Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, what are some healthy choices for establishing good morning habits and time-saving ideas?

Magnus W.
Well, always drink a glass of water right when you wake up because it also wakes up your organs. Also set up your breakfast the night before as it will give you less prep time in the morning. Fruits are always good to include in a healthy breakfast.
Jamie O.
I make my breakfast at night and put in a container so I can eat it at work if needed. I also keep healthy and substantial musli bars for a quick snack as I run out the door. I often run late because I over sleep.
David S.
I have a simple go-to breakfast that I can easily change up a bit to keep it interesting. Every work day I have chia seeds, soy milk, a banana and then different combinations of cinnamon powder, raisins, nuts, seeds and peanut butter. It's also something I can make the night before and easily take to work.
Greg F.
Protein like egg and meat is good for energy.Better avoid sugar coated foods coz they destroy ur energy after 30 mins .Apple and Banna is also great for breakfast and they are less time required to prepare
Itatiara Q.
My go-to breakfast every morning is oats, frozen blueberries, banana and soy milk heated in the microwave for 2min. If I don’t have time for that or not feeling like a full breakfast I always have a cashew/almond/cranberry nut mix handy so grab a hand-full of that.
Carrie J.
My breakfast recipe:
Overnight oats. Really easy to prepare at night and even easier to eat in the morning. I prepare my mix in batches and then each night simply mash a banana, pour some of the mix, put some frozen berries on top and add soy milk. In the morning I usually cut some fresh fruits as well.

Oats: 420g
Flax seeds: 100g (crushed)
Chia seeds: 15g
Cocoa: 25g
Cinnamon: 5g
Almonds (or other nuts): 100g (crushed)
Dried Coconut: 50g
Optional: Four Sigmatic's 10 Mushroom Blend, Amla Powder

Jimmy C.
Meal planning is a great way to help you plan ahead for the coming days and also give you an idea of what to be shopping for.

I always enjoy researching what I can eat, what is good for me, and try to find recipes that incorporate those foods. My healthiest mornings are when I just throw everything in a blender because I am not keen on eating first thing in the morning but my coffee and a smoothy go down great. Knowing that I do this, I prepare my ingrdients in advance and have things prepared and ready to go. Once it becomes habit, it is a routine that you don’t have to put much thought into.

Nelson N.
sauceI’ve struggled to make breakfast work for me too, but here’s a few that have helped: grapes and cheese are easy to grab on the go and eat in the car or set out and grab as your doing stuff in the kitchen; I make a batch of buckwheat based pancakes (and will add other flavors too, pumpkin, coconut, banana, etc) with fresh berry sauce, I found this flour keeps and reheats better than wheat and is way more filling.
Cameron W.
Prepare overnight oats in the evening. I also like to make a cup of peppermint tea and take it with me to drink while I'm getting ready in the bathroom
Avery F.
Planning ahead, shopping for supplies, getting as much prepped the night or week before as possible so you don't have to think about it in the morning.
Filippa A.
Meal prep the night before. Buying healthy ingredients, removing unhealthy breakfast options. Getting up early enough to give yourself time to make and eat breakfast.
Valdemar U.
In order to avoid an energy crash mid-morning you'll need to avoid sugars and caffeine. I know, right? The best is to take a protein and fiber based breakfast. The healthiest items would be eggs, plain yogurt (skyr or kefir), fruits (like apple with peanut butter or kiwi which is loaded with Vit C), avocado for healthy fats, lots of fiber and magnesium…lots of yummy choices!
Vicky U.
Meal prep breakfast for the whole week so its ready and available. Set up for breakfast before going to bed the night before.
Graciele C.
Eating boiled egg in the morning. Preparing your toast, cheese, olive and vegetables one night before. In that way, we will not waste time in the morning.
Lison E.
Try looking for recipes you can make the night before and or in bulk. Overnight oats or scrambled egg wraps are both good options and highly customisable. Couple this with other key moments in your routine like a morning tea or coffee for maximum chance of success.
Arthur E.
Anything with a combo of protein and whole grains and/or carbs. The protein definitely keeps you full and the whole grains and fruit give you energy that doesn’t just fizzle away after an hour. I’ve also sometimes been able to incorporate veggies into my breakfast as an extra boost (though I don’t always prefer the flavor first thing in the morning and so sometimes skip adding them). Here are some meals I’ve enjoyed: whole wheat English muffin with peanut or almond butter and a handful of berries; plain oatmeal with cinnamon, honey, nuts or pumpkin seeds; Greek yogurt smoothie with frozen fruit; whole wheat tortilla with peanut butter and a sliced banana; and toast with a sliced hard boiled egg, sriracha, and avocado. I can make each of these recipes in under 5 minutes
Robin E.
Meal prep the night before. Easy meals like overnight oats is great. This meal can be interchangeable with what fruits are in season.
Julie P.
I prefer high protein low sugar foods in the morning. Whole grains make a nice side, but too much bread and sugar just leaves me wanting more. I tend toward eggs with wheat toast or yogurt. I try to have some fruit with both.
Kristin O.
It depends on your lifestyle if you have time in morning or need to prep in advance or if you do a lot of having lifting then you'll need a higher protein base breakfast.

I generally have things, like: porridge with honey cinnamon and fruit made with either full fat milk or almond. It has the right balance for most lifestyles.

Or higher protein I'll have poached eggs (3) with avacado on toast, sometimes I'll do it with sweet pot mash that has chick peas in it for a veggie high protein meal or add meat or fish (personally favourite is avacado with salmon on toast with poached eggs.

If in a rush I'll have a banana and almond butter toast

Or weetabix

William Q.
I usually have oatmeal with soy milk, chia seeds and fruits, like berries or apples, or whatever I have on hand at the moment. If i want something savory, i'll have grilled cheese with ham and wholewheat bread, to make it a bit healthier.
Billie C.
Banana with a sloce of toast with peanut butter.
Egg whites with cottage cheese and an orange.
Yogurt with protein granola and berries.
Derrick O.
Remember that just because it's breakfast does not mean that it has to be traditional breakfast food. Have a healthy veggie filled salad with protein. Had a great soup for dinner? Eat it for breakfast too. Your leftover stir fry can be added to eggs for an omlet.
Cora O.
I have been thinking ahead of time what I’m going to have for breakfast and I’m making these meals simple and easy since I’m usually rushing out the door.
Jacob G.
Check out Kevin Curry’s “Fit Men Cook” cookbook and apps. He focuses on making healthy meal prep a habit. Sound familiar?
Johnny S.
A yoghurt (unsweetened) an oat cereals are a good choice. You can choose flavoured yoghurt or add some fruit to make it tastier.
Zenaide A.
On Sunday I make a crust less quiche using what ever veggies and cheese I like. I almost always use spinach. Instead of making one big quiche I pour the mixture into 2 muffin pans and bake. After I let them cool, I individually wrap each one and put in the freezer. Then each morning I grab one and microwave it and have a healthy breakfast
Vickie E.
Pinterest is your best mate!!! Quick breakfasts are smoothies, breakfast brownies (brownies for breakfast that are healthy!! Mmm yes!), overnight Oates, egg cups with bacon wrapped in them, and muffins! The options are endless 😆
Nicole U.
I recently began making egg cups with veggies. It makes it quick and easy to grab one, warm it up and eat while getting ready for the day. I feel full, satisfied and better than when I would stop at a drive through for breakfast.
Az Lio A.
Natural youghurt with berries and muesli is quickly prepared and healthy. overnight Chia seeds or oats in a jar can be prepared the night before to grab in the morning if time is limited
Roland Y.
I like to boil a dozen eggs ahead of time on Sunday and keep them in the fridge for the rest of the week. They are really easy to grab and have for breakfast without having to cook every morning. I usually pair this with some veggies (tomatoes are my personal favorite) and top it off with tea and almond milk. In the past I have used premade protein shakes for my on-the-go breakfast, but eggs and vegetables give me all the protein and fiber without all the sugar.
Olivia F.
Well, I’ve learned quickly that it is indeed easier if you plan ahead and shop for healthy options. Plus, for oatmeal, the packets are easier than a box of oatmeal. Running out of packets made it feel daunting to me which really isn’t but that’s how it makes me feel and it effects me.
Pearl Q.
All your meals need fat carbs and proteins. A good breakfast needs a higher amount of healthy carbs to provide more energy. Great sources of carbs are multi grain cereals, oats, sweet potatoes, quinoa, bananas, apples, oranges. Prepping your breakfast the night before is a great way to save time. Fruit and vegetable smoothies with some sort of fat and protein (avocados, or nuts) are also really easy and fast to make.
Josephine G.
A banana is always good and fast, I also bought and egg boiler, you can put an egg in when you start your breakfast then you can finish with an boiled egg
Kenneth R.
Pour some hot water over 3-4 tspoon oat meal, 1-2 tspoon grinded flaxseed, 1-2 tspoom tahini. Wait a bit untik the oats get softer. Mix with preferred fruits. You could also add some molasses.
Aur Lien T.
My go-to breakfast is eggs, sausage, and rocket. I cook 12 breakfast sausages at a time which lasts 3-5 days (depending on who else is eating them for breakfast!). I buy a bag of rocket, wash it immediately and drain, then place in a large container with fitted lit with a paper towel to absorb excess moisture. This way, my rocket is ready to eat, my sausages can warm in the pan with my eggs and I can still cook breakfast for my toddler and infant.
Demilde I.
Eggs are a good way of getting your tummy full for a whole morning! And it is a fun way to experiment with your food and to try out new ingredients. Like tomatos, spring onions and paprika powder! When you try new recipes every morning your breakfast will never get dull. 🍳
Aubin S.
Overnight oats! You can use plant-based dairy substitute or regular milk, add nuts and seeds, fruits and whatever your little heart desires. Best part is, it's really easy to make (mix your ingredients, put it in the fridge, let it sit the entire night) and when you wake up it's ready. It'll keep you sated for few hours and, if you wish, you can add some protein powder to it to make it even more nutritious.
Britt F.
If you prepare the meal the night before, it helps you incorporate it into the morning of. Having options that you aren’t required to add sugars to will help you stay focused on your weight loss and overall health. Commonly, sweet breads and doughnuts are used so that you can get a sugar rush. This shouldn’t be that though. Your breakfast should sustain you, to help your metabolism, as well as your mental focus.
Kim P.
Having water first thing in the morning really helps me. Having the glass by my bed saves time. Having the healthy food, like eggs, nuts, yogurt and low GI fruit, on hand is a time saver!
Ehrentraud C.
Eggs are a wonderful breakfast item! I also like to include some protein-focused trail mix on days I refrain from eating meats.
Layla E.
I mostly eat milk with cereal and nuts, sometimes Müsli. I have all different parts there like probiotic cheese, walnut and honey.
Etta Y.
I always start with green tea and a big smoothies with fruits, chocolate, milk and dried fruit to start the day full of energy!
Cl Ment N.
You can go for eggs, which don’t need much time to prepare, or if you don’t mind cold boiled eggs, boil them at night and put them in the fridge for next morning.
You can also go for a banana, glass of milk and a spoonful of peanut butter.
Dan P.
Breakfast is not an issue for me, I have been eating a healthy oatmeal breakfast with almond milk, flax seed chia seeds, hemp seed, walnuts, and blueberries for years.
Louise X.
I personaly recommend things that are already made instead of long cooking in the morning. I usually take a yoghurt and some fruit.
Adrian T.
Water when I wake up then some protein eg egg with porridge or berries a sprinkle of walnuts. Omelette with asparagus and mushrooms or poached egg and spinach
Bill Z.
Have things ready, a few ingredients & make stuff you don’t cook, just assemble. I have yoghurt with almonds, müsli & frozen fruit (blueberries/ raspberries) on top. Keep bananas on hand. Sometimes make a smoothie (if you have a hand held blender, it’s not a lot of clean up). I even make a green one w. avocado & frozen spinach – but that’s optional😂😂😂
Conny E.
For about six months now, I prep 3 overnight oats breakfasts on Sunday evening for M, T and W breakfasts and then Wednesday evening, I prep two breakfasts for Th and F. So it’s grab and go on weekday mornings. I mix it up on weekends, when my husband likes to cook eggs for us. I measure my overnight oats into wide-mouth mason jars. Oats, chia seeds, protein powder, almond milk, honey, cinnamon, cherries or blueberries.
Gislinde Q.
Fruit, porridge, oats, yoghurt, eggs. Anything with lots of protein and low sugar that gives you energy and keeps you full all morning.
Eddie Z.
Avocado Romain and spinach smoothie, fruit smoothie with protein powder, eggs and greens as in an omelette, I had oatmeal with almond milk, raisins, sliced almonds and blackberries this morning.

Try to avoid McDonald’s or any of the fast food places!

Simone Q.
I don’t prepare meal a day before because I prefer freshness, so I always set my alarm clock 2 hours before I need to leave my house in order to have enough time to prepare my great breakfast.
Giuliana P.
Prepare ingredients the night before
Prepare a menu for the week to avoid wasting time choosing every morning
Reduce carbs
Perp Tuo S.
You need to think on your favorite fruit and go purchase it. You need to prepare the nigh before so it can be easier to make breakfast in the morning. Look in the internet for healthy meals that you can prepare easily
Marie A.
Get some mason jars and make a few yogurt parfaits or chia pudding or overnight oats once or twice a week at night. Grab and go in the AM!
Baptiste G.
I think one healthy choice I have is that I don't stay in a bed for a long time after waking up.
I always drink water and have the same ingredients like milk and eggs for a breakfast in the fridge that I don't have to think what to cook in the morning.
Another interesting idea is to set up a timer or simply switch on the music while doing some regular morning routines like a cleanup or a shower. You have it in mind that need to finish before the music stops.
Writing a plan for the day in the previous evening helps to remember what you have to do.
Jeremy T.
I will prepare the night before what I am going to eat and my workout session so that way I'm not scrambling for time in the morning.
Lydia Y.
Overnight oatmeal! Or oatmeal in general, if you have time to cook it in the morning. Made with a bit of honey and cocoa, adding whatever fruit you want is a great example. Also, eggs. Eggs are a great breakfast. Mix them up with vegetables and you get a nutritious and tasty breakfast!
Pauline N.
Going to bed early and waking up early so you could get going with your morning routine.

Writing things on your yo do list and checking them through the day making sure you have accomplished the tasks.

Gerald E.
Great option is preparing the breakfast the day before. You can prepare chia pudding with fruit or outmeal And let It in your fridge. It is super quick and delicious.
Adam U.
Start when you have free time in the morning, so you have time to enjoy your breakfast and you will be happy to do that again the next morning. Then go shopping and buy what you want to eat for breakfast for the next week. When you know you will be in a hurry in the morning, prepare your breakfast in the evening (of course, to do that, you need to choose something that can be made in the evening and eaten in the morning).
Sander U.
We usually have an egg and toast, but if I'm in a rush I'll have muesli with almond milk. I dont usually find breakfast is a problem timewise; later in the day gets more pressured. I also like porridge but no point preparing that in advance.
Erika Z.
As south indian brahmin I used to have full meal on morning which includes 2 Vegetables,rice and one gravy…I think this is what giving me full energy and I haven't been cutting off any of my breakfast so far..and with some good fat
Murat G.
If you ask me, I would go with a fruit (like apple or banana) topped with any condiment (peanut butter, or anything you like). Alternatively, I would grab a handful of nuts and drink milk or eat boiled eggs/omelet with a toast. Having a bowl of cereals is also a good option. If you live in a place where people eat roti and Vegetables, then they are also an awesome option but if you insist on time saving, then the other above options will work. Good luck!
Suzanna O.
i always combine 3 important food :
– rice for carbo
– tofu/tempe/egg/meat for protein
– vegetables for the vitamins and another healthy contain
Walda F.
Some good healthy choices are giving time to be grateful to everything around you. Also write in a journal about how you are feeling, and by each day it will beacons a habit that you can’t live without!
Harald L.
Preparing something the day before or even getting some things prepared for easy cooking is most probably the best way.
Catherine F.
In order to establishing good morning habits be with time-saving ideas, it's necessary to create a sequence for them instead of giving for each habit a starting time. When you connect habits, you'll need to worry about one starting time. I'll give you an example: let's suppose you want to get coffee ready after your morning bath. So, you need write these two actions in sequence. "1st – Turn on coffee machine. 2nd – Take a cold shower". I suggest you to create this sequence starting by a habit that you already have. You can start with 'wake up' action/habit. Then, you 'brush your teeth', 'turn on coffee machine', 'take a cold shower' and 'have a breakfast'.

Remember, our brains are 'time-saving machines'. We just need program them well.

Have a nice day! ⚓