Are muffins considered a healthy breakfast?

Kola N.
They are usually not considered healthy especially the store bought ones. It could be packed with sugar and other unhealthy ingredients.
Although, muffins can also be considered as healthy breakfast if you make it yourself. That’s homemade and you can regulate whatever ingredient you are adding to yours.
Ashley W.
Yes. As long as you eat it moderately. You can eat whatever you like. Just make sure to eat it moderately and workout daily.
Brandy T.
I would say that muffins can be healthy or unhealthy depending on what they are made of. If it was used vegetal butter or no chocolate, little to no sugar, if it is made of healthier ingredients, they can be healthy.
Heidelinde O.
I would say they are as long as you bake them yourself with healthy ingredients but if they are from a store then I would say no