Does anyone one have creative and quick ideas for breakfast?

Alice F.
Quick breakfast is super easy you can grab some cereal and milk put it in a to go cup and eat it on the way to wherever or you can just make a simple egg they may seem complicated but they’re really super easy and can take me as quick as 5 minutes!
Silje Z.
Yoghurt cartons are always a good quick go to, especially the Chobani ones with fruit on the bottom. Paired with a banana, it makes a pretty solid breakfast.
Marcus B.
If I'm in a hurry I sometimes make a quick protein smoothie to take with me. Just throw in any fruit you have in the house (frozen works even better) a scoop of whey protein powder and blitz with some natural probiotic yoghurt and a splash of apple juice for sweetness 🙂
Danny W.
Oats is my go-to! Add warm water & almond milk & let swell (& sugar depending). Make it fruity by adding some berries or bananas, add spices like cinnamon & nutmeg for incredible flavor…even dark chocolate/coconut shavings. It can be prepared the night before, heated & ready to go. You can follow up with protein like eggs, lean meat or vegan equivalents for a wholesome fulfilling meal.
Manon Z.
1 toast layer cheese and boiled egg or two , tomatos on the side

4 tbsp oats .. yogurt.. 1 fruit .. may be honey or nuts on the top

Noham E.
Sometimes I make a batch of some healthy muffins and just grab one on my way out the door. Zucchini chocolate chip are my favorites
Frida Z.
Plan ahead – I use a muffin pan to make mini egg and turkey bacon “muffins” for the week on Sun. You can get creative with ingredients (sprinkle cheese, sausage, veggies, hot sauce, etc.) So easy to make and then quick to heat up on weekday mornings. I also cook steel cut oatmeal and add dry fruit and nuts (granola is too high in sugar and fat) to heat up during the week. Keep them in individual serving containers for quicker grab and go.
Lance U.
It's actually easy to make a breakfast sandwich at home, if you have a microwave and a toaster.
For example, egg with ham and cheese on toasted English muffin (or whatever).

First, toast your muffin / bread / whatever so it's a bit less toasted than you actually want.

While that's going on, layer the following in a small microwave safe bowl:

1 egg, beaten (like scrambled eggs)
1 slice ham
1 slice cheese (I buy my everyday cheese presliced; if you don't have anything like that, picture an old fashioned American "cheese" slice and layer about that much of a hard /med cheese of your choice.
Microwave the bowl for 1 minute at 1200 watts.
Now, either finish the toast, or if the filling isn't cooked / melted / hot enough, put it on the bottom toast and back on the toaster.
The basic point is that one egg cooked in the bottom of a small bowl for about 1 minute at 1200 watts will be cooked and will sort of fluff up. A moderate amount of stuff on top will also get warm / melt. It's not quite what you'd get at the deli. But it might even be ready more quickly, and there's no clean up.
Experiment with your microwave, toppings (if you don't want more calories, use a bit of hot sauce or whatever), and toaster.

Really it would be ideal to use a toaster oven. But anything you can do in a toaster oven you can also do under the broiler (gas or electric, US or other). I recommend preheating a gas broiler for a minute, sliding your item(s)
well inside, and leaving the broiler door open. The only downside to toasting things in the broiler is that perfect becomes blackened in a few seconds. Nevertheless I've used a broiler in place of a toaster for what adds up to a few years. I make a point of mentioning this here because the broiler is especially good if you need to melt cheese or heat slices of something without overcooking the egg

I would be very interested to know if someone figures out how to use the same basic method to get a poached egg. Just don't leave out the vinegar!

Rose S.
I love porridge 🥣 with berries 🍓. Another nutritional brekkie is toast with avocado 🥑 and salmon 🐠. Anything works well for me.
Jeremy G.
Brown whole wheat bread with peanut butter and 300ml chocolate milk shake boost the energy and peanut butter, milk gives you sufficient protein and bread will make your enough calories for the day
Marian E.
One of the things that I love making is a spin on the classic egg salad.

1. Soft boil two eggs
2. Peal the eggs and smash them with a fork in a bowl
3. Add some salt, pepper, a couple of capers, some dill and a good tablespoon of mustard
4. Mix everything together until it resembles an egg salad
5. Get yourself a nice slice of sourdough bread, spread the egg salad on top and top it off with some smoked salmon 🙂