Should I eat breakfast while watching TV?

Villads W.
Probably not. If your not being mindful of what your eating and instead watching TV you could eat too fast over over eat. Not really sure though.
Zoey F.
I often do, although it doesn’t feel like the ideal situation. I like to listen to the news on the radio or an interesting or educational podcast while I eat breakfast.
Jamie O.
This is a very good question! I too eat while watching television. But I also enjoy focusing on food and do it more often. If not TV 📺 then I watch news or might be logging habits on Fabulous 🤣. Basically, I don’t overthink but enjoy best of both worlds.
Matteo T.
Eating breakfast for me is something I’m enjoying early morning specially most of my family members are present to share it together. That’s why -I assume- I never thought about watching TV at the same time.
Timmothy G.
I would prefer not to engage in other activities like watching tv or internet browsing, emails while eating breakfast. Because I tend to eat more than I need or won’t enjoy it if my mind is focused on something else other than food.
Clara X.
I wouldn’t recommend doing anything but eating while you’re eating. Think of it as being present to the experience of the food and listening to your body to say when it’s full, and to eat at an appropriate pace. I think it is more likely that you would over eat if you ate while watching tv because your attention is not attuned to your body.
Marion N.
I would say no, because you will procrastinate and after you are done eating, you will want to just sit and continue to put things off then getting a heard start on your day.
Astrid W.
The morning is for setting intentions and visualizing the day. If someone is awake you should socialize. However, if this things are already done, it's totally ok to watch TV.
Mille C.
It's not good choice. Be mindful when you eat your food, enjoy every bit of it. There is risk of overeating if our attention is somewhere else. Besides, TV is bad for mental health. Avoid it as much as possible.
Filippa C.
Idk mate but I do it and it's ok for me…. I feel good so I think it depends on how you feel about it. Some people have nausea or something like that, but if you can handle it and you feel great so it's OK👍have a nice day🙌
Maya W.
Eating whilst watching TV is probably not a good idea. Food should be enjoyed. When you are focused on something else it’s all to easy to eat mindlessly and therefore not enjoy what you’re eating or maybe not even remember eating at all – this could lead to overeating. Try and switch the TV off and enjoy your meal. Even 20 minutes screenfree will be more calming and enjoyable.
Zachary P.
I like eating in front of the TV too. But, you tend to eat a lot more because you are not being very mindful of how much more food you are taking in. When you just sit at the table with no electronics or any distractions, you're concentrating on the tastes and textures, you chew your food more slowly (*less gas and tummy upset) and you're aware when you feel satisfied and stop eating. Who knows? While you're sitting at the table, you might even have a conversation with someone you love. 😃
Alma B.
I don't have that habit, so I don't really know the "bad effects" that it could bring. But if you have time, why not? As long as you don't stay longer than you planned
Benjamin P.
There’s nothing wrong with doing that but if you want to achieve mindfulness, I suggest to focus on your breakfast first.
Kelly S.
I prefer not to eat while I watch tv or use electronics. It allows me to slow down and focus and enjoy the food that is in front of me. I’ve also noticed that not having distractions while eating has helped me with digestion
Yuri A.
No. You get distracted buy the tv show and wont take too much attention to your food, youll eat too fast, too much. Distracted eating may add to weight gain.
Samuel P.
I tend to find listening to a short motivational podcast better for me. At other times I happen to have my “shower thoughts” and can write them down.
Tristan Z.
Do you like watching tv? Does it bring you what you need in the morning? I go on FB during my morning tv and I find that time benefits my day.
Christian U.
Probably not. Mornings are tipically more fast paced and very much about focus. TV would only interrupt the flow of your routines
Caroline U.
We probably shouldn’t watch negative news programs while eating breakfast but if you do try to balance it with positive meditation. TV should be a tool we use for our purposes and not something that dominates our thoughts and time. Opt to visit with family during breakfast instead.
Juliane Z.
No. TV makes us forget what we’re doing and we end up eating worse and more. Mindful eating, celebrating every bite is where it’s at!
Jerome E.
No, because TV -and online video for that matter- are designed to keep you tuned in instead of focused on starting the day. It's especially important to avoid it if you need to do somehthing important after breakfast.
Tobias W.
I think it's not good idea. You should eat your breakfast in piece. Enjoy it and digest well. When you eat while you are watching TV you can just eat it in a hurry.
Erin R.
As long as you do eat a healthy breakfast, and don't get distracted by a show or stressed by the news into not eating, why not?
Alice F.
Instead of television, I watch my iPhone. I just try to grasp time to absorb the news and notification in order to catch up with what the world is going on and gain some knowledge.
Mirjam F.
Honestly, I don't see why not, although I'm trying to limit my TV to the evening. I listen to Stevie Wonder on Pandora while I'm making and eating breakfast and dance for my exercise, so I can do both at once (although I have to dance a little less while I'm eating!).
Emma P.
Ideally no.
But if whatever you're watching (the news e.g.) only takes as long as your breakfast it should be acceptable.
Michelle X.
It’s up to you! I find doing things that relax me and make me happy while I’m having breakfast really sets me up for a good day; for me I like to watch YouTube videos but if it’s TV for you then go for it! Maybe avoid anything stressful or upsetting though.
Caroline O.
Again, I’ll talk from my experience…you can go and experiment too. I feel more invigorated and replenished when eating without any distractions, chewing slowly, feeling all the textures and tastes. Digestion runs smoothly. Just try to transform your meal time into some sort of meditation, where you are just observing the experience of feeding yourself. Thanks.
Johnni J.
I guess this comes down to the amount of distraction you want. I like to watch YouTube videos with breakfast on days on as they are short and you can get away from then relatively quick and on to other things. On a day off I watch a short programme so I'm doing something different on the days that I don't work. However if heard of a school of thought that eating without distractions is better for you and you should try this too. Focus on the taste, smell and texture is your meal. Whatever works best for you and your goals.
Allan Q.
The short answer is no. If you have a table, you should consume all of your meals there (or as many as possible). The reason for this is two fold. First, when eating in front of the television, you build the habit of mindless eating in front of the TV. Which leads to unhealthy snacking. Second, you want to eat at the table so you are mindful of what you are putting in your body.
Caleb N.
Depends on what goals you’re setting for yourself. If the goal is to watch some tv in the morning to be up to date on the news by the time you get to the office then it might be ok. However it’s probably mot a good idea to do it if you’re trying to eat more mindfully, since tv will only distract you from your meal and leave you less satisfied. Personally I also find tv a numbing instrument,
something I indulge in when too tired to do anything else – not something I would personally want as part of my morning routine, which should be energizing and make you feel good. Why not take 10 min and read a few pages instead?
Alvin O.
I think breakfast deserves it’ s own place and time. Respect your breakfast and yourself by having it without distractions. Eat mindfully savoring each bite and sip
Marius Z.
I assume that focusing on anything while you do it makes the most sense. You could replace TV with talking to someone. If there is no one around talk to your cat
Rosie O.
Most people will say "no! you need to sit and be present and think about what and how much you're eating!" and to be fair, that is ideal. But let's be honest: sometimes our choice, particularly in bad mental health times, is "eat while distracting yourself" or "don't eat at all". So while it's ideal to be present while eating, if distracting yourself while eating is going to help make sure you eat, there's no shame in that at all.
Carolin R.
I find watching the news and/or reading it very relaxing in the morning. This works for me because it isn't completely enthralling. If you're watching serialised TV, I think it could be distracting simply because you can't put it down to start another thing. Say, your exercise routine. Maybe a little MTV if you're not a news junkie? Roll out some tunes to go with your rowing machine, or star jumps?
Ida C.
Many say no because you are at more of a chance of over eating if you do so. If you do eat that way make sure to portion it out and wait 15-30 minutes before eating anything else.
Eric Z.
No, because your not paying attention to the food the way it tastes,how much your eating, so your can be unsatisfied and want to keep eating.
Etta H.
If it makes you happy and energetic for the day, then yes. But I've noticed that if I do that, I pay less attention to my food and I will want to keep on watching instead of doing the things I should do that day.
Ma Lle O.
No. Eating while being distracted makes you eat without thinking, which makes you eat more and stops you from concentrating in the present.
Inesa Q.
Not unless you put on something boring for background noise! Focusing on your food, the textures, tastes and smells, allows you to appreciate the food you’ve prepared and to better listen to your body’s hunger cues and when it’s telling you it’s had enough.
Cleusa E.
While I can't say what will be best for you, my usual go-to during breakfast is an audiobook. I usually choose self help or business titles, but that's just me. I find it's a nice way to start my day with some inspiration or insight.

I often schedule my leisure time and I'm finding I get more of it now that it's on a calendar. The most important thing to take away is that whatever you choose to do, that it is in line with your goals and needs.

Andrea F.
I think it is better not to watch tv while eating. It is good to concentrate on the taste of the food, having a relaxing moment and enjoy a nice family moment.
Brad W.
I think it depends on the person. If you want to watch the news or catch up on a TV show, then sure. I don’t usually watch TV because I prefer to sit quietly next to my dog and eat. It’s too early for increased stimulation for me. I like to ease into the day, but it’s whatever is comfortable for you!
Marcus C.
I think not. Watching TV while eating is distracting you. You can't really focus on chewing Your food or on the taste of it. Also, you are losing a lots of time.
Rebecca J.
I don't think so. There are many things better than TV. For example you could check you to-do list, or schedule for the upcoming days.
Sara P.
If you watch TV while eating, you'll generally eat more (than necessary), and enjoy your food less. It's better to be mindful of your eating and take your time.
Volkmar I.
I don't, but that's due to my morning usually being so hectic. Personally, I see nothing wrong with having breakfast while watching television…in fact, it can even serve to help you get more exercise into your day (this is, or course, dependant on your choice of breakfast). Try doing some squats during commercial breaks.
Ryan U.
I don't see anything wrong with watching TV while eating breakfast, I do. I don't really see why it would be a problem, as long as it doesn't make you want to stay stuck in front of the TV and keep you from being active afterwards.
Emma W.
No, you shouldn’t eat while watching TV. You should stay focused on your meal so that you can not only enjoy it, but so you can also be aware of your body’s cues to alert you when you’ve had enough. This is how you avoid overeating! That and you will enjoy your food more.
Alexander F.
If you are distracted while eating, you might not feel as satisfied with or nourished by your food. Mindfulness practice asks us to pay attention to the present moment, which often expands your sense of time.
Vincent F.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Would you like to spend it not being aware of what you eat, of how you want to start your day? So, I think you should shut down the TV while having your breakfast and give some time to yourself or your partner/family.
Sofie W.
Generally, no. It’s best to eat without focusing on something else so you get more satisfaction from the meal. However, if eating breakfast while watching tv helps you actually eat breakfast (when you otherwise wouldn’t), then go for it.
Maurice P.
I think that is up to you. The only thing I can say about doing that is you are not as aware of what and how much you are eating. Any kind of device is the same. When you sit down to eat, you should pay attention to it.
Janett U.
I personally would recommend not eating your breakfast while watching TV for 2 reasons:
1. It distracts me from my food and encourages “mindless eating” i.e. overeating.
2. I feel each meal is something to be enjoyed and savored. It helps me feel satisfied mentally & physically because I haven’t been distracted!
Laly Y.
I would say no. We spend so much time in front of electronics in the run of a day it’s nice to stop and think about what what the day has to offer. Set some goals or intentions and focus on starting the day off right.

Just my two cents.

Nicklas W.
I think no meals during tv watching is better, because I tune out when I watch tv. But when I’m stressed, I tend to watch more tv.
Astrid X.
You can but try not to get too focused on the tv because you might forget about your food and it could become too late for you to eat it all
Alex G.
I think it's ok to do it on some days. Other days, it may be good to read or relax. But, eating while watching news or other shows you enjoy may put you in a good frame of mind.
Dila Z.
I don’t think so. I mean you asked the wrong person because I don’t watch TV at all so I use the time to eat my breakfast focusing on the food instead of something else 🙂
Olena O.
It watching tv helps you get ready in the morning, then do it. You should definitely eat breakfast but maybe try to sit in peace while you do.
Marcia G.
I don’t, only because during the work week TV becomes a distraction from what is around me no matter the time of day, so I lose track of time; while during the weekend I prefer to spend my meals with family and have a conversation without having to complete with a show for their attention. Even when I’m on vacation I don’t want to have a television going while I’m eating breakfast, mainly because I like to have a quiet moment to not only take in my environment, but to also plan my day.
Connor J.
No because I have time to think and be present with my food and my environment and think about what is next. So No tv or YouTube while eating breakfast.
Lauren U.
I've heard that you shouldn't because it distracts your brain from telling you that you're full. If you eat mindfully, you tend to eat less and feel fuller faster.
Claudio F.
No. But I'm of the opinion you shouldn't watch TV in any passive moment. It is the engineered height of mindlessness and a habit. Maybe ten years ago I moved to a country where I couldn't understand the language and that stopped it. Now I very occasionally watch a film but even that.. maybe once a quarter. I far prefer more social and or a give relaxation.
Jean Y.
No, because when you are eating you should focus on the food and your mind will capt the information that you arw eating versus eating in from of tv your mind will be focus on what you are watching and no eating and like that you will eat more than you should🌸
S L Na Q.
For me, I think NO. Being in the moment is key and taking time for breakfast sets the mood for the day. If you haven’t done morning reflections, then it’s the best time to do it during breakfast. 🙂
Kiara O.
No, you will get distracted and eat slowly, then stress about running out of time to get to work or get to things on time.
Keith F.
You have to do what’s right for you, but in my experience, the less Screen time, the better. I recently realized that I wasn’t living in the world around me, I was living on my phone. Once I started reducing screen time for myself andscreen time, the better. I recently realized that I wasn’t living in the world around me, I was living on my phone. Once I started reducing screen time for myself and my daughter, everything felt more normal, real, and stable. It has impacted my life for the better hugely. I’m relying on myself and my brain so much more, which has really brought my confidence up.
Jordan F.
No, studies have shown that we tend to eat more while watching TV. Besides it can be a diversion from your morning routine. You could, instead, listen to a podcast or even music.
Jessica X.
I think it is better for you to always be focused on what you're doing. You will enjoy more your breakfast and won't eat too much because you can feel when you're satisfied.
Hugh E.
Sure you can. Do whatever you deem necessary to have some breakfast! If it works for you to watch television and eat breakfast, then there should be nothing wrong with that.
Billie U.
For me, watching TV while eating breakfast is detrimental. But generally if the TV is on while I’m trying to do anything and what I’m doing it doesn’t involve the TV, it’s detrimental. I find that while eating, it’s better for me to read. Whether that be a book, a news article, or whatever.
Austin T.
No. Use your breakfast time to be mindful. Enjoy the smell and texture of your breath. Chew each bite 10 times then swallow. This could be your time of peace before the onslaught of the day.
Eden C.
No I don't think you should because you tend to distract yourself when you watching TV so you won't eat as much breakfast and you will get fuller faster so now I feel you should eat your breakfast and then if you want to watch TV you can watch TV
Malo Z.
It’s ok to watch daily news, but avoid negative things, you can try business, financial, forecast, technology, fashion, travel, sports or health. You might use it in conversation with coworkers or friends at the office. But honestly I don’t recommend to watch Nextflix or something like that. Listen to music it’s a good option as well 🙂
Derrick U.
I cannot speak for others but I’d rather not eat while I watch tv personally. Not only that you don’t enjoy what you eat as much since you could eat literally anything and not realising it but you keep eating without realising when to stop. Not a very good idea in my opinion.
Stephanie J.
Personally when I eat breakfast while watching something it takes me longer to eat and demotivates me because I just am tempted to keep watching.
Patricia B.
Sure if you want. I know à lot of people will be no you should focus on mindfulness, but if you genuinely enjoy the TV go for it!

If it just feels like a bad habit maybe try music or podcasts instead

Jon E.
No, eating should be an event in that you have to be fully engaged in the activity or you’ll do it mindlessly and overeat.
Isabelle U.
No. We are a society of multitasking. We must get everything done, however when we live this lifestyle, if we can call it living, we miss out on so much! Turn the tv off and focus on the meal in front of you. Enjoy the nourishment and flavors and texture you are welcoming into your temple. Send time nourishing your soul.
Nanna F.
I would not recommend it. Media in the morning is unnecessary and distraction while eating can lead to overeating or eating to quickly. It’s better to be mindful while you dine
Stephen R.
No, you should eat breakfast while listening to music or just focusing on your food and enjoying each bite, allowing it to nourish your body in a healthy way
Josefine W.
I don't think so because if you are watching TV you might not pay enough attention to your eating and so if you want more you wouldn't notice because you are watching TV but if you are full you might also eat more because you aren't paying attention to your food. That is why you shouldn't have breakfast while watching TV.
Riley Z.
I really try not to. To be honest I eat my breakfast at work. Once I’ve settled in for the morning I take a couple of minutes to sit and eat my breakfast so I can refocus and get settled on what needs to happen at the office to make the day successful
Lisa C.
You can, as long as you’re still mindful of what you’re eating! When I started off, I remember feeling awkward about not having anything to do but eat my meal, which, since I never ate breakfast before, was extra weird. So sometimes I would put on a YouTube video to occupy my attention. But I have found that what works better than doing something passive with my mind like watching TV during breakfast, is actually using that time to actively think about my day ahead and identify my 1-3 most important tasks of the day. That usually makes me feel better and more prepared about going on to do whatever I needed to do after breakfast.
Lia S.
No. There is too many distraction on TV. One should focus on what one really wants to do in the morning, in stead of watching TV without conscious.
Apar Cio E.
I'm watching vlogs on youtube and I think, it's okay. But I feel that I don't enjoy the food enough. I'm going to eat in garden, when it gets warmer outside.
Marcus U.
It’s better if you don’t. That way you can focus on and enjoy what you are eating. It also makes you more aware of how your body reacts to the food you’re eating. Bon apetit 😉
Guy Z.
I’d say it mostly depends on your lifestyle and what you’re trying to accomplish. For instance, if you’re trying to lose weight, setting a habit where you eat breakfast and watch tv could make you hungry whenever you watch tv. If you’re trying to gain weight, this may be helpful.
Sharlene F.
Everytime that we eat in front of a tv e loose the taste and the satisfaction of our meal and we usually eat more that we really need. So No, don’t eat in front of a tv.
Clem Ncio A.
I would not advise it. Breakfast is such an important moment in the day, to be with your family, to start with the right foot, to plan what's ahead or just to be grateful. No distractions.
Dilce C.
No, I think it's better for you to focus on your food and your feelings while you're eating rather than be distracted by the tv 🙂
Judith P.
Food is not absorbed properly when we are distracted with something like TV, phone, internet… Food needs attention and time.
Also the energy matters. Information is being consumed by us together with eating. All entertaining sources usually bring not the best energy.
So I don’t think that breakfast while watching TV is a great idea.
Bernardete W.
I would recomment watching shorter videos, I find that I'll get sucked into the TV if an episode lasts longer than my breakfast
Carlos W.
I try to be purposeful with my mornings, I tend to read while I have breakfast if I am alone, or I talk with my kids and try to help prepare them for the day. Watching tv feels like someone else trying to control my morning, and I find it’s less purposeful. If I’ve chosen to be entertained and am watching a movie that’s my choice.
Josef G.
I don’t think is a good idea, maybe is better to read a book, or to live mindfulness during the breakfast. I used to write my journal during the breakfast 😊
Corey O.
Maybe if you are watching breakfast news channels. I think it's better to listen to some music to get energy for the day
Gauthier T.
I say no, almost never. Eating and TV should be a rare event like pizza and Netflix. Morning TV is problematic especially if you are watching the news.
Madison U.
Depends. Generally no but if you want to watch the news for knowledge / traffic report than fine. Radio might be better as less distracting
Titouan N.
That’s a funny question. I sometimes read the news on my phone – how is watching tv different? Do you think you eat more or differently? Thanks for asking, it made me think about my own breakfast habits (sometimes, instead of the news, I play a silly game on my phone & then I end up procrastinating/ losing track of time).
Arthur Y.
If you can, try to eat breakfast staring at a green space, or at a loved one, or even at people going past in the street. I find watching telly with breakfast makes me feel less motivated for the day.