How do you deal with cravings?

Sebastian X.
Cravings are usually very hard to deal with. I usually try having something else like fruit or a drink. It distracts me from what I wanted and proves I either wasn't that hungry or that I can be satisfied with something else

Elgar P.
Avoid Triggers!!

This morning I noticed how tempted I was at the grocery store while walking down the chip aisle! I’ve been trying to eat better so I shop with a list and try to stay on the outer ring away from the packaged foods. I ended up at the front of the store and on my way to the back I went down the chip aisle. Thankfully I made it, but it did make me feel like I wanted chips. ☹️. The funny thing is, I’m not even a chip person!! I’m far more likely to fall prey to sugary items!!

My advice? Avoid situations where you know you’ll be tempted – especially if you’re alone without your support circle!!

Catherine S.
I deal with cravings by first giving myself time to really "crave" it. If I can't let it go, I than think it through, something it's just not financially possible, while other times what you crave does not actually give you any appetite, if that makes any sense. For example, fried foods. I can't stand the smell, or taste of most fried food (except fries, even those I'm picky) sometimes I can talk my self out of it, other times I cave in. I believe in balance.

Fred T.
I tell myself. "Not today". Not "Never again" or "I shouldn't". By telling myself that today is not a good day it leaves it open for another day for it to be good. We don't need to make it feel so restricted. Just taking it one day at a time makes the craving less strong.

Mair C.
Cravings are natural way of your body to tell you you are running low in some substances. If you crave chips or humburger, maybe you have salt deficiency. If you crave sugary stuff probably your sugar levels have dropped down.
Instead of instantly jumping on a doughnut, try eating dried fruits or spoonful of honey. For salty cravings try fish or salad. You can always make your own sandwich with integral bread, avocado and tomatoes. Listen to your body and analyze what it’s telling you. If it says you need chocolate, try chewing cacao beans or cook some cacao drink.

Jade Q.
When I have a craving I will often drink water or try to distract myself by doing something else or at least putting it off for 10 minutes. If that doesn’t work I will have some of what I am craving but not go crazy with the amounts. Sometimes just having a taste of what I am craving is better that continually craving then finally giving in but being unable to moderate it because it’s gotten out of hand.

Abram F.
Drink water 10 glass per day eat protien rich food. hunger is just in our mind we don't need food all the time. If you eat your breakfast or lunch properly after that you feel hungry then drink water with jaggery and you can deal with your craving

Tina A.
From time to time it’s oke… but make sure you have eaten all of your meals and not use a craving instead of an other meal. Don’t over do it..

Ida O.
I tend to drink water whenever I feel hungry. But cravings are harder to get rid of. I simply think of other things to distract myself.

David T.
Remove the triggers. If you’re craving cookies, chances are that you saw an advert about them or they’re just laying on the coffee table in front of you. Another way, is to have healthy alternatives to whatever you’re craving. Instead of eating white-sugar regular cookies, replace them with cookies that are made with healthier recipes. Hope that helped 🙂

Neide G.
I wait untill it's go away by relaxation and focusing on the feeling of it and listning to it, or if it's so hard I try to fighting it by writing my feelings on a paper to get rid of it.

Oliveiros C.
Cravings are one of my biggest problems. I plan my day. It really helps, when I know that I'll have cravings and I plan what I am going to do in that case. For example, if I feel like a want a cookie, then I go and eat my banana.

Ruben Y.
Work at understanding of the need of for the craving, and working with the substituting more nutritious and filling items for the cravings. Eating more nutrition I have found creates the ability to stop the cravings by not feeding them. Thank you for the question

Brennan S.
For unhealthy cravings, I think about how I am going to feel after I eat it – when paying attention to how I feel after eating something unhealthy, I know that I will feel bad afterwards — sluggish, and often a feeling of inflammation, digestive problems, and bloating.

Mille P.
Sometimes it’s better to give in to cravings in moderation as a restrictive diet and trying to avoid eating one specific food only increases how much you want it and it’s important to remember everything is better in moderation- but that includes moderation. Letting yourself “give in” and enjoy something shouldn’t be such a bad thing and it might rather help to get your mind on track.

Olinda P.
I deal with craving by having a healthy snack on my side always. For example, I am Mexican American so I like veggies, like carrots or cucumber with lime and tajin. Tajin is like a brand of cracked dry chili used to give a taste to chips or candy.

Sophia T.
Well, my craving are my way of thinking. Are the way I imagine myself in the world. Sometimes they are big and make me afraid, like wow go back to the earth girl, kkkk
But I deal naturally, try to accomplish most of them. I usually choose on of my celebrating day to accomplish the small ones.

Qu Nia T.
First, I try find a productive way to distract myself. I play guitar, clean, do some Duolingo, meal prep, or talk with someone. If those don’t work or I’m just not feeling it, I watch Netflix or YouTube. Finally, if I’ve done all of those things, I allow myself to indulge. Everything in moderation.

Vincent X.
I tried to drink water firs to see if I might mistaken it for thirst. Also if I can, I try to go for a walk or distract myself with something like painting nails.’ifnthe craving still there, then I just eat it.

Seth O.
Depends on what the craving is. If it’s a food, snack, I take into account whole day’s consumption and whether that will affect how I eat later (less if I eat now)

Luis O.
It’s very difficult, I avoid going to shops with extra money and I try to make sure that we don’t have junk in the house.

Samuel E.
I am honestly usually too depressed to eat..I usually have to force myself, or if I do get cravings I often work too much and end up forgetting.

Balthasar E.
I drink some water, usually we’re thirsty and not really hungry. I chew some gum and it’s really helpful.
If all that fails, I tell myself just wait an hour and if you’re still craving for something to eat after that, then I eat it. Don’t feel guilty and enjoy satisfying the craving, and go back to your healthy eating habits.

Vanner Q.
I don’t get cravings because I don’t restrict my food. I listen to what my body wants and I give it to my body — whether it’s kale or dark chocolate!

Lily Z.
Craving is just an impulse coming from our brain so we should be able to controll it. Have one or two glass of water instead or a cup of tea

Debbie S.
I usually have mint gum with me so I will eat a piece of gum instead of what i’m craving. It takes your mind off of the item and it also isn’t the worst choice for health. If you don’t like mint, you can always use another neutral flavor.

Francis F.
It’s quite difficult to do so. Everyday life adds a level of difficulty to keep yourself away from the distractions. Whenever I have a craving to eat unhealthy food, I look at my tummy and see how much I have reduced and how much effort I have already put. Secondly, I look for healthy alternatives to kill my craving such as apples. Apples work effectively.

S Rgio Y.
Most of the time I feed it, one more thing, I avoid outside food , what I want I prefer to cook at home. It gives time to control cravings

Christina Y.
If I have easy access to fulfill the cravings, I generally give in. I've been taking steps to remove the things in my life that super old bad habits, and simultaneously begin to introduce good, new habits almost as a replacement. I hope this helps, I am still pretty early on in my journey of change for the better! Blessings!

Hans Willi O.
I'll have a cup of tea. It fills me up and I can have my fav flavors like fresh ginger with lime or even the packaged rooibos tea helpe as it has a naturally sweet flavor

Ryan W.
I acknowledge that I have a craving and wait for 10 minutes. If after 10 minutes it's still there, I try to eat something protein-y. I found that the best way is to not have unhealthy stuff around.

Alex T.
I deal with cravings by finding something to do, meditating, chewing gum and taking a walk help distract the mind. Drinking water also helps fight cravings as when we think we’re hungry, sometimes we are just dehydrated!

Charles Y.
I don’t generally get cravings. For most of my childhood I was never really exposed to refined sugars so now the only time I get cravings is when I am PMSing. That’s usually salt and vinegar chips, and craving that sort of thing is normal with hormonal fluctuations. If I am slightly overworked and depressed I do tent to crave but that’s definitely phycological. Then I just try distract myself by doing things or have a cup of coffee until the feeling passed.

Clifford N.
Honestly I don't usually have any carvings, but when I do I prefer eating greek yogurt 0% with honey or blueberries (they are my favourite) or carrots. If the weather is too cold I go for tea and almonds.

Jasmin J.
I usually give into them. I might try to ignore them for awhile but my mind gets fixated on them and so I give in. But sometimes I try to find healthier versions on the cravings. Like if I'm craving sugar I might eat fruit.

Abby E.
Out of sight, out of mind. I literally took all the stuff I had and brought it to my office, by the end of the weekend it was gone. I also do not do groceries unless I have eat right before. It may be tricky depending of your schedule, but I will stop and eat a salad at Panera before going to do groceries. Get bite size snacks, like a mini dark chocolate. It will help you to get a treat without overdoing it by feeling you need to in the entire regular size. I use it for reinforcement after eating right or making a healthy decision. It is my form a celebration. You can also bring snacks with you in your purse. Moms do it all the time for their kids, so we can do the same for ourselves.

Ang Lica C.
Honestly, I feel fine with cravings because when I feel one I usually pick a big glass of water or a coffee. This either makes me full for a certain amount of time or give me the nice coffee taste so I can remove the craving feeling for later. If I’m really hungry and none of the above is working then I take a handful of nuts and it works for me. But obviously the main technique is setting up the mind to be disciplined.

Selma C.
Think about how you'll feel once you're done receiving that craving. Was it worth it? Will you have gained anything of value from having received it? Think about the feeling of regret after indulging in the craving and and think about how you'd rather feel and take steps towards accomplishing thag feeling that instead.

Theresa Z.
When I feel craving , I try to notice my body's physical symptoms to express his urge for food : Am I aware about all my body symptoms in respinse to a natural need ? … I try to detect whenever stress is occuring among other sensations and if so I try to cool down myself and make myself aware about my breath

Greg U.
I try to remember once I indulge, I will loose my focus. So I try all things possible not to loose focus, by looking and running away.

Frederico G.
It’s hard to beat cravings all the time but if you just tell yourself : “I’m not going to eat that. It’s not good for me,” than you are hood to go. Another good way is to just stay away from the kitchen.

Erica P.
I look for a healthy alternative.
Instead of muffins, cakes & pastries I’ll turn to fruit. Depends on how intense my sweet craving is the sweeter the fruit (e.g watermelon or raisin). If all else fails I’ll look for a healthy version / option of the snack or give in and only eat 1/4 or half of what I’m craving. Always looki for a healthy substitute

Debbie C.
….I set a timer for 10mins. If I’m still craving then I’ll find a healthy alternative to replicate, and if that’s not possible I just eat a big green fibrous salad instead….

Maureen E.
Healthy fats and carbs. Just make these are portion correctly. They help kick the hungry feeling more so than just having a carb and protein. Also, make sure your drinking enough water because you may not be hungry you could just be thirsty. Lastly, Don’t think about food or watch cooking shows/ YouTube videos. These just make you hungry.

Hans Heinrich O.
I usually try to do something to distract myself like a chore away from the kitchen. Also drinking a big glass of water is helpful. Someone once told me if I wasn’t hungry for an apple, then I wasn’t really hungry! So another way to deal with a craving is to eat something healthy.

Jorge X.
From my experience, I have cravings when I am hungry, and want to eat something right that instant. So dealing with cravings needs proactive actions. First, eat small and frequent portions. It doesn't have to be a whole meal every time, a handful of almonds or a piece of fruit are healthy options that can temporarily fill you up. Second, it's easier to deal with cravings if the healthier alternatives are easily and wuickly accessible. So for breakfast, I might eat some yoghurt with muesli, instead of thinking that I have to prepare eggs. Or I meal prep, so I don't fall into a takeaway food trap, but instead have my meal readily available, to deal with the craving on the spot. Of course, not indulging to any cravings at all is not beneficial either. It requires iron discipline and can make us miserable. So it's ok to succumb to a craving every once in a while 🙂

Jeanette O.
I wait. If it doesn't go away I eat a very small portion as part of a meal. Eating it by itself would encourage eating more.

Alfred W.
Some days are better than others. I find that my cravings tend to increase when I feel overwhelmed or disorganized. Sometimes, I wonder if cravings are a primitive attempt at regulating difficult emotions.

When I am able to identify the emotion and its trigger, the craving tends to fade a bit.

It doesn’t always work, though

Vict Ria O.
I typically drink water to combat cravings and if they return then I go for something semi healthy such as banana and peanut butter, yogurt and a little bit of honey or syrup and fruits with granola crunches, apple slices with caramel for sweets and string cheeses, baby carrots with ranch, sometimes I cut tomatoes with avocados and sprinkle some salt and pepper and drizzle olive oil and balsamic vinegar over it.

Claude J.
Handling cravings can be tough. Substitutions can certainly help with cravings. My approach, that works for me, is an “all in” approach. I write “choose “ on sticky notes and leave them for myself in key locations that I frequent throughout my home, vehicle, and my personal work areas. I’m telling myself to choose which life I want for myself. A healthy life or one where it’s unhealthy and I am a creature to those things which I crave. When I remind myself why I am choosing a healthy life, it takes a lot of the power away from cravings. Knowing you are worth it is only the beginning.

Jackie N.
I usually deal with cravings by drinking water so that I feel full. But I also try to stay busy to keep my mind off of the things that I am craving.

Tyrone T.
I find a compromise. Make sure I have options in the house that satisfy my cravings to a certain point, but are healthier or smaller sized. When I crave chocolate, instead of going out and get a chocolate bar, I have a small cup of cocoa. When I crave crisps, I have a small package of pop chips. Also, I allow myself a cheat day once a week. That way, when you do feed your cravings, you can enjoy it without guild tripping yourself and without feeling like a failure.

Dera Q.
I find a healthy alternative. When I crave sweets or chocolate I make something with agave and almond milk and oats. Or I eat dried fruit.

Joel Z.
If I crave for something I just drink a lot of water because craving occur sometimes your not dehydrated. I have a tip so that you would'nt eat a lot…drink a lot after you eat because sometimes you think that your still not full but your stomach is already full.

Martha U.
Well, I give in to them…
I don'believe that a single serving of any one food is inherently bad… nothing motives salad for dinner like tarts for lunch and pie for breakfast

Beverley W.
I don't know if this will work for you, but this works for me. I try to imagine myself giving in to whatever I'm craving. I visualize the food, its texture, how it feels like in my mouth, the smell, the taste. I try to be as vivid as I can. And then it's as if imagining the sensations satisfies the craving itself. Like when I'm craving for soda or sugary drinks, I just imagine the taste, and I trick my mind into thinking I just tasted it. Weird trick but it works for me.

Marian E.
I have no cravings 🤷🏼‍♀️ all I want I can afford 'cause they are desires just for one time. So that they aren't dangerous

Bertino E.
I keep lots and lots of healthy snacks in a bin on my kitchen counter. It's the first food you see. It's easy to grab. And, I drink a huge mug of water, the carbonated water with real fruit juice (Read the label and if it has more than 3 ingredients, skip it.
It should have water, real fruit juice and carbonation) or iced ginger tea. I've heard it said to drink water when you have cravings, because our brains confuse hunger with thirst. If what you really need is hydration, having a healthy beverage can really fill you up for zero calories.

Samira P.
The minute I feel a craving coming on I drink some water, enough to fill my stomach. If I’m craving something sweet, I will often add a teaspoon of raw honey to the water, and usually that works. Keeping myself from getting hungry also helps, so I make sure to plan to eat my healthy meal or snack at least every three hours. That keeps the cravings at bay.

Katrine W.
It’s all about portion sizes. If I’m craving chocolate, I’ll eat a few individually wrapped chocolates. Eat it slow and savor it. It’s also about being prepared. What types of things do you normally crave? Make sure you can have access to small portions of it. Like popcorn for example, instead of popping a whole bag and trying to only eat a third of it, get single portion bags that you can feel good about grabbing when a craving hits.

Judy W.
Drinking water helps sometimes your body may think its craving food especially after a few minutes of eating or when you see someone else eating or a commercial with food or even a movie with a scenence of indulging in food.. If you drink water in place of that urge it sometimes help trick the mind that your full. A problem most have is eating even after feeling full.. That is what straches the stomach then the next time you consume a healthy surfing of food you crave more or need more to satisfy that "FEELING OF BEING FULL" something I learned going in a private home etiquit schooling my mother paid for in California,is that, if you leave one bite of every meal you eat it could help the body adjust to smaller amounts of portions. But that can be hard to obtain, especially if its pizza or your favorite dish.. 😭😗😀 excuse the typos..

Alf W.
I always try to drink a glass of water before i eat that unhealthy thing im craving… most of the time im just fine after and i forget i even wanted it in the first place.

Johan B.
Drinking water really helps. Having an accountability buddy really helps, as does actively distracting yourself eg walking, squats, stretching etc. Another important aspect to consider is why you are craving! Are you just thirsty? Are you bored, tired, lonely, lacking essential nutrients? Many chocolate cravings are due to being lacking in magnesium!! (Epsom salt baths solve that). Preemptive strike is oftentimes the best solution. Eat a large nourishing breakfast, stay hydrated and bring healthy snacks with you so there's more ammunition to fight the seductive call of that 3pm biscuit . And if you do eat that bikkie? Forgive yourself, it's a new day in a few hours 🙂

Jerueza Z.
Actually badly.I have to do something interesting and keep away all temptations. I have to be confident enough and always encurage myself,that I can overcome all of those fake feelings of weakness, to not eat too much sweet.

Freja Z.
English is not my language, IT is difficult to understand this question for me. I do not knows what do You mean by cravings?

Scarlett O.
it's very difficult for me to manage them because some of them are really strong and sometimes I have to take something to eat

Lucas G.
I sometimes cannot get rid of cravings especially for spicy food and caffeine. They both burn my tummy I think but I wake up early while still being sleepy, hence I really need some coffee to stay awake.

Lucas P.
This is what I have done for the last 8 months and will continue for the rest of my life – Every morning I have a very filling breakfast, most often eggs in any form with baked beans or fried mushrooms/zucchini. Sometimes with a bit of toast. Or make myself a small English breakfast. I stay away from cereal for breakfast as it is full of sugar and carbs and makes me hungry within an hour. And I eat sort of at the same time every day all of my meals and as soon as I feel a little hungry, I have an apple or banana or both. That allows me to eat whatever I want if I feel like something not very healthy without worry that I'll eat the whole lot or get bad cravings. Also I do 10min cardio exercise each morning (just stretching on sunday) which helps me stay on track with my diet because i want to get fit (slow process, but a lot better than dieting). Regular and filling eating helps balance blood sugar, which provides constant energy and helps combat unnecessary food cravings 🙂

Johanna N.
Buy having several options. Drinking water, chewing gum, eating regularly so I’m less tempted, having compliant snacks on hand and keeping myself busy or distracted all help. As well having a few healthy items that feel like treats help too.

Allen E.
Easiest way for me is to avoid sugar and drink minimum 2 litres of water per day. When I feel I want to destroy another tons of food I drink water.

Isaiah F.
A lot of the time I just eat what I want. If I’m trying to avoid a specific item, I’ll usually substitute something else. Like if I want something with sugar in it I’ll make something with an alternative sweetener as a compromise.

Sophie O.
By focusing on something else. I get up to drink water, or pick up a book, or read a news article. I time box this activity, so I don't start fidgeting and go back to thinking about food. In the extreme case, I pick up the food, and then put it back down.

Teresa Z.
I try to distract myself. Get up, do something else that captures my attention. If that doesn’t work, I will get a small bite of something I enjoy. I remind myself that I only need a taste, not a whole serving. I often have miniature candy bars in the house for this reason. But just 1!!!

Lucy E.
I sometimes indulge in cravings. When I do, I just go right back to my old, healthy eating patterns. Cravings are not bad so long as they are occasional and you are eating healthily the majority of the time.

Francis U.
I’m learning that my cravings generally fall into 2 categories. The first is sugar reliance/addiction. Now that I’m eating more wholefoods, I am finding that I have fewer cravings for junk. The second is craving due to mood/emotions. I had gotten into the habit of “treating” myself with junk when I felt bad, stressed or was bored. I’m learning to deal with whatever the actual issue is, rather than sublimating with food that generally leaves me feeling tired, sluggish, bloated and generally worse off.

T Lay E.
Actually I don't feel cravings often. But when I do I choose something small to eat like an apple, a banana or something like that.

Jackie P.
I listen and indulge. Sometimes. Other times I find an alternative. If I'm craving something bad I try to recall the last experience with it and based off the outcome try to sway my mind to make the right choice or find something good that can satiate me. Keeping a busy schedule can help greatly as boredom will give you time for nagging lonesome driven thoughts. Sometimes a craving is pressured by circumstance or an outside influence like a f riend, in which case evaluate your stance, plant your feet and stand your ground. Life is short so do things you love and try to love things that are good for you (these are the things that give you love and wellness back).

Mandy Z.
Badly. The good news is that I have better self control with money, so when I'm at the shops I try very hard to avoid buying junk food (*anything* processed or with a long list of ingredients, or out of season, or imported from another country). I also try to find healthy snacks that I can munch on without guilt.

So I try to make it impossible to give in to the craving, because if it's there in front of me I don't have much self control.

Replace the bad habit with a good habit over time.

Nathan J.
well it depends. if i am craving something healthy, for example a pickle, i might indulge myself there, and eat a pickle. but if i am craving donuts then i just don’t eat them. i remove the junk food that i am craving out of my sight so that i don’t think about. out of sight, out of mind; as the old saying goes

Florence F.
Ugh, that’s a tricky one. I have snacks/alternatives made and easily accessible. I make sure they are in front of me for situations when I know the things I crave are there. It helps to identify if there are triggers for the craving , mostly though I need to be organised with my alternatives.

Clarindo N.
I eat a hearty vegetable serving then eat a bite or two of whatever I was craving, sometimes I suck on a peppermint and get busy on another project, chore or errand. Other times, I scheduled the craving into the week. Ice cream is always more fun with family or friends. If it is late, I have two glasses of water, brush my teeth and hair, take my contacts out, wash my face, read and go to bed. Making sure to do each action with time and diligence.

Marius Z.
I eat healthy snacks instead. If I get hungry I add my food to salad to fool my brain. I don’t eat less, I just eat wise.

Brian Y.
I struggle with cravings alot sometimes but it is mostly because I'm bored so I think "am I hungry or bored?" And just drink water because it is out of hydration that I crave for certain foods

Julian N.
I usually crave salty foods so I try to keep something small(but healthy!) that is salty on hand to satisfy my craving. I have found that trying to avoid it makes the craving worse and then I end up binge eating chips or something.

Capucine Q.
Pay attention to the trigger that precedes the craving, then start building a new habit instead of feeding the craving. Brush your teeth, have a quick cold shower, do 10 pushups, walk around the block, or drink water. Soon, you reassociate the trigger for the craving with the new behaviour instead of, say eating or smoking.

Victoria P.
I keep myself busy with my hobby or play games because I know it’s addicting and difficult to stop. That’s how enjoyable it is. Also, when it’s summer I take any chance to go to the beach. I do anything that is on the top of my list of enjoyable things. Because if I am at home, I start thinking about food more and end up eating more compared to when I am enjoying myself a lot!

Byron Z.
i was ever in an era when i give 100% to what i dreaming of..
but then i keep found my dreams never comes true..
so i create a new dreams,,but it repeated again..
my dreams never come true..
so now i just go with the flow..
i don't put myself in a rush to get what i want..
just slow and enjoy my journey without any goals or dreams..

H Lo Se O.
Historically I have been unable to resist cravings and within an hour or two will give in to it. When I am able to resist cravings I stop and ask myself why am I craving this? Am I really hungry or is this something else? Is there a better option for my craving that I can have instead. Usually the answer is I am not hungry I have just programmed myself to want that – a cause and effect.

Alex Z.
I find my most effective way of dealing with cravings is to drink water and chew gum. If I am still craving I’ll do my best to find a healthy sub or if it’s really bad endugle in half portion than I normally would

Dennis O.
I don't on very stressful days. So afterwards I try to run to clean my mind and relax. Doesn't revert what I ate, but prevents me from ruining the day even more.

Carl Cia Q.
If I find that I'm craving any foods, I find that drinking water and keeping my mind busy with puzzles or something helps me to forget about them. If I still find that I'm hungry then I'll have a snack, but something good for me and not processed sugary rubbish!

Andrew P.
Most of the time I succumb to my cravings, but I try to choose the healthier option, divide the portion or share with someone. Lately I have been trying to focus on the experience and setting rather than the craving because I found that most often when I give in to a craving it doesn't satisfy me.

Rosa Z.
Lately, I have been bending to my cravings. Having a little, not overdoing it. And most importantly not being ashamed of giving in. Perhaps not for everyone, but it is helping me modify

Victoria Z.
Mindfulness – why do I want it, have I had it before? What was the effect then? How did I feel the next day? Is it as good as I'm thinking right now?
Alternatively, stand assist from the crabbing and observe it coming and going, without joining on.

Kelya U.
I like to think about why I’m craving something. Is it actually biological? Do I need to address something in my body that I’m missing? Or is it emotional? If so what am I trying to cover up?

Then I say to myself, do I need this? Instead of do I want this?

Uli O.
Lately I have tried a mental method of pausing and asking myself why I want it and remind myself VISUALLY of my goal. I picture myself as a leaner healthier person. It has started to work more and more but I still struggle.

Ezio N.
I am doing fine. On april 13th is going to be 1 month without smoking…and its my 2nd round since oktober 16th 2018. And maybe the 4th time i am trying to quit in 3 years.
I am using the patches for the 1st time…and its going ok. For now no cravings for smoking.
The meditation, yoga, exercise and drinking water is helping me a lot with the sugar cravings…that for now are really good. I guess i just get more sugar cravings when i am in my pre mestrual and menstrual fase… i am improving my diet with more fruits and vegetables. Today i bought chocolates for easter and 4 donuts. I am waiting for my boyfriend to share 1 or 2 donuts with him…and he can get the rest tomorrow.

But i have been fighting against the craving for donut with water…meditation and an apple.