What are some breakfast recipes which can I prepare in less time?

Bob U.
Well, I love to cook so an egg omelet with a side of toast is usually my forte. you take half a red pepper, half a green pepper, half an onion, and two eggs whisked. pour the vegetables into the whisked eggs then pour out into a frying pan with a small amount of butter on the bottom to prevent sticking. after that just let it sit until one side of the omelet is cooked enough to flip. then flip. take it out of the frying pan once both sides are cooked top with your favorite toppings and put yourself a nice glass of orange juice. maybe cook up some slices of toast. there’s a variety of different ways to make an omelet this is just the one i prefer 🙂

Francis T.
I go with yogurt with nuts and fruits. Faster then things I need to cook but still full of ingrediences i like and they can be different every day 🙂

Nastaran S.
Since pancakes only require pancake mix in water it is one of the fastest, good, morning breakfasts that I enjoy. Typically I don't cook ahead of time so when it comes to morning breakfast I will resort to granola bars or fruit, some thing quick but not necessarily pre-prepared. There are things like coffee cake and oatmeal cookies that if you have the time during the day to bake they will last you multiple days, depending on the number of people eating them, and are a delicious treat in the morning.