How do you keep your breakfast habit going during weekends?

Caleb U.
If I get up by 7 a.m and keep my same routine from through the week, it makes it so much easier to continue to eat breakfast every day. Rather than sleeping in too late and waiting until 2 p.m to actually eat anything.
Engelbert F.
What is the issue? Getting up or making the breakfast? If it is the getting up then promise yourself that you could go back to bed after you ate the breakfast. If it is the making then for me the routine of making oats is quick and simple so it is an easy habit to follow. If you want to have junk on the weekend than allow yourself but only after the health breakfast.
Roshal Y.
After I wake up I usually drink warm water then brush my teeth then have a cup of tea and then I do my morning routine and then I have my breakfast later get ready for classes then head out
Rose F.
No matter what time you wake up it's important to have a large glass of water followed by even a small bit of food so you can start the day right!
Janka N.
I try to keep my morning routine the same every day. This is key to continuity. Although waking up at 6-7 in the weekends hasn’t really been working for me either
Annweta C.
I don't have to. Once my body got habituated to it,I start to feel hungry at these morning times. And so I don't need to keep going,my body makes me do it anyhow.
Isabella P.
I try to keep getting up at the same time. The day itself, and the tasks to complete, may be different but that doesn't mean my morning has to be.
Mac Rio Q.
Whenever I wake up I try to aim for healthy foods first. I went to the store and got healthy things that I know I like to eat and only bought those to avoid having junk food as options.
Rose Y.
I enjoy what I eat for breakfast so I'm excited to start the day with it. Especially on Sunday cause I had vegan blueberry pancakes
Ana Q.
I have my breakfast everyday no matter what time i woke up, even if i will have lunch after 30 minutes. Idk if this is the best way to do it but works for me
Dana N.
Think about what I want to eat for breakfast either the night before or the morning of before leaving bed. This builds up the appetite and craving for the food.
Anamika O.
Easy on weekend i ate very little..and i go back to sleep at the same time every other at morning after doing some works i felt already hungry..
Orli N.
I use fun, easy, healthy recipes that will make me excited to eat. Sometimes I wake up in the morning thinking about how excited I am for my healthy breakfast. If you make it exciting, you are more likely to remember!
Avery R.
I tend to make something a bit more complicated. For example, instead of just pouring out some cereal, I would cook some bacon and eggs.
Barbara Y.
Weekend or not. It doesn't make a difference since I'm always at home. My routine doesn't change, so it's not a problem to do this.
Dimitris C.
You just need to address your weekend as any other day, for example if you are eating one fruit, a juice and yogurt, eat that or since you probably have more time ,spend some of it to cook something you like,so it's like treating yourself and also keeping you on the right track.
Sabina Amalia O.
Well, I think it's all about waking up at the same time I usually do even if it's weekend. It was hard the first couple of times, but it's worth it, trust me.
This had an impact on my breakfast routine, but my whole day. I am so much more productive. So yah, I guess that's basically it.
Good luck on your journey!
Asta F.
Breakfast has always been my second favourite meal of the day. I like taking the moment to meditate over my day and let my mind wander. Its also great mixing up you favourite flavours for a good start to the day.
Christopher F.
I still get up at the same time as I would during the week, have breakfast as I would and then relax the rest of the morning.