What are some 5 minutes recipes you could use for a healthy breakfast?

Elise O.
Take something simple and give yourself a couple of options. For example: buy a loaf of whole grain bread and a few toppings to make toast! I keep an avocado around for avocado toast, or if I feel like something a little bit sweeter, I’ll use peanut butter and bananas on my toast instead!

Nunya O.
Over night oats may not be 5 minutes but it only takes 5 mins in the morning i dont have an exact recipe but im sure theres many on google

Lucy E.
Chia pudding! Mix 1 cup of alternative milk, 1 tablespoon of chia seeds, a handful of fruit (frozen is fine), half a scoop of vanilla protein powder and any other spices/sweetener you like and let it sit in the fridge overnight for instant protein packed breakfast with a fruit serving!

Mads N.
An apple and a banana are the best ones for fast recipes. You can add some nuts, cause it will make you feel more energized and less hungry during the morning.

Jennifer N.
Make a quiche during the weekend and then you can take a slice each morning and heat it up in the oven on 350 for a few minutes. Quick delicious and filling breakfast!

Yogurt and fruit

Rice cake and almond butter with banana on top

Juan U.
A banana, peanut butter and rice cake.
Avocado on toasted brown bread.
Poached eggs and brown bread.
Muesili with fruit and almond milk.
Apple and peanut butter.

Julie F.
Overnight oats take 5 minutes to make the night before, and all you have to do in the morning is grab them and eat! Mix equal parts large flake oats and your milk of choice (if you don’t have milk, water works too). Choose your add ins: cinnamon, apple, and maple syrup is a nice combination; peanut butter and banana pairs well; blueberries and maple syrup; and cocoa powder goes nicely with strawberries.

Other quick, healthy options include Greek yogurt with fruits, toast with your favourite nut butter and a piece of fruit, cottage cheese with a piece of fruit, and hard boiled eggs with a slice of toast and a fruit for fibre (just boil the eggs the night before).

Hadrien O.
I like to make a yogurt bowl for breakfast .
I like Oui Lemon yogurt , spread on the bottom of a bowl , then I sprinkle some granola evenly over the yogurt.
Then I add fruit , I like fresh strawberry’s , Blueberries, and a sliced banana.
If you like you can add some honey .

Marli P.
I like to make smoothies but challenge myself to use more veggies than fruit and sweet things – eg. 1 small banana and dash of fresh fruit juice with 2 tbsp of oats, non-dairy milk of your choice, a handful of spinach leaves and a chopped small carrot. Maybe a slice of wholewheat or multigrain toast too.

Omlettes are excellent as well – look for ways to incorporate grains and beans ( I'm veggie so I like to incorporate these for high fibre and they stay in your tummy for ages) , avocado is also a favourite to eat with eggs!

Silken tofu, mixed in with some miso, tumeric, salt, fresh herbs, nutritional yeast etc is also a wonderful breakfast and very good on a bed of wilted spinach or a slice of multigrain toast.😋

Pancakes made with whole oats instead of flour, eggs and non-dairy milk, topped with Avi/tomatoes/ roasted pepper or a bean mix are delicious too and can be prepped the night before if your short of time!

Vera U.
avocado toast with fresh cheese
overnight oats with chia, peanut butter and a teaspoon of jam
ham and egg toast
quail eggs with cherry tomatos and a bit of mustard and yogurt sauce

Lyam E.
I’m not began but I like these vegan muffins by veggie delights you just hear them in the microwave and go. I usually have a banana with that and a cup of coffee. I drank my black with coconut sugar. Or some days I have a coffee protein shake after a workout. Either way I don’t miss my cup of coffee in the morning 😊

Amber E.
Avocado and egg on toast
Low fat/sugar granola with fresh fruit and yogurt
Fresh fruit on it own
Porridge with mixed nuts and fresh fruits
Yogurt mixed fruit and honey

Lilly O.
banana pancakes are very simple (1 ripped banana, 2 eggs and 1 tsp of oats), you mix everything and then you make your pancakes in a fry! i usually put honey on top or some strawberries.
another breakfast that i usually make is avocado toast. you will need a bread slice, a ripped avocado and a egg! i mash the avocado, toast the bread and then i fry the egg and it’s done! i drink a cappuccino or just a long coffee along with the toast.
last but not least, a smoothie is my absolute time favorite breakfast when i’m on a rush! i just throw some pieces of fruit and a handful of spinach into the blender, add some water, blend it and it’s done! a plus is that i’m not hungry till lunch and it gives me lots of energy!