Best way to deal with cravings?

Leroy P.
Only buy healthy food and snacks. Keep healthy snacks on your person in case you get hungry. Healthy foods are usually harder to get than fast food
Mae Q.
Guzzle water. If you need something with flavor, try adding some lemon or strawberries. If that still doesn’t help, have a piece of hard candy. I like sugar-free Werthers – it’s low cal.
Celestine T.
​Several things. To prevent: Allow yourself some in moderation. You get overboard when things are forbidden. Keep your favorite closeby (say chocolate) knowing that you can have a bit when you want it. To have a bit of quality chocolate (for example) won't be an excess and will deal with the craving. Also make sure not to go hungry for too long; People tend to eat more after they've been deprived. Also they eat quicker, which means they enjoy less and eat more than they need most of the time, even the body might have a reaction to this lack and absorb more (energy, fat) than it needs if it happens often. Lack of food that sustains your body will lead to cravings. To deal with: Plan to allow yourself some in moderation. To ignore a craving tends to make it worse over time. One thing you can do if possible, is to try to give yourself a version of what you want. For example, if you're trying to cut on sugar, a little sugar won't do as much damage as a lot. If you can learn some low sugar recipes or even substitute in ways that still satisfy your craving, you're on a way out of a bad habit. Say chocolate again, if part of it is the actual cocoa, and you can cook yourself a healthy bit quick one time mugcake with low sugar, or say maple syrup instead of sugar, you're starting to fight off the bad element of sugar in your craving, slowly replacing it with a type of sweetener that you can dose in smaller amounts and train yourself to appreciate this way. This is very effective. If you learn to enjoy a treat that is low on sugar, that satisfies you, that you are able to cut on, on some days, and that you generally crave much less because you don't go so hungry that your body will straight up demand sugar for a quick fix, you're going to start seeing a way out of this. But do carry some nuts or trail mix, and learn to feel the hunger early (before it's impossible to deal with) over time, and feel/predict your energy drops, because you can't always control situations where it might happen but you will know and be prepared for it. Nuts can stay in a bag for a long time, don't need specific temperature maintenance, will give you energy and fill you with something, and are high in protein and fat. It is probably the best thing to have ahead of the unexpected.
Katrine W.
Distractions seem to help really well. Just get yourself way too deep into a Sims4 game and you are good for the rest of the day.
Marga Q.
Remove the object of your desire and avoid you're phone, often you'll see commercial that will make you crave the stuff even more. Drink lots of water, and keep some snacks that are healthy and bland, that should get rid of your desire to eat whatever it is that you are craving.
Brandy O.
The best way is to raise my awareness of the issues around me and the results of my work. And then finding a motivation and repeating it every day until I remember it.
Ir Dea E.
Sometimes you are just dehydrated and if you drink a cup of water it may help, but if you're really craving something, then you should just eat it or not that food, just eat a snack or a fruit.
Na L T.
Cravings come and go, so even I'd you want that carb hit, remember all the work you'd have to do at the gym to burn it off is it worth it?
Katrina F.
I think the best way to deal with cravings are nowing if it’s a good craving like salads or if it’s a bad craving like chips. If it’s a good craving eat your normal amount but if it’s a “bad” craving think to yourself and say it’s not good for my bird I’ll regret it tomorrow. If you think this it might help but if your like me and your cravings don’t go away you can have a small amount or just wait long enough for your craving to go away.
Amalie C.
I go with hand fulls of things.. As moderation is key, just get your fix with small amounts of what you want or replace it with good alternatives.
Emilie Z.
I try to find something to replace it or take my mind off it with something I enjoy. For instance, if I am craving alcohol, I enjoy a nice flavored seltzer water ( I love those) if I a craving food or sweets, I have some gum.
Felix C.
Try to keep a journal of times when you have succeeded and substituted cravings with healthy options and read it when you feel ‘weak’
Wyatt T.
For food? Portion control. Don’t deprive yourself or else you’ll binge. But don’t indulge every day either. Replace sugar and carbs with fruit, yogurt, dark chocolate. Drink lots of water and eat plenty of protein and fiber to keep yourself full. And if you do indulge, just make sure it’s a thoughtful decision and portioned out.
Jennifer W.
Don’t let yourself get too hungry. Have healthy snacks nearby and enjoy satisfying foods so you don’t feel deprived. And find some natural sweetness! Fruit, dried figs, dates all make for great snacks!
Tracy E.
Depends on the craving. If it's a sugar craving, have high protein snacks with you (boiled eggs, chicken pieces, jerky etc). Keep fruit on your desk at work as well
Zoey Y.
Eating someting rich in fiber makes you feel less hungry so if you're craving a snack you cal walkways eat a piece of fruit or some nuts and you'll find out that you don't really need whatever you were craving

El Dio P.
Replace it with something else. Figure out a distraction, or something different to do when you have the craving. like for a sugar craving, drink water. Or draw a small mandala. For smoking, take a short walk around the block.
Alma O.
Indulge in them – but in moderation. The longer you sit on a craving the more likely you are to indulge in them in an unhealthy way (e.g. binge eat)
Hailey W.
Distract yourself with something! Whenever I’m really focused on something like studying, I’m way less mindless with my eating and usually I don’t even realize how long I've gone without snacking. Whatever you can do that requires a lot of attention will definitely help you control your intake.