What is you favorite breakfast item?

Mary I.
that would be the egg and apple peanut butter smoothie. these two keep me energized and full the whole morning and i loooce the feeling.
Nazatul W.
To be honest, i still love instant noodle for my breakfast. At the same time, i also love to have a bowl of oatmeal for my breakfast.
Amanda A.
Probably eggs, but if we're talking full breakfast, I like whole wheat toast with avocado and a soft boiled egg, with green tea or orange juice on the side
Natanya N.
my favourite breakfast items would probably be either waffles with fresh fruit or an omelette. both are filling and tasty without being too heavy. i also like to drink a smoothie or orange juice.
Sepehr X.
My favourite breakfast item based on the feeling that it gives me is seed. Based on on the energy that it gives is grain.
Lighthouse N.
Would honestly have to be a cup of tea, no matter how bad the breakfast is a good cup of tea will make it so much better
Manuel P.
My all time favorite breakfast item is ultimately a smoothie. The best part about a smoothie is that you can fit it to the type of day you’re going to have or how you’re feeling. You can go fruity and bright or add peanut butter and oats to make a hearty addition to your breakfast. You also can mix in supplements or vitamins without noticing. Lastly, smoothies are also portable so if you’re running late, you have no excuse not to eat breakfast because you can bring it with you!
Herodote Z.
Hi, for breakfast i use to put on my table a cup of milk with some peace of bread that i eat with a little butter. After that, it’s always useful to add an egg 🍳 and some fruits 🍌.
Lilian N.
Well my favourite is fresh bread with butter and warm black coffee. But my healthier and also enjoyable is oatmeal with a fruit.
On summer I enjoy overnight yogurt with chia seeds, banana and another fruit.