How do you eat healthy in the morning when you’re rushing?

Lou E.
When you are rushing, u can still eat healthy by eating something that doesn’t take long to cook or doesn’t have to cook at all, like a banana or boiled eggs, or even a protein bar. You should never skip out on breakfast whether you’re in a hurry or not
Hilla X.
Number 1 try to wake up early enough to enjoy your mornings. You can try doing sandwiches ready to your fridge waiting you in the morning. If you're really in a bad rush and you haven't prepared, I would just pick a banana and some nuts or other snack and run.
Gabrielle U.
Have your breakfast planned and have at least the ingredients ready to go. Have go-to breakfast meals that you know how to make so it's more automatic and you don't get stuck thinking of what to eat or how to make it. Leftovers are great too, make big batches of healthy meals and then it's all ready to go.
Amalie W.
I usually sleep a little earlier than usual so i wont struggle to get up, so i can have more time to focus on myself …..but if not i get up and make my kidney liver flush, and make oatmeal and then head out with a bottle of water
Lya J.
Prepare the food you want to eat the day before,this way you have no habits of reaching for something like a chocolate bar or something unhealthy.Also make sure you have the right amounts of ingredients.This is a good.habit as you'll.never miss out on a good meal
Justine Z.
Eggs are quicker than you think! Or I supplement with avocado on toast with olive oil. If I’m in a huge rush and not really that hungry, I’ll make a small bowl of oats with protein powder.
Sara F.
I am not sure it is very healthy I do my best but I make sure it includes vegitables . But I usually make a sandwich and eat a tomato or a cucumber
Vincent U.
I find smoothies are easy for me when rushing. I get a box of leafy greens, carton of almond milk, one bunch of bananas and frozen berries(mix of blueberries, black berries and raspberries). Any fruit I purchase for smoothies always goes in my freezer. The day before, I'll peel my bananas, cut them in half and place them in the freezer. You can also prep smaller zip lock bags by putting all your ingredients into one zip lock for one serving. That way all you need to do is pour it in the blender and just add almond milk. My blender has a clean option and I love that because soon as I pour the smoothie out, I just need to put dish soap and water in it and put it on the clean option for a while. I'm done. Saves a lot of time prepping the ingredients in advance.
Flor Ncia N.
I prepare a protein shake that I can take with me on the go. Another way I do this is to make overnight oats at the beginning of the week that I can take with me. Just grab and go and eat at my destination.
Hartmuth E.
Prepare the night before with ingredients, re-prioritise your morning activities, find an easier to make breakfast dish like porridge. Breakfast is the most important thing.
Lily Z.
A couple cuties or a banana! Something grab and go. And the best thing about those fruits is that they're pre-sliced. 🙂
Brandy U.
I am a nurse so some mornings I'm still exhausted from the day before and super tired. Not in the mood to make anything! On these days I have to go to choices. The first is oatmeal with a splash of milk and peanutbutter added. The next is toast with sliced avacado. These are very quick and simple meals to make packed full of energizing ingredients. Topped off with a thermos of coffee with a splash of half and half.
Marcus C.
When I know I'm going to be short on time in the morning I prepare a jar of overnight oats the night before. Then I can just grab it from the fridge and sit and eat, or take it with me if I don't have time to sit. If I end up unexpectedly late, I always have a healthy cereal in the pantry, and will flavor it with a little honey, raisins or fruit, and oat milk.
Cassandra E.
I try and prepare things the night before, overnight oats or hard boiled eggs left in their shells in fridge means I don't have to faff in the morning to prepare something as well as eat it. I also have a stash of protein bars for if I am caught out unprepared. Or a handful of almonds and an apple, two things I can just grab and run with if I need to.
Lucy U.
Have a set of pre-approved options that meet "optimal health & rush needs" (this also assumes other habits: keeping a "healthy" shopping list; regularly scheduled shopping expeditions.
Kathy U.
Usually I will make yogurt with fruit, granola, pumpkin seeds. Just started organic overnight oats for the rush mornings
Ivonete C.
Depends on how much of a rush I am in. If I have little time to spare and I will just grab some fruit. If I have a bit of time spare I usually make a bowl of cereal but depending on the cereal that's sometimes not healthy. My favourite is scrambled egg, turn the stove on (highest setting) heat some oil up in a pan, while the pans heating whisk the eggs. If you have time to spare add some vegetables, mushrooms, tomatoes or salad leaves (like spinach and kale) then and too the pan and scramble with a spatula. On the highest setting it should take around 2 minutes to cook depending on the stove and pan. If you know you won't have enough time to prepare all this on a morning then prepare it on the night, heat the pan and oil when while you are getting ready then away you go.
Bruce U.
Prepare and plan ahead. If you don't have time in the morning to prepare a good breakfast, leave portions already cut or packed of your favorite things just to grab and go. It will help keep track of what you're eating and won't give excuses to stop by for a donut or cookies. I love putting granola on ziplock bags and having individual containers of greek yogurt to take with me in the morning. Bananas are great too!
Sania F.
I make egg sandwich which takes about 10 minute. Toast your bread in oven for like 6-7 min. In this meantime cut some onion and mix it with two egg, salt and black paper. Then Fry it and cut some veggies. Then Assemble them.
Bill F.
Keep a bowl of hard boiled eggs in the fridge…you can easily grab that and a bnana and head out the door.
I also prepare my famous muesili mix the night before…it is a dry mix of oats, spices, nuts, flax and dried fruit. Mix some of it with Greek yoghurt and milk the night before and leave it in the fridge. In the morning just throw on some berries or a chopped apple, a drizzle of maple syrup and you are good to go.
Nikolaj A.
Plan your meal for when you arrive at your destination, or even on the journey if necessary.

But I guess another important factor is to decide why you’re rushing; if you are planning your morning to eat at the destination, that might be a good plan, but finding some psychological space, to know that your most important needs are taken care of, then you won’t rush, you’ll just move from one task to the next

Christiaan P.
Make sure you always have some fruit around you can take with you! When you're in a rush you have something healthy to eat with you and maybe can catch a not to unhealthy sandwich later at the train station etc. That's how I keep healthy eating if I'm short of time.
Engr Cio F.
I get up about 2 hours before I have to be at work, that way I am awake for long enough I'm not dragging still when I get to work.
Hiltraud G.
A smoothie! Just throw in the blender some spinach, fruits (frozen berries, a banana, or anything you like), some milk if you're lactose tolerant, water if you're not (or any non dairy milk), chia seeds (ground flax seeds work too, or skip the seeds altogether if you dont have any) and tada!
Everything takes less than 5 mins to put together and you can have your breakfast (aka smoothie) on the go!
Plus, its healthy, yummy, and gives your glory skin 🥰🥰
Maja W.
I cook oatmeal in the microwave with some berries and protein powder. That keeps me full for hours and takes under 5 mins to make
Rosimara E.
A boiled egg is my go to food on the run. The protein helps fill me up and gives me an energy boost. You can peel them before hand too, so then there's no excuse to not eat one!
Arnold E.
I have two young boys who wake up early. It's not easy to get up before them so I usually end up getting up when they do. I hand them a fruit to snack on and start a show for them to watch while I make coffee and get ready. Usually during the week, my breakfast is a plant-based protein shake. Thanks to this app, I've prioritized drinking water and a protein shake before taking that first sip of coffee.
Terrence Z.
Prepare, prepare, prepare. It starts with shopping: bananas, health bars, peanut butter. Then you have the things ready for the next day.