I’m a student, what particular breakfast will be good to enrich the brain?

Sarah X.
Walnuts, dried raisins and eggs. These three are essential. You can buy fresh and organic bottled orange juice on the way if you have time. Make sure there are no other things in the ingredients than the "orange juice ". 🙂
Herta C.
I am a student too. As a Student i want my diet to be filling and with Stuff that can Jump Start my sleepy mind and Can keep me active Throughout the Fay.

For Me, i prefer Eating Cashews, Almonds, Pistachios, A banana along with my Tea.

i would Suggest eating Almonds as it increases your Memory and Improves your Focus.

I reccomend a Protein rich breakfast. Example eating Eggs. Or if you would prefer Vegetarian options i would say you can Have Dry Fruits and Nuts.

You can Also have Fruits in the morning but i would suggest you avoid eating Buttery and Fatty foods.