How to make this habit regular

Lawrence Reed
Stay at it. In the beginning I will have to remind myself, and maybe push a little. But with repetition it will become an ingrained habit. I’ll even feel weird when I don’t do it.

Wesley Montgomery
Just like one of the letter said. Start small. Some days you will be motivated and do a whole workout, and on some days you might only do a few push ups. As long as you keep doing it everyday you will do it regularily.

Abbas Koller
It’s tough to make habits a regular thing that you just do with out even thinking! I used to eat breakfast maybe once every six months and now i eat an egg sandwich or oatmeal everyday and it does help! sometimes you just have to make yourself get up even when you don’t want too! mental will power is your friend! write sticky notes and plaster them around your room or house or your kitchen! write affirmations on them! let them know you can do it!

Loiraci Dias
Which habit? The best way to make a have it is to make it easy for you to complete it. Change your environment so that it enables you to complete a "challenge"

Timothy Martinez
Set an alarm, be consistent with your timings. Doing the same things at the same time every day (yes there will be the odd exception) will form habits, which when put together become your routine 😊

Wyatt Snyder
Try yours best to finish all your tasks on your routines and if you don’t finish one of them don’t take it and say that you did it.

Clara Jensen
To make something a habit, I believe you have to set a daily reminder for yourself to do it everyday. It's a slow process so you're not going to get it done in a week. It will take some time to do. But if you stick to setting a reminder for yourself everyday and doing the task, the longer you do it, the better chance you have that it will become a habit and second nature for you. The key is practicing it everyday and seeing a reminder for yourself so you don't forget to do it everyday.