What’s a protein-rich quick breakfast?

Frederik C.
eggs are great. i also like to put protein powder in my oatmeal or smoothie. if vegan, a good chickpea or tofu scramble is great.

Samantha N.
1. Chia pudding (put some toppings on it and it is delicious)
2. Fish/meat sandwitch but lettuce as bread( or if you are fine actual or rye bread will do(
3.Greek youghurt with toppings
4. Proteinpowder banana pancakes
5. Cottage cheese

Keila C.
Boiled eggs. Which you can do the night before and refrigerate overnight and then grab for a protein rich breakfast on the go.

Samantha N.
I personally wouldn't recommend detox teas especially during breakfast. I did a little reading up on them and they are supposed to make you lose weight by expelling water??? I hope that information is correct. It acting as a laxative for your body is super dangerous in the morning because it is making you have too little energy so early. I'd say it's safest to drink late evening-night where you do not need that energy as much.

Keila C.
I feel like eggs are quick and easy. They are also versatile and you can cook them many ways. They pair well with many other foods. You can even mix things in.

Jenny Z.
I think the protein-rich breakfast is eggs 🥚, milk, some 🍞, and maybe some coffee. So getting protein is much spirit for health care.

Laila Q.
The best answer for protein-rich quick breakfast can be eggs, coffee and salad as eggs have a lot of protein, coffee is best to boost you in the morning and you'll feel totally energetic as for salad they are best to maintain a person's diet!!