and yogurt, Greek yogurt parfait or smoothie. Hope that helps!
Maya E.
I personally eat fruits and nuts in the morning to get the energy I need for the day. You could also opt for something along the lines or a slice of peanut butter toast and a smoothie, as long as you're eating something high in protein, you have lots of options.
Caitlin F.
If you're eating them for protein than you have a lot of options: Greek or plain nonfat yogurt, meat like lean beef or turkey, chicken, fish or seafood. Try different things to see what you like.
If it's for a baking ingredient you can try soda or applesauce or just Google it. There are tons of really helpful websites out there.
Felicity P.
Try a breakfast salad bowl. Salad leaves, sliced avocado, tomatoes, cucumber, smoked fish etc. Quick to put together and a nutritious start to the day
Ama E.
It depends! For breakfast, I usually make over night oats with protein rich seeds. For baking, there are many alternatives. No-egg is a formula that supposedly acts just like an egg (never tried it, isn't sold in my country), but you can also use banana or chia seeds. For replacing egg in food, my trick is: Google! Search for "[dish name] without egg" or opt for a vegan version! Good luck ๐Ÿ˜Š
Leanna O.
You could always have oatmeal with nuts, Greek yogurt, and really anything that has protein. I would suggest googling for these kinds of things, the internet is very useful.