I feel full and satiated after eating breakfast and it makes harder to exercise. Waiting a few minutes before working out is not an option, I must leave for college. Recommendations?

Zoe G.
Well how about making breakfast that will fill you up and also is healthy so when you want to workout after it won’t be such a struggle
Carl G.
You should exercise before breakfast then or have something very light then exercise and have a full breakfast. Also I love working out in the evening after work , I feel really energized then .
Vanessa E.
It's hard to eat breakfast and then exercise if you have a full stomach. Try to make room for exercising in the morning. Wake up earlier, eat breakfast sooner, and have time to exercise. Another thing is exercise before you eat. u
Nicklas C.
I recommend you to eat lightly before exercise, just some nuts and then exercise. After you can eat your breakfast and leave for college
Marilyn F.
If you can wake up a bit earlier. Then you can go to the gym or stay at home for a small workout. Eat breakfast after, you won’t eat as much so you’re diet will be better and you can still feel well energized.
Garance P.
Do some physical exercises (or just warm up) when you are cooking your breakfast or wake up 10 minutes earlier then usual to do 8 minute workout. That also means that you should be in bed 10 minutes earlier than usual
Desislava C.
The breakfast is not to eat till you’re full and satiated it’s to give you energy. For breakfast eat less. But if you’re still hungry after that eat more. Maybe you should do your exercises in the afternoon
Malori P.
Since I don't know the full extent of your daily schdule. You could try postponing the schedule for a time where you're more free and have extra time. But if you need to work out in the morning try working out before your breakfast or while you're in the process of making it, if that's possible and maybe shorten the time you work out? Or switch out your exercises for something easier to manage. Another option could be to work out as you go to college? This doesn't make sense, but it works for me because I still do have online learning currently but not all of them and since I don't have a car to go there to I usually either walk or run there but most of the time I just cycle. Hope this helps!