Is it better to have your breakfast before exercising or after exercising?

Asta U.
After exercising because I tend to lose energy after doing a workout. Eating afterwards helps me regain energy for the rest of my day.

Silke W.
Depends on how long after each thing and what exercise you have. I prefer after breakfast because I feel like I have more energy then but not straight after breakfast because then you can get a bit pain in your stomach

Alice L.
I humbly think that it depends on how you feel. I mean, for someone who can start the day straightly looking for doing some kind of exercise, without the need to fuel beforehand, I would suggest to go for it and do some movement before having breakfast. On the other hand, I would totally understand if someone say that they just can’t get ready to start their day before having refueled with a nutritious breakfast, so in that case it’d be more reasonable to get into a workout right after a good energy refuel.

Rayan O.
its better to have breakfast after exercise, because it; 1) gives you something to look forward to, and 2) doesnt weigh you down while you're exercising. i find exercising after ive just eaten to be more difficult, since i have the extra weight of the food and it can cause nausea

Oscar W.
If you want to lose weight, I recommend to have breakfast , 1hour after exercise. If not, after exercise definitely. Fasted exercise is the secret of some people who maintain their shape and skin perfectly. Skip your coffee or tea also before exercise, as usually tea and coffee comes with sugar or sweeteners.

Henri U.
As the researchers said, there is no difference in fat burning if you have exercise before or after breakfast, there is some worries about muscle burning and again no significant difference. But I prefer to run before breakfast, because I feel bad to run with full stomach. And For heavy exercise, I prefer 30 min after breakfast.

Jackson Y.
That is a very good question! I prefer to just drink something like orange juice before and have a nice breakfast after the workout

Filipa S.
Depends on what exervise you are going to do. If you go for a run in the morning, I'd have my breakfast after the workout otherwise you risk getting a tummy ache. If the exercise is static (weight lifting, stretching, etc.) you can start your day with some food for the energy boost.