Is it good to run before or after breakfast?

Aventino W.
It is best to run after you eat, but not straight after. Wait 15-30 minutes to run so you can digest your food. Run after you eat so your body can have the energy and protein it needs so you can run. Running on an empty stomach can be bad.

Cid Lia O.
I think it is better to run before you eat something. Because after you eat something I wouldn't run because you body is busy.

Pamela C.
I think the answer is both dependingbon the person. –*Cons:Runing after a meal can make you feel sick and running before can make you feel tired.
*Pros: Runing after meal can make you feel more stabile and running before meal can make you feel more energized.

Julia R.
I think it’s good to run after a small breakfast of pre-workout shake or cereal and coffee or something to give you energy on your run. A post-work out protein bar or scrambled eggs with turkey sausage is a good after run breakfast.

Isabel E.
Usually I would have a cereal bar or a piece of fruit before going on a run. Nothing ro big but enough to up your energy for the run. Then afterwards have a piece of toast or a bowl of cereal. Before a run, you don't want to eat anything too big and nothing that sloshes around in your stomach too much either, like a smoothie or porridge. Anyway, hope this helps 🙂

Mads Z.
The best approach is to eat a light snack like yogurt, a granola bar, or a banana, before running so you’ve got fuel. Then eat your actual breakfast after running. That way, you’re not literally running on empty, but you’re also not setting yourself up for an upset stomach during your run.

Estanislau Q.
Na minha opinião é melhor depois porque é importante ter as forças suficientes para correr e um pequeno-almoço equilibrado que te deixe relaxado, satisfeito e não te deixa muito cheio é capaz de te fazer fazer ter mais resistência no teu exercício!

Gabriele C.
I think that physiologically it is better to run before having a hefty stomach, starting digestion. You should run and then restore yourself. Anyway, it’s not my kind of thing, I hate running and I’ve always found both scenarios quite exhausting, mentally

Ashley N.
If I’m not trying for anything. I prefer to have a small breakfast, more like a snack, to give me energy during the run, then I have a more substantial meal after. If I’m training, normally endurance training, I have my breakfast after so that my run is “fasted.”

Benjamin P.
It’s good to run before the breakfast because if you go on a run with a full stomach you might throw up and the food needs to

Betti J.
Hi! I think that what’s best on this situation is to eat or drink something that will give you the energy that you need. I would recommend a light breakfast, and after exercising, have the complete breakfast

Trinity T.
I thinking running after having your breakfast is better. Your stomach is already filled up with something you have already eaten and you have more energy.

Terrance X.
I think it is better to run before if you want to lose weight as the body burns the fat we have, and after if there is no need to lose fat, as the body will have more energy (of course you have to wait a bit of time to digest.

Helen Y.
i think its better to run after breakfast because youll need the energy to run. But eating a heavy meal right before running isnt so good instead have a light snack. You should wait a bit longer before running if youre having a heavy meal for breakfast.