What are some other ways to cook eggs other than “dippy” style?

Tara U.
Bourji (Indian scrambled eggs)
Benjamin B.
I don't know what dippy eggs are but I have mine hard-boiled. I also have non-stick frying-pans and like to add a little cheese to a fried egg. Just a little cheese ads to the flavor and also makes it a fat-free egg. You do get a little fat in the cheese but it is not much cheese.

Luzia U.
I never heard of dippy style, but there was a time when i was poaching my eggs for breakfast every day. Really hard to when starting out but just as delicious. Always had them with potatoes or toast!
Lotti J.
What about scrambled eggs? They're especially great if you'll add vegetables and cheese.
Also fried eggs are delicious. Poached eggs are great as well, thogh they're not too easy to cook.
Manuel Z.
Id rather them scrambled with cream cheese
Leonard C.
Sunny side up is my go to choice, however you can make an omlette, serve them scrambled, flipped, eggs benedict, and lastly pouched. If you really feel creative you can add flower, milk and butter and serve up some pancakes 😉
Bertram Y.
Scrambled; 5 egg-whites, 1 egg yolk with spinach and avocado. Combine with some strength training, a low cholesterol diet. Live long and be fabulous.
Bj Rn J.
Other ways to cooks eggs are; scrambled, poached, over easy, omelet style, or even eggs benedict. Which are all super yummy!
Valeri T.
There are loads of ways to make eggs! You can fry them to gey a gooey, dippy yolk; you can boil the egg with the shell for a few minutes and that will give you a lovelu boiled egg; you can also make them scrambled and plenty other ways I'm sure
Hermann Josef O.
My favourite way to cook eggs is fried in olive oil, sunny side up. When the eggs are nearly done, I mix a teaspoon of harrissa into the remaining oil in the pan and baste the egg whites in the harrissa oil. This stops the whites from being "snotty" but it allows the yolks to remain runny. I serve them with toasted rye bread, butter and a sprinkle of salt on top. Yum!