What if I find it boring to eat the same things every day?

Eva W.
Breakfast is the most essentials meal of the day, if you are finding same breakfast boring try to add something different. If you are having porridge try different toppings like blueberries, strawberries, bananas or blackberries.
Jamie B.
I always try to alternate between a few options. Oats or a piece of fruit and yoghurt. Eggs on toast or just simple toast but on healthy multigrain bread. Sometimes when I'm lazy I even just have a proteinshake and that keeps me going well into the morning.
Denise Q.
I actually don’t find it boring to eat eggs every day and bacon too. But I do find a third option like broccoli or Bok Choi. I need more variation for lunch and dinner. That said if I’m ever traveling it’s a little harder to find what I want in variation for breakfast so I have to do a little more planning. Usually hotels will accommodate or I have to make sure I plan the next morning from the night before.
Florence T.
if you prepare food on Sunday, you could make 7 different breakfasts that you can heat up in the morning so you can have variety, or you could have similar foods with different ingredients. I like to have a smoothie every morning thats 75% kale and veggies and the rest milk and frozen fruits and such, and i just mix up the fruits with every batch to keep things interesting
Javier U.
Try different recipes of overnight oatmeal… Fat free omelette with cheese is great option as well or a simple light melted cheese sandwich.
M Lody A.
It is important to have variety. Many foods that are eaten for lunch or dinner are also perfectly appropriate for breakfast. If you try to stick with high protein meals that do not have too much sugar, that is a good start. There are poached eggs, and frittatas, so many variations you can do with oatmeal, fruits, and yogurt, also smoothies. It is really important that you are excited about what you are eating so make it fun but also healthy.
Valdemar Z.
I agree, I try to vary my meals, for breakfast overnight oats, or a smoothie, or an egg, Lunch a chicken sandwich, or tuna & pasta, or fruit salad, hope this helps.
Kayla Y.
I always eat the same thing every morning. I have been for about 3 or more years. I am a creature of habit, when it comes to breakfast.
Villads B.
I feel like that's where you can switch it up. If you're eating eggs, they could be scrambled, over hard, boiled, deviled, poached–whatever. Or you can change the fruit. Add yogurt or toast. I've heard that the less decisions you have to make about things the easier it is though.
Ahmad T.
As least you have a meal to eat. Many people go everyday without food. Plan out 3 or 4 different breakfasts buy enough for a couple of weeks and then rotate them
Flenn O.
Well there's a plethora of different fruits, nuts, healthy cereals, quality proteins. The choices are certainly available.
Burkard F.
Then set a food for certain days and another set for other days. Problem solved. For example, Some days I eat boiled eggs, with sausage and coffee, other days jam, butter and tea. Find your own set of foods
Niara F.
The eat something different. No one said what foods HAVE to be breakfast, lunch, etc. Eat a turkey sandwich for breakfast. A bowl of chili. As long as it's healthy, go for it
Leroy E.
I suppose it might be tedious if you don't like routines or repetition. I understand that. Perhaps it might be nice to have the same type of breakfast everyday, but have different flavors and tastes. For instance, let's say you'd like to have some dairy, fibre, protein, and fruits for breakfast every day; you could have a bowl of oatmeal with fruits along with some nuts, or have a parfait that has Greek yogurt, wheat, oats, and strawberries. Or you could try an omelette with a glass of orange juice (freshly squeezed) and a stick of string cheese. And these were just the vegetarian options I thought of from the top of my head. So it is fairly manageable to have a variety of foods made from essentially the same end products…but that didn't really answer your question.

I guess for some people, they're perfectly content with eating the same food for breakfast every single day. Just like they're comfortable eating the same lunch for forty years. And the same dinner and taking the same bus route and being the best employee of the ae company for as long as they've worked. Perhaps they always use the same type of soap and squeeze exactly two pumps of shampoo every time they shower and haven't upgraded their wardrobe since bell bottoms were in fashion. I respect that. There's safety in this. A sense of assuredness, a quiet comfort that only increases over time and makes them the sort of reliable workers, friends, partners, people we need.

But not always. A lot of people change their tastes from day to day, sometimes within the hour. And THAT'S OK. If you find a food that you love, stick with it as long as your mind and heart allows it. Routines are nice. But don't push yourself. The exact foods you choose aren't a "Til death do us part" deal. As long as you strive to have a healthy breakfast every day, I'd say you're doing well. (In fact, the Fabulous app only encourages us to eat healthy daily. It doesn't tell us to eat the same foods.)

And of course, don't be surprised if you end up having the same breakfast every day after some time. Lifestyles are a trial and error thing. Maybe the rest of your life is chaotic. Amidst the paperwork or the tests you're cramming for or the family screaming for you, it's nice to take a little time for yourself in the morning and treat yourself to something good for just you. After a while, you may end up eating the same breakfast every day and actually liking it because it's easy. It's the one thing you've come to count on and it's not the most fancy or complicated or even 100% healthy/organic/fat-gluten-otherscarythings free food, but it's what you've grown to enjoy and seek out in the mornings.

And that's ok too.

Juanita X.
Make it fun choosing what you eat, as well healthy.
Geraldine Y.
Mix things up if you need to, even if they're just little changes like eating a banana instead of an apple or vice versa. You also don't have to eat the same thing every day, there are plenty of recipes you can look up online that are quick and easy to put together, if you're at a loss for ideas.
Caroline Z.
Draw up a weekly menu, shop for the ingredients then you can have a different thing each day or every second day if it suits
Alix Q.
By learning to incorporate different healthy meals into the diet then it doesn’t have to be boring. Switch it up every few days or eat a particular dish only once a week. Also, add something new to a dish that might otherwise be boring. Eggs can be cooked differently everyday for a month and never eating the same eggs. Boring is a choice. Choose not to be boring.
Willfried F.
Well, many people do. The good news is, you don't have to eat the same thing every day. Shake it up with big changes–go from oatmeal to a smoothie–or little ones, like adding honey to your almonds.
Oraldina E.
Mix it up! Sit and think about what you like to eat. Write it down. Search new recipes on Pinterest. Start off with easy minimal ingredient recipes to start off with. If you like eggs in the morning? Try an easy “egg bite- bake”. Like salad? Find a different way to make salad and maybe a new salad dressing recipe.
Axel T.
Look up different recepies to find different things. Make them the night before if you have no time in the mornings.
B Rbaro T.
Mix it up. Have 3 or 4 breakfasts that are quick which you also enjoy. For example; scrambled eggs, yogurt, oatmeal, leftovers,etc.
Lorenzo Z.
If i find it boring,i think about the benefits and that what i’m eating is good for my body and it is healthy. I also can change the amounts or i can try making new things with the same things to make a new taste.decorating is a good way to live what you eat as well! ^_^