I am diabetic. What are your recommendations for specific EASY options? It is best for me to have it prepared in advance if possible. Thank you.

Joann Z.
I like preparing my breakfasts for a few days, at once. It's like making your own breakfast bowl or breakfast sandwich. Make sure it's well balanced with protein, healthy carbs, and fat. Have some fruit available as well.
Edward Z.
Oatmeal has been the most helpful for me
Most you can prepare at night and leave in the fridge and it is ready in the morning
Precooked boiled eggs are another go to for me with a cheese stick
I have also done chicken salad with celery and grapes
Both of those two options are low carbs
I think oatmeal is ok because of the fiber in terms of overall carbs
Lotti U.
I'm not diabetic, so you might want to get sugar content, but I prepare 24 oz. of plant-based smoothie. I mix 2 brands together, Planthead for Protein and right now I have Amazing Grass Berry Antioxidant. This week I read that some fruits have more sugar than others, so since it is already plant-based, I didn't add anything else other than coconut milk. Again, please check sugar content before making. You can look which fruits are better to eat through the keto diet.
Theo J.
2 hard boiled eggs with an apple.
Protein shake with blueberries.
2 eggs scrambled with steak or turkey
Debra W.
You could make a healthy breakfast sorbet and freeze it… in the mornings, just cut a bit off and blend it. Or buy some coconut yoghurt and add nuts and fruits. Hope this helps!
Ma Lyne Y.
I like to have 5-7 “mix and match” options available. Staples like eggs, wheat bread, fresh or frozen fruit are great. Eggs are super versatile and can be paired with the toast. Frozen fruit can become a smoothie or a sorbet. By having simple options that can be paired differently, breakfast is efficient and still interesting to eat and savor.
Anice A.
Because u have diabetes i suggest u steer clear from fast addedsugars such as sugar utself and sugar sweetened things like jam and such. Always check ingredients for added sugars they are everuwhere. It would be good to focus on the slowly absorbed sugars like bread and make it even slower if its whole wheat, add some healthy fatty acids to that like natural peanut butter, a lil bit of butter wont be problematic and maybe even some white cheese. As a beverage u can have unsweetened coffee/tea as u would like it, and i would suggest u avoid fruit juices altogether and stick with whole fruits, that way u get all the good stuff with more fibers and a lower glycemic index.
In short, no added sugars, whole wheat toast, 3 to four pieces, with natural peanut butter/cheese, a coffee/tea. A piece of fruit and you're set!
Hope this helps!
Kate S.
You can hard boil eggs and keep them in the fridge for up to a week and a half. I will hard boil a whole dozen and put them in small Rubbermaid tubs 2 hard boiled eggs is about 140 calories and that’s 6 breakfast preps you can also pre make oatmeal and then just microwave it for about 30-60seconds. And a quick grab of a fruit like a banana makes a balanced breakfast with protein(eggs) Carbs(oatmeal) and fruit. Have tea or coffee with your breakfast adding what ever approved sweaters your doctor says you can have. Or drink them black like I do haha