Do you have a “go-to” breakfast or eat something different everyday? Is variety essential? What is your favorite breakfast?

Aim E P.
Variety is essential to sustain for a lonf term. I have different types of cereals along with fruits, eggs, nuts, milk, curd and brown multi-seeded bread, mix and match to create the variety.
Nazar C.
I don’t really have a go-to breakfast. I really just look at what I have and how I can utilize my resources. Some days it will be kasha while other days a sandwich. Once in a while it will be an omelette.
Freddie T.
I always eat cereal and fruit or oatmeal and fruit with tea it's just the go-to breakfast I always have. At the weekend I have eggs and toast because I have time to make it and enjoy it.
Lena C.
Untuk sekarang, aku belanja bahan makanan untuk sarapan selama seminggu. So, menu selama seminggu itu ga akan terlalu beda jauh, karena tujuannya menghabiskan bahan makanan yg udah di beli. No food waste, dan juga jadi irit.
Beda menu tiap hari itu menyenangkan, tp klo terlalu beragam lebih boros buat aku, jd aku lebih milih menghabiskan makanan yg ada di rumah dulu sebelum ganti menu.
Sarapan favorit kayanya something like sandwich or american breakfast gituu.
Robert X.
Every day is different but we make our breakfasts healthy. As a family of 5 we can't be making a separate breakfast for each person, so we keep it balanced and simple.
Tran Q.
I have cereal with almond milk and some fruit. Sometimes I make a big breakfast with ommellet peppers and onions if I have time, usually weekend.
Anette Z.
My go-to breakfast is oats mixed with almond milk and protein and some fruits and/or almond.
It gives a great boost for the morning and you’re not hungry till like 2-3 hrs easily.
I also eat whole grain bread as sandwich with chicken filet and veggies or omelette mixed with oats and also veggies on the side.
Silmara Q.
I usually like the same thing sometimes I switch it up but usually I’m pretty routine with it. I like an egg on toast with an avocado on the side with balsamic vinegar
Parushi C.
On the weekday, when there’s isn’t less time, I find it easier to have one go-to breakfast that isn’t healthy and full of protein to give me energy. I usually go with eggs. On the weekend, though, since I have more time, I eat health you foods that I feel like eating.
Karen W.
I try to eat something different but it depends on how busy I am. My favourite breakfast is eggs of any type with wholemeal toast. I try to have fruit too. Fruit as its quick and easy – and sometimes I have a full english breakfast but not often because of the time. have cereal with
Hilary T.
My go to is Honey Bunches of Oats, a yougurt cup, some apple sauce, and a breakfast sandwich. I drink tea and orange juice as well.
Maddison P.
I have a go to breakfast. It is very boring to eat the same stuff everyday. At least its healthy. Those things are a nice sandwich with chese and ham, a cereal bar to calm down sugar cravings and an apple. Apples taste the best in the morning!
Taylor N.
I personally prefer to fill up on protein in the morning so I am full until lunch. every morning, I have a chocolate core power protein shake and throw in a toasted coconut :ratio protein bar if i’m extra hungry. I normally eat around 7, and this holds me over till 12ish
Mila B.
I don't have a specific go-to breakfast because this means I'll have to have the same ingredients in my fridge all week long and it gets boring, so I just buy good food only (healthy proteins and carbs) and then I choose one in the morning.
I'd say variety is important, so I wouldn't eat the same breakfast every day.
I can't say I have a favourite but the ones I like the most are oatmeal and sandwiches with a nice slice of ham and some cheese. Eggs are also a great option but I'll have to prepare them the night before, so I do this less often.
Breakfast is really important though because it gives you energy for the day to come.
Thanks for your question, feel free to ask anything else, I'd love to help.
Muzaffer Y.
I will usually eat something a little different every day, depending on what time I wake up.. my go to’s are a piece of fruit or some eggs on toast 😊
Justin U.
Usually eggs are my go to. I have to get up early in the morning to commute (and always choose sleep over food lol) so I make little egg frittatas and freeze them! Perfect quick (and heathy) breakfast.
Kenzi T.
I love oatibix. I can have it with fruit, honey, chia seeds, jam, peanut butter… So every day is different. If I'm in a hurry I prepare some oats in a jar with fruit and chocolate. When I'm not eating well I have some sweet roll or bun.
Kimberly V.
My mom cooks, so I eat whatever she makes. 😅 With that said, yes, I eat something different every day. But if I would make one for myself, a smoothie Fabulous recommends would be perfect. I'm looking forward to doing it, but I guess I gotta get bananas first. 😆
Reginald W.
I give myself two choices, eggs or apple, due to the fact that i have to rush to school. I think variety is essential as i won't be tired of the food i eat this having more motivation in my habits. My fav breakfast is an apple as it is refreshing and healthy.
Clara C.
I usually have the same thing/similar, it makes it easy to plan my morning and my food for the week. I usually have porridge for breakfast, often I'll add sliced banana on top and maybe some coconut sugar. I might change it up occasionally but that's what I always come back to. I don't think it's necessary for me to have something different everyday, but if you're the type of person who gets bored of eating the same thing all the time then switching it up might help you keep on track with eating a healthy breakfast, rather than skipping breakfast because you don't look forward to it. I hope that helps!
Gita N.
variety is essential and my favourite actually not my most healthy food as it is fried rice. However I’ve significantly reduced rice for morning breakfast and opt for fruit or milk or yoghrut
Neide Q.
I alternate between eggs and oatmeal and I like both equally. For the warmer days I plan on eating granola with yogurt. Sometimes I eat smoked salmon and spinach and that's also nice
Polly N.
I have a couple breakfasts that I alternate. I am a big steel cut oats fan, so make a pressure cooker pot for once a week for quick enjoyment throughout the week. I like to try different varieties and additions. My latest were dark cocoa powder, honey, and bananas. It was delicious. On the alternate days, I will have eggs and toast or bagels and cream cheese with fruit.
Matthew Z.
Hi. Usually I have a fruit, apple, gava. With some coffee out of suggar, boiled eggs and a yougurt. Try to have at least this everyday.
Nicole S.
I usually eat something simple and fast to make like cereals, oatmeal, yogurt, fruit juice, milk with toasted bread, soybean but oatmeals and cereals are like my main breakfast meals and they make me full and give me energy instantly
Laetitia P.
I eat different breakfast every day or so. Variety is important so my healthy breakfast doesn't seem repetitive and boring to me.
Amber C.
Generally my breakfasts involves eggs in some form since they're pretty filling. So, egg sandwiches, breakfast burritos filled woth scrambled eggs, eggs and toast, etc. I guess carbs are also always involved too. Then there's tea or coffee. I prefer tea though because coffee sets my bladder off too mmuch. Rarely I'll have cereal in the morning but I get hungry again after like an hour.
Stephen P.
I aim to go for the same. It helps form the habit, but do have options depending on time. If not rushing for work I make porridge and boil and egg. I try to do some exercise while it is boiling. If I am rushing I keep a boiled egg in the fridge and have that with a cereal bar and banana.
Shannon E.
Nutella on toast with tea, sadly that’s not considered healthy so I probably can’t have it anymore, unless adding a banana will make it healthy, also less sugar in the tea is probably better
Suzanna G.
I usually eat the same thing every day but have a little variety in the weekend. I usually eat 2 breakfasts. First i eat a grapefruit with some sliced bell peppers, then, two hours later, I eat a spinach omelette with a side of sauteed mushrooms. This is for Tuesday through Thursday and I mix it up Saturday thru Sunday.
Mehmet J.
Mangio qualcosa di diverso ogni giorno, questo mi permette di rendere il momento della colazione piacevole perché mangio qualcosa a seconda di quello che ho voglia ogni mattino e facendo già fatica di mio, in questo modo lo vedo più come un piacere personale piuttosto che un obbligo
Elouan Q.
I like to start my day with a combo of fruits and veggies with pb, oatmeal, Cheerios, tea, boiled eggs, and/or a home made smoothie. Add local honey for a sweet taste and use less every time. I have go-tos, but I also like a variety. I made a list of quick healthy foods to eat, and my blender definitely wakes me up too. Lol.