What kinds of foods are good for breakfast?

Vict Ria Q.
Healthy foods including protein rich foods which will keep you energised and feeling fuller for longer . Examples are eggs, yoghurt, chicken, fish or beef.
Ma Ly N.
Proteins because they digest more slowly so you stay full and aren’t starving at lunch. Simple sugars or starch like pancakes and cereal can often give you a quick glucose rush that will make you crash soon after. Eat your fruit don’t drink your fruit.
Zoraida Q.
Eggs are a great source of protein, which helps wake up your brain and helps your body feel more full and energized. Yogurt and granola is another great option. Try to avoid carb only or very carb heavy breakfasts.
Rosemerie C.
as long as u don t skip breakfast it doesn't matter . but it preferred that we eat fruit s such as apples banna and even oranges. egg is health Ghraib option too.
Andy Z.
A love to have some porridge for breakfast every working day. I love to add some raspberries and chia seeds. And the best of all…It just take 2 minutes on the microwave! My super porridge gives me the energy I need to face the day ahead.
Noelle O.
Plain yogurt, bananas, apples, eggs, nuts, energy bars, are all slow-burning sources of energy. Please avoid food like croissants, pancakes.
Natascha O.
Oatmeal. Complex Carbs, No Sugar crash, Very filling, Fibre. It's the perfect breakfast really. You can also customize it with almost anything.
Amelia S.
In the morning I will usually drink a Morning Complete shake which provides probiotics and probiotics to help with digestion. It also includes a serving of vegetables. This helps atarty day off on the right track. Other items I may eat include oatmeal with fruit and a teaspoon of maple syrup.
Barry C.
An egg with a hand full of spinach and sliced avocado. All upon toast 🤤 this breakfast feels fit for a champions day. Also oatmeal will get you through the morning! It's great for sensitive stomach too!
Tracey U.
Food that fill you up. Ones that are high protein like eggs are a great choice that keep you going until lunch time. Other foods that are good are ones that are whole grains such as wheetbix, porridge and low sugar mueslis. Fruit and low sugar dairy are also a good addition to your breakfast
Willard Q.
Protein and Carbs!
Eggs and oatmeal is great!!!!
It really depends on what exactly you're trying to get from your breakfast though.
Marion T.
Eggs with milk. May be a banana or an apple. I try to figure out what is the best breakfast for me. Now I can say surely that my best variant is scrambled eggs, two sandwiches with cheese and some fruits. Sometimes I drink milk or tea. May be cacao.

I enjoy eating my breakfast because I recognize the changing of my energy during my progress.

Veit F.
I really like simple breakfasts, like fruit or nuts. I have been in a place where there is no peanut butter, otherwise I think the ideal breakfast would be natural peanut butter and an apple or banana. Traditional America breakfast would be a nice big option, except it’s not that healthy with all of the butter and oil and eggs. And processed meat.
Gwendolyn N.
A combination of Eggs, oatmeal, fresh fruit, dried fruit, avocado, tortillas, naan bread, wheat toast. Simple but high in protein, low sugar or carbs. Hope that helps.
Oseias P.
Rice cakes with almond or peanut butter and some banana and/or strawberries on top is delicious and nutritious. Or if you’re really hungry, you can go with a bigger breakfast of eggs, avocado toast, and some spinach or tomatoes.
Faith T.
A balance of complex carbohydrates such as whole grains or oats for long term energy, clean protein such as egg whites for medium term energy, and fresh fruit or fresh fruit juice for short term energy.
Gero T.
Combine it with good carbs, proteins and vitamins to keep the energy flowing and keep going.. Egg is a good source of protein and fats. Oat meal keeps you energised with complex carbs. Most of all hydration is important, so drink plenty of water
Dulc Nio G.
Foods rich in protein because they give you more energy to go about your day. These include eggs,ham,some cereal but not the flavoured one, and apples and bananas
Ma Lia Q.
I like to have the same breakfast every day through the working week because it feels familiar , I know it has all the elements I need to set me up for the day and I never tire of the flavours – I have about 100 g frozen summer fruits, about 125 g of Greek yoghurt ( full or zero fat ) and 60g of Aldi really nutty muesli. Just delicious. Weekends I go completely off piste and have delicious cooked breakfast on at least one day- usually eggs , bagel, avocado, bacon or a delicious omelette with bacon and spinach – breakfast is my favourite meal of the day – so many delicious choices
Senol F.
Clean foods, preferably organic and non-processed. Good protein, no added sugars. I start with a couple eggs and an apple, or a small cup of oatmeal with powdered-PB with a clementine or two
Savannah F.
Typical egg, egg whites and oatmeal (boiled with water and milk adding 1 scoop of jam, peanut butter and/or honey) or rice flakes and omelettes. My third advice is traditional Turkish breakfast with egg, white cheese, tea, olives and tomatoes -of course without exaggerating the amount.
Malthe C.
I eat oatmeal or eggs for breakfast. Whole grain toast. Unfortunately I am a die hard coffee drinker and start my day with coffee
Deann Q.
Proteins are the best for breakfast. Eggs, milk and dairy products. Fruits are also great to have in the morning. Avoid coffee and sugary foods like pancakes, donuts etc.
Herman E.
A protein and long sugars rich breakfast. Eggs, fruits and nuts are your friends. If you are busy some oatmeal yoghurt nuts and fruits are your way to go. 🙂
Peyton C.
Eggs and other proteins, accompanied with fruit and/or veg. Whole grains like oatmeal work too. Just stay away from refined carbs—sugar especially!
Nino O.
I followed some of Fabulous advice such as Banana with a spoonful of peanut bitter. I enjoyed it. I tried a bowl of plain oatmeal with skimmed milk but the taste was not yummy, so I add natural honey to cherish the bowl
M Lody S.
i would say yogurt or fruit. avoid cereal and bread mostly, cause those contain a lot of fat and not much to get you through your day. if a smoothie is enough and you have time, make one. if not, make a yogurt parfait with just yogurt and granola or cut up some fresh strawberries and blueberries.
Samuel Z.
Cereal like shredded wheat as it fills you for longer. Sometimes a slice of jam on toast. If I’m running late and haven’t eaten before I’ve gone swimming. It’s a big treat after at Costa. I have a caramel latte and chocolate twist pastry.
Julian Z.
For breakfast I prefer to have eggs, smoothie and a little bit of fruits. All this is helping me to stay full all the morning.
Amalia U.
Hi, whoever you are! First of all congrats on stepping up and actually taking action for your dreams 😉 As for breakfast, there are SO MANY options!!! Eggs are an amazing breakfast to start getting very used to. Preferably, try to eat more protein and GOOD fats (avocado, etc) than carbs. But ALWAYS do you :))) An idea that has really helped me out and I have had amazing meals throughout the whole day is to make KETO recepies. Simply type on google keto recepies, and there are THOUSANDS out there that work for everyone, are healthier choices, and are fairly easy to make. I hope this helped you out!!! Good luck, you got this!!! ;))) – other user
Clarindo I.
A high protein breakfast is best. It keep A you full longer and provides body with fuel to burn. This is also a good time for fruit as you have time to burn off the sugars.
Marie U.
I enjoy raw rolled oats with 2 tsp of pure cocao powder and 2 tbspn of groud flax seed powder. This I usually enjoy with some milk.
Other than this, some "healthy" bread with peanut butter (sugared) and pehaps a bananna. I also enjoy some left overs from the previous evening.
Marcus S.
I personally love eggs. I find that they keep my full for a really long time. So I do 2 eggs, usually scrambled and 2 slices of bacon.
Nina Q.
Fruits! I love having a banana, very first thing, sometimes I out one by my bed the night before so I can wake up and eat it straight after water.
Sylvia F.
I eat just about the same thing every morning: vanilla or plain yogurt with fresh berries and flax seeds. It’s delicious and very satisfying.
Hailey E.
I prefer to take a breakfast with high protein like eggs with a little bit of sausage or bacon, also I prefer an oatmeal with some fuits on the top of it. And any kind of fresh juice with one small spoon of honey instead of sugar.
Kornelia U.
Scramble eggs、a slice of cottage cheese、two slices of whole gram toast、some green salad, then I make them into a sandwich for my breakfast with one cup of black coffee.
Edna J.
I eat whole wheat toast with peanut butter in the mornings. I’ll add fruits such as bananas and apples to my breakfast. I’ll have a quick granola bar too.
Quila P.
Preferably your breakfast should contain some sort of protein. Depending on your diet that could be anything from eggs, soy, cottage cheese, protein shakes etc.
Sebastian U.
In a rush any fruit is a good idea, an apple or a banana can give you the boost you need for a long day ahead of you. If you have a little more time you can make an egg or another protein source to keep you fuller longer. You can also prepare breakfast the night prior by making a smoothie and freezing it or a parfait with oats and fruits. My biggest recommendations are to stick away from unhealthy, sugary foods and making breakfast as easy as possible so sticking to this habit won’t feel like a hassle and will hopefully even become enjoyable.
Raul Z.
Protein based ones with some nuts and greens and cheese and sometimes bread or soup or oatmeal with some fruit makes me feel fuller than other kind of breakfasts.so,mostly I prefer them but occasionally I get bored of same things then I go to unhealthy ones for a while if I can manage to spread all of them in my dietary may be I would be more consistent but I wanna lose weight soon and I feel guilty if I eat unhealthy
Ricky N.
Whole grain bread with ago and eggs, porridge with banana and cinnamon, egg or blueberry muffins for on the go made with wholemeal flour, omelette
Ramona C.
I'd say foods rich in protein would be the best for breakfast. It'll keep you satiated until lunch, and it's usually some yummy stuff. Bacon and eggs is a classic breakfast, but for a good reason I think. If you're not in the mood for cooking in the morning (I know I almst never am), making a smoothie with some extra protein added is a good way to go. My personal favorite, although rich in fats instead of protein, is bulletproof coffee. Now, there's a brand named this also, but you don't need that stuff. It's simply brewing some coffee or tea, and mixing it with some butter, coconut oil (without flavor is good too), and maybe an egg or two (it makes it foamy like a latte!). It's quick, easy, and very yummy!
Lisa Q.
Well. Im not a nutritionist or anything, but I'm the best Fabulous have got … I usually eat yogurt and granola with some fresh or frozen berries.
Cidalino E.
Anything that fuels you for the day and stops you eating rubbish later. Eggs are good, as is porridge and high fibre cereals.
Jamile Q.
Sometimes if I don’t have a lot of time to eat I spread some peanut butter onto a rice cake and I then will eat an orange with that.
Cassandra J.
Eggs!!! Eggs are fantastic! They’re a good source of protein, easy and versatile to cook and they’re kind to the wallet as well. Poached, scrambled, fried, boiled, omelettes, and they go with so many different things: combos I like are with sliced avocado, salmon (either smoked or I like to marinate salmon fillet then bake. This can be stored in the fridge till the morning and flaked into beaten eggs, asparagus (you can use them with dippy eggs instead of soldiers!), sautéed mushrooms, wilted spinach, healthy versions of the full English… so many possibilities!
Almerinda E.
I think oatmeal or eggs good for breakfast. They are hearty and tasty. It’s good because breakfast is the most important meal. Also tea or coffee are need for breakfast.
Matthew C.
Hello!..I usually eat something light like eggplants salad and or jam for morning..its not such a more heavy dish but it keeps me not hungry until the next lunch..have a nice day!..
L Andre S.
A food that's not too heavy but will last you until lunch. Something like pancakes, or rice and beans (and maybe eggs) or bread with beans. Eat only enough to make you full.
Dener C.
I like Koia plant based protein drinks or a simple yogurt bowl with Greek yogurt, banana and trail mix. If I have more time I’ll make eggs with toast.
Hugo Z.
Oatmeal, eggs, good lean meats, fruits. Milk or almond milk. And healthy blended drinks or even a green smoothie with some fruits, flax and other healthy things added. Always good to eat the most filling and nutritious foods in the morning.
Tracy B.
Foods high in protein and low in processed carbs and sugar: eggs, apples, almonds. Stay away from super bready type foods!
Owen E.
For breakfast you want something that will give you a good kickstart to your day. something filling — but not too filling and something that’s got lots of protein! try something egg-related or a fruity smoothie with some protein powder. a small portion of fruit is always a great addition to your breakfast! the natural sugars give you a short energy boost, while also being healthy for you! Good luck!
Lori X.
Gluten free porridge with chia seeds and oats milk.
Can be topped with anything like fruit, honey or just leave as is.
Weekends for a treat I also have gluten free bread with fried egg (fried in coconut oil) and avocado 😋
Edwin E.
The best foods for breakfast are foods high in protein, like eggs and nuts. Fruit is also a good option, since it's high in natural sugars and fiber. The combination of both will keep a belly full longer, and leave you with more energy later on in the day.
Ronnie G.
Anything that fuels you for the day and stops you eating rubbish later. Eggs are good, as is porridge and high fibre cereals.
Tracey Q.
Today I had an toasted egg and ham sandwich along with a bowl of plain oatmeal sprinkled with brown sugar and bananas on the top.
Kaitlin J.
Food that is quick and high in protein so I can make it until lunch time. Oatmeal with a banana and honey or peanut butter.
Taiara Y.
For breakfast, having a balance of protein, carbs, and fats is good. Try to avoid heavy starch breakfasts because these can lead to tiredness before lunch. So avoid donuts, scones, etc.

Eggs with vegetables are good. I will often make a protein shake with some vegetable powder and a little oat flour. It's a quick meal.

Enora A.
I find foods that are tasty and have lots of protein keep me full and are enjoyable to have fore breakfast. Stuff like eggs or a tasty shake that I actually enjoy.
Tim J.
Egg whites, turkey bacon, with spinach omelet, a small pancake or 2, and oatmeal with fruit, nuts or spice topping, a little honey sometimes. I usually drink diet ice drinks like Crystal light powder drink sometimes if im not drinking tea with lemon. TBST is good too, its Turkey bacon, raw spinach ( or kale) and tomatoes.
Seth J.
Scrambled eggs are fantastic!!! Quick and easy to prepare. Alongside a piece of low gi toast and you are good for the morning! Sometimes I sprinkle some pomegranates on top. So yum!!! Another breakfast is steel cut oats with yogurt, banana and some berry compot!!

On the weekend, I try to make frittata so that in the morning I can just grab half a banana and then when I get to work have a slice of the frittata!

Liliana O.
My favorite breakfast is sautéed veggies with eggs.

I love broccoli, bell peppers, mushrooms, garlic, onions, and greens (spinach, kale, chard,…) barely cooked in a little bit of coconut oil until tinder but crisp. Then I scramble my eggs and throw them on top. Sometimes I top them with salsa! Yum!! Ill grab an apple or banana to eat on my drive to work in the morning.

Florence P.
Breakfast in the morning means breaking a fast. After waking up: fruit makes most importance.

Using: proteins, carbohydrates, fats. As one’s guide — the first meal can be eggs in the morning. Going vegan? Oatmeal affords the cheapest option. Plain oatmeal simply made with two cups of water to one cup of oatmeal.

When still in doubt on breakfast try a bowl of yoghurt with raw almonds and topped with honey.

Noam T.
Protein and whole grains. When I start my day off with a “slow” breakfast, my energy sticks around. By slow, I mean things I digest slowly. So I avoid sugar for breakfast. I might have yogurt, eggs, oatmeal, or if I’m in a rush, a protein bar.
Micheal O.
Hi, I am not an expert. I will tell you what I do and make some suggestions for you, ok?
First of all, when wake up, please drink a glass of water. You have been sleeping several hours, during which your brain is working hard to process all our systems, creating new cells, getting rid of dead cells, using information in the memory parts in our brains which help us to remember facts we need for school exams tomorrow, facts we need to solve problems the next day, and checking our bodies to fix any problems that come up during the night. The brain and our bodies do not work well when they are thirsty or dehydrated. That is the main importance of making sure you drink water first thing in the morning, as well as during the day!
That done, I must tell you that up until a few months ago, I haven't had breakfast more that a very few days during since I was a teenager? The fabulous Fabulous mofcrd me to do so, with logic. I must tell you that I am so much better for it. Now, I must tell you that I am in my 80's, which means thatvI have a couple of issues that prevent me from doing and/or eating anything that I would like? I assume that you are allowed to do what you can, okay?
I have a small glass of pure apple or orange juice. I prefer to eat 12 grain bread or bagels, because I like their taste, not because they are good for us. Now, being a bit weird by nature, I often eat them with nothing on them. At times, I will put either peanut butter or cream cheese and a sugarless jam on the bread. Peanut butter contains a lot of nutrition; the protein, fat, nutrition and fiber in the peanut butter and bread. I have a small amount container of Activia yoghurt with fruit. I am not a coffee or tea drinker, so I have a glass of water.
There are many things one can do to have a nutritious breakfast. One can keep boiled egg in the fridge, or use FRESH eggs to make an omelet with cheddar cheese and tomato, one can have dry cereals, there are many with dried fruit and very little sugar, or add your own fresh fruit and berries! Make a healthy, but, good-tasting, otherwise you won't keep it up. You can make a hot cereal, like Oatmeal or Cream of Wheat that one can buy in the grocery store. I tend to make a small portion by putting raw oatmeal in a small pot with milk, a touch of salt. Stir it well. Cover the pot and put in fridge over night. In the morning, you can stir the pot and put on a medium-low heat, while you get yourself washed, brushed flossed. Check the cereal to make sure it is cooking and not burned! You learn your dressing time quickly and will then know the correct timing for cooking the cereal. Once you and the cereal are ready to get together, you are in great shape and the cereal is hot, put a touch of sugar if you like, stir and enjoy! There are so many ideas for breakfast. You could look up on the internet for nutritious breakfasts that are fast, easy and delicious! This was not my favorite meal!
One thing more, I always have an apple midmorning. I Don't want to be tempted to foods that I am not allowed because I feel hungry!
That's it! I hope you have some suggestions. Also if you go to the Fabulous Community group, you will get so many ideas, mostly better that mine.
Meanwhile, be healthy, be happy and have a lot of laughter in your life! Bye bye.
Klemens E.
I love my morning apple with 1Tbsp of peanut butter. I’ve also enjoyed fried eggs or smoked salmon! A good breakfast helps me get ready for the day, and I always feel “off” if I skip mine.
Axel B.
Anything that will keep insulin low ie less sugar and low carbs. For example oats (original rather than flavoured) with seeds (chia, flax, pumpkin, etc) and fruits (berries).
Angela E.
I am a chef and working long hours in a kitchen every day, because of this I tend to have something more filling in the morning because I don’t always know if I will have time for lunch. I will have oatmeal, overnight oats, poached eggs with curried lentils, pinto beans and rice. It really does tend to be the most important meal for me because I am not sure how many other times I will get the chance to eat in my day.
Lawrence F.
I personally am not a fan of super sweet or greasy breakfast first thing in the morning, so I tend to go for eggs with veggies in a low carb tortilla or even leftovers. Protein shakes with frozen blueberries are great if you're not really a breakfast person. If your short on time, Quaker low sugar instant oatmeal with powdered peanut butter or berries is awesome.
Brice Z.
I believe a good source of protein such as eggs, Turkey bacon and peanut butter would make for a good breakfast. An avocado and some nuts such as almonds would work as well.
Barnab F.
I’m currently making smoothies for breakfast. They are fast, super tasty and packed full of goodness. Recipe: low glycemic fruit + green vegetable + protein + fibre + good fat. Throw in a superfood like Maca or Spirulina for extra goodness!
Rene P.
Whole grain oatmeal, oat drink, almonds, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, Husk, pumpkinseeds, sesame seeds, hazelnuts, apples, fruits, rye bread, cheese,
Porf Rio Q.
Foods with all vitamins and proteins. Oats to maintain diet. Morning food is essential for the whole day,so that should be healthy one
Kreszentia N.
My favourite breakfast for this time is an omelette with green leaves or mushrooms, vegetables, toast and tehini with coffee on the side. Sometimes I might choose a smoothie which contains anything I might need and is portable easily. I don't usually tend to prioritize breakfast over sleep, but I might want to start doing so.
Dorian E.
I am still learning how to do breakfast, fast. For now I have boiled a half dozen eggs for the week. That plus some nuts, have been working, so far.
Savannah T.
Well i guess if u don't have any restrictions eggs are your best option. And if u r vegetarian eat protine based food lik kale or spinach or mashed peas lentil and beans.
Maya N.
Anything that fuels you for the day and stops you eating rubbish later. Eggs are good, as is porridge and high fibre cereals.
M Lton Z.
I eat a small portion of oatmeal with some almond milk and maple syrup. I the top it off with some hemp hearts and chia seeds. I am not the best at eating breakfast so it tends to be small. But if I am feeling a little hungrier I might add an egg or an avocado.

I usually have my breakfast pre made so I have no excuse to not eat it in the morning.

Emilie Y.
Hard boiled eggs are a quick grab and go breakfast. I also take 1/2 cups whole oats and soak them overnight in almond milk in a mason jar overnight for another quick breakfast … I add fresh berries or a little honey to the jar and eat I t cold. Creamy and delicious.
August B.
I’m not a big breakfast person so I usually have a 1-2 boiled eggs or sometimes unflavored Greek yogurt with Splenda. Both have lots of protein and are low calorie. And of course, a full glass of water. Then sometimes I drink a black iced coffee at work.
Rachel F.
Depending on the activities you'll perform during the morning. If you are not going to work out go for something light: low sugar fruit, oatmeal, yogurt. If you will work out, go for protein: eggs, beans, tofu, mushrooms with bread and some form of fruit.
Leon C.
I like make ahead smoothies during the week because the kids and I both can have a fuss free morning. Boiled eggs are a good breakfast. Plain oatmeal. Anything that doesn't sound tasty.
Noah Z.
Oats, preferably made into porridge, with some fruit. When I have this I am much less likely to look for snacks before lunchtime.
Javier C.
Something with protien, carbs, and a light amount of simple sugar. So something fruit, nuts or egg/sausage, and a bread or sweet potato. Keep the fats light, such as in avacado or similar foods.

A favorite of mine is Icelandic skyr, a banana, and a blueberry scone! It sounds like a lot of sugar, but skyr has about 15 grams of protein and not a lot of sugar.

Abel Q.
Oats, corn flakes, eggs, nuts, fruits, milk, toast with honey and for me it's a cup of coffee to finish on the breakfast.
Silke N.
Breakfast should contain enough amounts of Complex carbs( oats, whole grain bread) , oil (nuts, avocado, olive oil) and proteins ( egg white, peanuts, milk, yogurt) and some fruits if you wish!
Flora P.
Overnight oats. Banana, oat, egg pancakes. Greek yogurt with chia, nuts and berries. Green juice and an egg/slice of rye.
Terrence O.
Foods that release energy slowly such as eggs; these have high protein and will fill you up more. Fruit and slow releasing sugary stuff such as peanut butter are also good
Eline Z.
Usually I eat anything as long as I don’t have energy to my favorite breakfast is eggs made anyway that it’s boiled sunny side up or scrambled etc.
My second best breakfast is cereal oatmeal whole-grain granola I love all of them,
Of course with a glass of orange juice apple juice or any fresh juice energizer juice whatever you likeof course with glass of orange juice apple juice or any fresh juice Energizer juice whatever you like.
Erika U.
Porridge during the week with a piece of fruit. Mostly pear at the moment. Keep meaning to at chia seeds and other seeds but keep forgetting. We do have pancakes or waffles on the weekend but use wholewheat organic flour.
Juliana X.
Anything that fuels you for the day and stops you eating rubbish later. Eggs are good, as is porridge and high fibre cereals.
Henning F.
I love oatmeal for breakfast! I buy regular plain oats, cook them in hot water or milk. I add nuts, seeds, cinnamon, and a small spoonful of brown sugar. Keeps me full until lunch for sure
Elia Z.
I try to prep my Breakfast the night before. I make breakfast casserole and cut it into servings for each day of the week. If I’m in a rush I grab a piece of fruit and go on my way!