How do you stay consistent with breakfast? This is not easy……

Janice X.
When I don't have a clear schedule I also find it difficult to make time for breakfast. Even when I do have a schedule, it can be difficult to make time for it. To counter this, I find it best to include breakfast in my schedule/calendar. It may also help to plan your breakfasts over the weekend or the day before. You could plan for something fast or already prepared like overnight oats so you can just grab it if you're running low on time in the morning.

Nina I.
For me it is easy because i need to eat or i will get angry and i have a lot of time at the moment so i can take long to eat and enjoy it

Nicole X.
I make having breakfast part of my daily routine. I don't think about planning for a grand meal, just something I can make quickly so I'm not starving by 11am.

Bernard S.
I buy groceries before the start of the week and keep my breakfast very simple and healthy. I eat light jello and nuts for a power boost. Then do a small yoga session (15 minutes) and then a veggies and fruits juice. Today it was with carrot, beetroot, orange and apple. I just add all of the ingredients to the blender with a bit of water and that’s it. Easy, fast and healthy.

Ksarksukz N.
I've always had problems with eating breakfast. However someday I decided that I need to change my lifestyle to feel better and healthier. Thanks to this app I definitley feel more motivated to achive my goal! : )

Nicole N.
every night before I go to sleep I leave the foods I'm going to make the next day somewhere that I can see and remember that those foods are the healthiest to eat before starting the day.

Helma Z.
If I can, I prep as muchas I can the night before. Always factor in enough time to eat. If I don’t I always have fruit or a granola bar handy to eat while on the go.

Eveline N.
Eat everyday at The same time and The same thing. That’s easier than thinking about what to eat. And even better : prepare it in the evening before.

Charline O.
reminding myself that if i don't eat i won't be fueled to do anything the rest of the day, including eat the next morning!

Isa Z.
I try to stock up on healthy, and importantly delicious, breakfasts that I can make in less than a few minutes in the morning. About once a month I'll make a big batch of tofu scramble breakfast burritos, freeze a batch of baked oatmeal, or simply have apples, peanut butter, and a tortilla to make easy wraps for on the go. Plus, I love those protein muffins that only require a little milk and a minute in the microwave! Variety is important to me, so I want to always have options, or else I won't eat at all.