Is it better to always eat the same thing every day or eat something different each day?

Isabella B.
I think it's easier to eat the same thing during the week so that you can meal prep and not worry about it. But also variety is nice so I'll usually switch up what I eat every week.
Paige S.
It is good to get at least three good meals for all, breakfast lunch and dinner, and switch them up everyday then you won't get tired of eating good everyday because you will always be switching it up
Ondino Q.
I don’t really know the health benefits, but if you’re eating the same healthy breakfast everyday, it’s much easier to make
Sarah B.
For me, changing the way I view the word diet helped me to understand what is better for me to be eating. It shouldn't be a temporary change to one's lifestyle to achieve a short term goal, but rather a way of living.. I started to find out what was in the food that I was eating and how my body digested it.. I also stopped looking at the nutritional information on packaged items, and focused more on the ingredients.. I am now extremely cautious of sugar, and how it affects my metabolism, and anything that takes some time to digest and "weighs me down"… also, finding alternative sources of nutrients, and vitamins… beetroot and poppy seeds are done of many things to look at. Red meat vs chicken etc. And coconut water to rehydrate! I'm currently loving cold pressed juices, and turmeric as it is ab excellent anti inflammatory… hope this helps you on your journey
Cristabel O.
Eating something new each day presents the challenge of making something new, trying out new foods or eating something that helps you through the day (or for your health). Plus it makes each morning an adventure of what you will make or have to eat.
Natalee S.
I would say different for sure. If you eat the same thing every day you’ll get tired of it and crave unhealthier foods and find yourself indulging more in things that aren’t good for your body.
Hans Rudolf M.
Wheter it is better to eat the same thing or not i guess depends on what are you eating and also, better in what way. Sounds easy and convenient but also variety in your diet does help to make sure you are getting all the nutrients you need. And you won't get bored of your food. Perhaps you can change just some part, like porrige with different toppings or smoothie with different ingredients?
Isaiah C.
Generally, I think eating a wide variety of foods is healthier but for breakfast I generally eat the same thing every morning. It’s easier to eat the same healthy thing every day than to have to think about what to eat first thing in the morning.
Suzie X.
It's much better to have a varied diet. This is for a number of reasons. 1 you won't get bored of the food your are eating 2. You are more likely to stick to the healthy eating if it changes 3. It helps to educate you on what you can actually eat and still be healthy. It's all about moderation. If you find things that you like and fit in to your daily/weekly routine I would suggest shuffling them up to keep it exciting and non mundane.
Sarah T.
I don’t mind eating the same thing every day, but I try to make sure that I’m eating a variety of foods. I like when I can eat the rainbow every day.
Anna P.
You know the answer to that better than I because it depends on what's best and works for you. Good Luck and enjoy whichever you choose.
Melissa T.
It is better to eat similar things everday; however, this can be boring. It could also make people waste less especially if you use leftovers.
Caroline U.
You can eat the same things every day but It depends on what it Is, If u eat vegetables and fruit every day- keep doing that! But It’s fun to change the eating habits!
Hannah O.
I get bored if it's always the same thing. So I try to change it up, but always having something long lasting like porridge in the cupboard as a staple back stop that will keep me on track eating healthy.
Allie N.
Different items – so that you are not getting stuck in routine and then end up binge eating unhealthy foods due to boredom and unsatisfying cravings.
Schorr B.
I don’t think it’s better or worse , just preference. For some meals eating the same thing can be a comforting time saver. Personally, I like variety as I get bored easily. Even if it’s leftovers, I have to change it up a bit.
Carter U.
I would say it is great to find something you like and serves you well to have every morning. The less you have to think about it the better. But every once in a while it is nice to change things up with something new.
Jules Z.
In my opinion, it is great to eat a variety of different foods because it gives you something new to try each day and it expands the variety of foods that you can eat xx
Genesis Y.
It’s good to have a balanced diet, but routine is also very helpful. I always have the same breakfast and then each day I eat like 5 different meals for lunch and dinner. I usually decide what those meals are in the weekend , before I go grocery shopping. So it’s not good to eat every day the same breakfast, lunch and dinner. But it’s ok if you always have the same breakfast and then vary on the other meals. The important thing is that you get all the nutrients while finding routines that make your life easier! I hope it helps. Good luck:)