What do you guys like for breakfast?

Nina Z.
Often I like two eggs, fried or scrambled, with the occasional toasted bagel or English muffin with butter. Oatmeal is nice, too; I make it with Craisins or raisins. Today I’m having Harvest Crunch with Greek yogurt and raisins.
Nina Z.
What I like to eat for breakfast depends. Usually I like to eat a bowl of cereal with 2% milk, some jimmy deans sausage, usually 2, and then 2 pieces of toast with butter and always coffee with hazelnut creamer. On days where I’m rushing I will eat a nutrigrain bar, or swing by my food court and get some chicken minis from Chick-fil-A and some hash browns and coffee.
Celina O.
I personally prefer eggs. No matter how you cook it, it’s always the best option for breakfast. But if you don’t have enough time to cook, apple and banana with one tablespoon of peanut butter is a great choice.
Eline T.
I like energy bars, because they are quick and I can take them on the go, which gives me less of an excuse to not eat anything.
Alberte U.
I love a smoithie bowl,using a green smoothie for base and topping it up with bananas and berries,nuts and chia seeds. Alongside with a hot water with lemon.
Eleanor P.
I often have a muffin for breakfast. They are really tasty but they can also have healthy ingredients at the same time! 🧁😋
Isobel P.
I don't like a big breakfast as don't usually have much of an appetite in the morning plus I'm always rushing around. My go to breakfast is a yogurt with a handful of nuts, seeds, and dried fruit added in.
Carter F.
Often cereal plus banana and grapes and tea because it's easy. I'm trying to have porridge instead but never really likes it. Sometimes I have savoury pancake
Martina R.
I love Chobani yogurt and a Pure Protein bar. I also will get Kashi blueberry waffles. A banana works too. Oh and definitely a cup of black coffee.
Gilbert U.
I have Almased because it’s a breakfast I’ve enjoyed for several years, it keeps me full for hours, and it fits the bill for what Fabulous is recommending. It’s also easy and I like it.
Gavin E.
I eat a handful of walnuts and almonds, yogurt with blueberries, oatmeal with raisins, a banana or pineapple, and coffee
Vera U.
Personally, I can't eat the same thing every day. So I like to make sure that I have a variety of nutritious options. Today I had a tomato, basil and mozzarella egg white omelette with a satsuma mandrin.
I keep fruits and veggies on hand to make fresh juices and smoothies when I need to eat on the run. I cut and store the juicing ingredients the night before so I can make it all pretty quick the next morning. I can also throw everything in my blender to make a really filling smoothie.
I like steel cut oats that I mix with apples and cinnamon, fresh berries and/or bananas too.
I mix it up depending on what my schedule that week allows.
Gumesindo I.
I try to eat protein at every meal. At breakfast this is usually goats cheese with baby spinach and fried mushrooms, or yoghurt and fruit or rolled oats (porridge) and fruit.
Glen P.
Eggs for protein, oatmeal, cruesli, good sandwiches, salmon, peanut butter. Seeds/ nuts for protein to add to your muesli/cruesli.
Beer, oh woops wasn't supposed to tell you about that one.
Judy F.
I've made it a ritual to eat a Morning Round, my favorite brand of breakfast bread, and a piece of fruit. On days when I have more time I upgrade my piece of fruit to a yogurt bowl with fruit and granola 🙂
James U.
I always start my day with a glass of water and some gentle stretches whilst my porridge is cooking. I enjoy that with some super Honey by Rowse perfect
Rene T.
Egg Whites with Spinach, Medium Apple Slices and Toast. My go to breakfast….But I love oatmeal with fresh or dried fruits and nuts with Cinnamon and Chia Seeds and a splash of Almond Milk
Klaus Michael Y.
I cycle through a few items.

1. A one egg omelet made with veggies and ham
2. A piece of wheat toast spread with half an avocado and a sunny side egg on top with salt and pepper
3. A protein bar
4. A hard boiled egg with a spoon of peanut butter

Egbert J.
I like to mix it up. If I'm going to work and in a rush, some yogurt and granola with a banana is the way to go. But if I'm home, I like to spend some more time making eggs with toast, or pancakes with bacon, and a bowl of mixed fruit. Coffee is alway part of my morning regardless the situation.
Jens Peter T.
Ideally, I’d have a poached egg and half of an avocado. I’ve found that I only have time for this on the weekends. Most often, I have a small bowl of Special K almond cereal and almond milk. I add in some fresh fruit. The cereal is whole grain and keeps me filled until lunch even with dance class in the morning. The other option I’ve tried that works is a large banana with cashew or almond butter.
Lidija T.
We make homemade breakfast burritos in bulk and freezes them. We have two kinds so that we don’t get bored, and they heat up well while we start our mornings.
Elwira X.
Chia pudding, prepare the night before. In the morning you just add some berries and nuts. Takes about 30 seconds in the morning and can be eaten on the go.
Vladislava Q.
I think it's important to have something different every day although I always start the day with a large mug of lemon and hot water. My variations are, porridge with raisins, muesli with dates, scrambled eggs with spinach or peppers; or Bergen bread toasted with banana
Ga Tan Q.
I like eggs and bacon for breakfast. Hash browns are nice as well. Definitely a bottle of water and some orange juice. A bow of fruit is good as well with some melons, cantaloupe, and pineapple.
Alexandra E.
I love hard boiled eggs, 1/2 an Avocado and 2 Slices of Bacon. I'm also a big fan of Greek yogurt with Almond Butter. I try to keep fruit I like on hand so if It's a busier morning I don't miss out
Michele U.
I like to "squish" a banana w/ a fork and then mix it w/ some oats. Sometimes I add some nuts and chia seeds when possible. It's really delicious and easy so I eat that almost every day
Sadraque Z.
I usually eat granola and a hard boiled egg, but I've realized recently that I hate the mouth feel of food early in the morning. My plan for next week is to start skipping breakfast and bringing an egg salad sandwich with me to work to eat at about 9:30 am.

On slow mornings, I like frying potatoes or sweet potatoes, and a couple eggs, or making eggs Florentine for myself.

Terry C.
It’s my favorite meal of the day! I love a tofu and rice scramble on the weekend. Weekdays I mostly have cold cereal and almond milk.
Veronique N.
My favorite breakfasts are protein smoothies, egg white omelets with Pico de Gallo or just boiled eggs if I’m in a rush. Another favorite of mine is old-fashioned oatmeal with a small container of applesauce and granola that includes dried apples on top. It’s only takes two minutes in the microwave if you reduce the water a little bit for the oatmeal.
Audrey Z.
My breakfast choices vary day to day. I always include protein in my breakfast meals though. Typically I’ll eat a bowl of oatmeal with fresh fruit & granola with soy based sausage (I’m vegetarian- I still eat eggs and cheese but NO MEAT, not even fish or chicken). Other days I’ll have avocado toast with slices of tomatoes and a protein based fruit smoothie.
Jill I.
Porridge with plain yogurt and fruits or eggs with wilted spinach and tomatoes. Either of those will keep me full until lunch.
Thea Z.
I like to have something that’s quick to make (I’d rather sleep in than cook a feast lol) so I’ll toss in whatever fruits I have and make a smoothie. And while that’s blending I’ll toast some bread and spread avocado and either slice a hard-boiled egg on top or plop a soft-boil/over-easy egg. A good way I cut back on prep time is either Sunday night or the first morning I’ll put a week’s worth of eggs to hard-boil and then keep them in the fridge. 🙂
Darren A.
Steel cut oats with blueberries, tablespoon of vegan soy free butter and a teaspoon of maple syrup
Decaf-coffee with almond milk
Mason F.
25g wheat bran with 15g oatmeal and frozen berrys + 150g of oatmilk. All mixed together and cooked. If you want you can add some cacao powder on top! And to from I recommend some varieties of smoothies(selfmade)
Amalie W.
Eggs in all different fomrs! Scrammbled eggs and boiled ones are the fastest to do, when you don’t have much time. Another one, my second favourite, is muesli made by myself, whitout added sugar, only natural ecological ingredients 🙂
Mehdi X.
Personally I start with some water and a cholesterol reducing yogurt drink sometimes with a single dried date before exercise following which I have either porridge with a drizzle of maple syrup or a high fibre bran based cereal mixed with some raisins or cranberries. I also have 1 cup of tea and 1 cup of coffee before I go off to work.
Kailane E.
I like to make smoothies! A great way to get in fruits & veggies and I add a greens powder. That sets an amazing and energetic foundation for the rest of the day & isn’t too heavy.
Bonif Cio E.
I like scrambled eggs because they're very easy and can incorporate a lot of variety. Most days though, I just make them Gordon Ramsey style with some creme fraiche and chives. Simple, quick and delicious.
Joabe Y.
I normally keep it very simple. Eggs in all it’s varieties; protein shakes; fruit & veggies smoothies; oatmeal if I have the time to cook it.
Vanessa S.
My favorite choice for breakfast is a shakeology smoothie. It only takes minutes to make and has most of the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc. needed for the day. I especially like making the chocolate smoothie with vanilla almond milk and plenty of crushed ice. It feels like you’re cheating with a milkshake, but you are actually getting most of your nutrients for the day from vegetables and fruits.
Lance O.
When I have enough time, I prefer meals with hot soup and rice. Sometimes I feel like having sandwiches with toast, ham and ketchup in it.
Jacob Z.
Breakfast burrito! Two eggs with a little vanilla almond milk to make them fluffy, but without the GI stress. A bit of cheese, some adobo seasoning, wrapped in a spinach tortilla. Simple, fast, and filling.
Filipa E.
I generally mix fresh fruit with Greek yogurt and nuts and pumpkin and/or flax seeds. I sometimes add oats and dried fruit.
Clarence S.
1. Greek yogurt, berries, and granola/nuts
2. Toast with nut butter, bananas, and chia seeds
3. Toast with cream cheese, smoked salmon, cucumber
Pearl N.
I usually like something light on my stomach like fruit , or oatmeal with fruit added .If I have to many carbs or a heavy breakfast then I'm sluggish the rest of the day
Lory E.
I have been eating a lot of porridge lately and I really love it. It’s relatively quick to make, I generally prefer sweet over savory for breakfast and you can top it with whatever you want. It has helped me add more fruit to my diet. My usual go to add-ins are cinnamon, honey to sweeten it and peanut butter, vanilla works great too. I then top it with half a banana and whatever berries or other fruit I have around.