What is the ideal breakfast?

Luisa Mor N.
My ideal breakfast is eating a banana with some milk. It's super fast to eat and I dont waste any time on preparations. Also healthy and full of energy, a great way to start my day!
Ainhoa B.
Oat flakes with milk/soy milk (you can add a topping if you want) + natural juice/smoothie + tea is a powerful breakfast!
Sander E.
A healthy nutritious bowl of porridge with fresh fruit on the side, sometimes if its later in the dater like a brunch, a BLT is definitely good
M Lvin E.
The ideal breakfast is something that fills you up and gives you lasting energy. Some of my favorites are oatmeal, eggs, avocado or peanut butter toast (I prefer whole grain bread because it fills me up more), and yogurt. If I'm on the go, I usually grab a protein bar or an apple and a banana.
Lori J.
An ideal breakfast is one that you take time to prepare. It doesn’t have to take an hour or so to prepare. Around 5-10 minutes. Also, it needs to be something you enjoy. This doesn’t come as a surprise, but try to have carbs in it. They are good for your body. Hope this helps!!!
Gabriela N.
I always eat a fruit bowl because fruit first !!!! But you can have whatever you want, treat yourself just trust your gut And eat whatever you feel like eating in the morning
Amis Y.
For me I've found that the quicker/easier the breakfast is to prepare the more "ideal" it is for me. My favorite breakfast has become 2 eggs, 2 slices of whole wheat grain bread. I get my protein kick and it keeps me for a bit.
Florian M.
My idea breakfast is eggs, biscuits, gravy, sausage/bacon, hash browns, and pancakes. BUT! I should have an idea breakfast of hard boiled eggs, oatmeal, and some fruit and nuts on my oatmeal with a cup of skim milk and lightly buttered wheat toast.
Ken O.
Anything that will jumpstart you and give you energy for the day ahead! Fruits and veggies are good along with a protein like eggs to give you a head-start on your day!
Elyse F.
Either a grapefruit or banana with a vitamin packed herbal tea while one of the following cooks:
-hardboiled egg (two if very hungry)
-toast or English muffin (light red currant jelly, no butter)
Depends on what I’m in the mood for that day.
If I can’t eat in the morning due to nausea, I will make a fruit and Icelandic yogurt smoothie.
Taylor Y.
The ideal breakfast for me are eggs because they are quick and easy to make. I don't have to refrigerate immediately and they taste good even if a little cold. They fill me up and curb my appetite.
Kathy C.
I love avocado and it’s so healthy. Pair that with a nice golden yolk free range egg and toast and you’re good to go! If I’m feeling extra fancy I’ll top it with smoked salmon and sweet chilli sauce. Sounds strange but it’s beautiful!
With that I’ll have a cup of English breakfast tea but today I’m having a go at making my own fresh orange juice
Floriana Q.
Fasting. We are not design to eat break fast so then we do we break our fast. The body needs time to heal and repair. Give it time to rest.
Erick P.
For me, a good breakfast has the three main groups protein, fat and carbohydrates. Hence, I will recommend 2 boiled eggs and an apple with peanut butter.