Any suggestions for a good breakfast that can be prepared the night before?

Chloe F.
One third cup of oats
Three quarter cup of water. Brown sugar. Put that into bowl, heat in microwave for 1:50, you can be fancy and add fruit and maple syrup. I do that. Makes it taste nice
Bastian T.
Egg salad, chicken salad, cheese salad, fruits salad. Or avocado juice. Or beans. Or mashed potato with chicken for example and salad
Dana L.
Overnight oats, just put milk, chia seeds, rolled oats and your choice of sweetener and fruit, put it in the fridge for the next morning. You can also prep your own microwaveable breakfast sandwiches or burritos at the beginning of the week. Cook your proteins like eggs, bacon and sausage, add cheese after cooking and then roll them in damp paper towels and parchment before storing them in the freezer. Then in the morning you can just pop them in the microwave and eat them as is or add some tomato or guac ♡
Esther C.
Make a mini quiche. Eggs, sausage, kale or spinach, quinua, feta cheese.
When you wake up, start the oven and the coffee.
I like plain Greek yogurt with granola and blueberries. If you forget to prep the night before.
Marcelo C.
I typically would eat eggs with an almond-flour tortilla. Sometimes I have a minute to quickly roast a tomato… I drink mint tea as well.
I find that it's best not to change my breakfast. I get wilder with variety during the day, but the ease of having the same thing on the morning is priceless.
Jeppe Z.
Mix uncooked oats, Greek yogurt, milk or milk substitute, chia seeds in a mason jar. Stir in fruit and nuts. You can make multiples and store in frig for up to four days.
Benjamin Y.
Scrambled eggs can be frozen and microwaved but an amazing and super quick breakfast is actually cottage cheese! You can slice veggies or fruit and put on top the night before. It also travels easily so you can bring it to work. Lots if protein and tasty too.
Liva C.
Cook a big batch of steel cut oatmeal and pour it into muffin pan. Once cooled and set, they can be placed in a Ziploc and grabbed and heated quickly. It also is a perfect serving size.
Jimmy Dean has a yummy frittata in the freezer section. Serving is two. They can be heated and then taken with you and eaten while you are on your way to work!
Nora F.
I like preparing overnight oats. Oats, pecans, raisins, chia, flax seeds and almonds mixed with milk is all it takes. I like preparing containers for the week Sunday evenings.
Russell N.
Overnight oats! Just pour your preference of oats in a container or mason jar, add your preference of milk (soy, 2%, skim, etc), add berries or any fruit you would like, little bit of sugar, syrup, or cinnamon for flavor, then let it sit overnight in the fridge! Viola!
Milton O.
Take a bowl or small container and put your favorite fruits and/or berries on the bottom. Get some vanilla greek yogurt and place on top of fruits and berries. Cover and place in the fridge overnight. Homemade yummy yogurt for the morning. No fuss, no muss.
Albana Q.
Usually have frozen fruits so I can make a smoothie in the morning, this week I made granola for the week. So that make easier getting a breakfast in the morning.
Oliver U.
I think of a few things that may be prepared the night before and take very little time to warm up.
1. Soak a slice of 12 grain bread (my favorite bread or bagel) in an egg mixture with cinnamon (sp?), cover plate with food wrap like Press and Seal or Saran wrap. Put in the refridgerater overnight. In the morning, heat in the microwave oven for a 30-50 seconds, depending on how new the oven is, or regular oven for a few minutes, until cooked, great French Toast. With a glass of pure squeezed orange or apple juice, or and a beverage. Your set for breakfast. Don't forget your morning glass of water!
2. Slice a sliced 12 grain bagel, or your choice,
Spread 1 teaspoon of peanut butter on it, a teaspoon of unsweetened fruit jam, my favorite is apricot or peach. With juice and a beverage, again your set.
3. If you live up North in the U.S. or Canada or somewhere else in our beautiful world, you may want to put some oatmeal with milk or water, whatever you are use to, if you are use to eating hot cereal. Put it in a bowl if using a microwave or small pot to heat up on the stove. It soften the oat flakes over night. Heat up for a few minutes on the stove or a few seconds in the microwave. I grew up in Northeastern Maine as a youngster! It was cold, Boy! And Canada since I was a teenager. I love the cold, hate the heat and love hot oatmeal! Again, with a fruit juice and beverage. It's good.
4. But I have to say that I am not the best to get info about eating, it is not my thing. I have health issues, I am supposed to eat on a regular basis, but, it is really not my thing. That said, it is the health issues that have made me lose my appetite! And it is The Fabulous that has made an honest person out of me, despite my preferences!
5. I think even an insulated corn flakes or other dried cereal may be considered, but please ask the dietary expert at The Fabulous before you trust me.
Good luck in finding somethings you will like! Have a Happy, Healthy New Year with lots of laughter in your life. Laughter is healthy, too!
William C.
If you want something that you can consume quickly, try some meal replacements with a low glycemic index (like Soylent)
Emin Y.
I like to eat hardboiled eggs, which you can boil a bunch in one night. Also nuts and dried fruit or fresh fruit take no prep time. Cold brewed coffee can also sit in your fridge for a while (it takes 12 to 24 hours to brew).
Seth C.
I make mini vegetable frittata at the weekend and then store them in the fridge. In the morning I have a piece of whole grain toast with a quarter of an avocado sliced and a warmed frittata (30 secs in the microwave) yumm!!
X Nia Z.
I think overnight oats is the best thing to prepare the night before. Get an air tight container and put in oats with milk and store it in the fridge for the night. You can add fruits and nuts in the morning and enjoy it with a cup of coffee..there are tons of recipes for overnight oats out there. It's easy and if you make it in a portable container, you can just put it in your bag and eat on the go.
Guy Z.
I go for the frozen prepared breakfast sandwiches. It takes a few minutes to
microwave in the morning while I pack my bag and prepare my coffee.