What is a healthy breakfast?

Lester E.
a healthy breakfast is the beginning of your day, being the first meal. it's very important because it provides you energy along the day, so, you should be eating saciating compounds such as proteins and fruits.
Carl O.
I like to do 2 brown eggs with onions,peppers,mushrooms, spinach,broccoli, carrots. Other days I will have oatmeal with almonds, and pecans or with cranberries. Hope this helps.
Emma P.
A healthy breakfast is a meal with proteins and vitamins. It is the most important meal of the day. A piece of fruit or a sandwich with some juic are the perfect healthy breakfast. Don’t eat fried eggs, beacon, donuts, chocolate cookies (e.g Oreo). And it is preferible to eat variatedly, one day an apple, the next one a sandwich, etc.
Bri Z.
Something that includes proteins, or fruit, or vegetabls. If you have cereal, you also have to have a peice of fruit or vegetable. You could also have eggs and toast, and other things that include healthy sides/ main courses.