There would be negative effect if I split my breakfast meal in 2 parts with 2 hours gap btw them?

Armand Q.
I think yes, because in that case you have two meals instead of one. After breakfast , at least two hours later, you have a brunch or a snack, that counts as a meal, or at least this is what I believe.
Caroline A.
It is better to eat breakfast or meal all at once rather than eating in instalments. Intermittent eating every 2 hours prevents proper digestion of food. But eating fruits after a gap of 2 hours of having a meal is okay.
Janice J.
I don’t see why it would! On my mornings off, I usually wake up and drink my water and have a piece of fruit or whole grain toast to take the edge off my hunger. I find I am then able to focus on my yoga without being distracted by my rumbling tummy. After I complete my practice, I dress ready for the day and then enjoy a cup of tea with my actual breakfast. I have learned that by doing this my body is then satiated until lunch instead of running into cravings for snacks mid morning. Hope this helps! ☺️
Guenter F.
In general, not that much. I depends on your body and routine. What is still valid is to avoid quick sugar…
Personally, if I wake up soon and eat breakfast before my organism fully wakes up, I'll get hungry in two hours. Other friend doesn't eat breakfast and only drinks water for 60-90 minutes after waking up and then he eats a protein-packed breakfast that suffices for another 4 hours.
A lot of studies, a lot of thumbs up for either method. Try it out and see what works for you. Just give each method at least two weeks.
Mikhail E.
If your breakfast is too large to eat in one sitting it's better to have something smaller but satisfying rather than eating in 2 parts with 2 hours between. There is no negative effect as such and you can still go ahead with splitting it, but it would be better to have your breakfast meal at one set time to give your body more time to digest everything before the next meal. The 2 hours in between may not be enough depending on what you have.
If you're exercising before breakfast then splitting breakfast into 2 works well. Have something very light beforehand like a small smoothie, then have your main breakfast meal after the 2 hours. Hope this helps
Denice Q.
Yes i think so. You may even eat more since theres a gap. And you may be thinking the whole time you'll eat after 2 hrs and not start things. You never know if you can even follow the 2 hour gap everyday and end up missing also seems like a bigger task if its split like that and you may have to wake up earlier
Axelle T.
It wouldn’t be bad at all! My doctor once recommended to me that to help fight off overindulging on junk between meals it was best to actually split up my meals into multiple small portions of food throughout the day. It means that you can still get the food you need but without having the hunger between meals. Also, eat when you’re hungry, not because it’s lunch time. If you’re hungry at 11, then eat at 11, rather than waiting until the “normal” lunch time in the day. Otherwise you’ll get to lunch time and find that you crave everything in sight because you’re feeling starved!
Sebastian Y.
I don't think it would affect you, because you are going to eat the same amount of calories. If you're comfortable with this arrangement, then you should continue. But it might be better if there was a shorter gap.
Jimmie F.
yes it would. because your minimum intake split also in 2 parts, so your first meal doesn't have all carbs and proteins you need
Edwin S.
I think that's okay. The aim is to feel nourished. I like starting my day off with meditation and cannot do that right after a full breakfast. I prefer having something light, meditate and then have a heavier breakfast before I get on with my day. No scientific backing, just my personal experience.
Gerry F.
It may be beneficial for some people depending on their body and their schedules. Some fruit juice first thing followed by a more substantial breakfast after some exercise or when the body is more awake and ready to process food can help if food first thing makes them feel naustiated.
Wiebke A.
I think that's perfect! That way, you can start your day with nourishment, but not have to worry about eating until you feel sick or not eating enough to start the day. I might borrow this idea
Victoria Q.
That then becomes breakfast and lunch, I think the focus here is the timing, with that 2 hour break your body has already processed the first half of your "breakfast" meal
Albane O.
Nope! I dont think so. As long as you're eating healthy options and enough to give you energy throughout the 2 hours, that should be fine!
Pri O O.
Not if you have a set breakfast and split that, or if your breakfast is in two parts the 1st part being fruit. Otherwise you could end up overeating. So be mindful when doing this.
Rosalyn O.
Not necessarily, but if you want to do so because about one hour after the first breakfast you're already hungry again, you're doing something wrong. A wrong breakfast causes such a blood sugar spike that in about 90 minutes there's a crush that brings sugar blood level below what they were before the first breakfast – which makes you hungry again. If this is the case, eating breakfast twice will cause overeating, and what will solve the problem is try to have a healthier "first breakfast". If you just have too little food instead two breakfasts are ok, though as a general rule it's always better to eat earlier in the day.
Nanna W.
That just sounds like breakfast and then early lunch or maybe brunch? I think drs do recommend to have many small meals throughout the day rather than 3 big meals so maybe that is a good idea?
Zilena A.
No, sometimes I do it. I always eat something before drinking coffee otherwise I will fill pain my stomach all day. As I wake up late, lunch is in two hours.
Maur Cia P.
I doubt it. As long as you're getting all the nutrients you need and it's a balanced breakfast. By eating like that, you're also keeping your metabolism active.
Edwin I.
It depends on your metabolism and body type.
And also if you have the time to have a second breakfast.
Then I’d ask what type of breakfast are you eating.
Many factors could contribute to the outcome.
I have sometimes my breaky leftovers as lunch for the day and just snack before then on healty goodies to keep me going.