Is it a big deal to eat breakfast after exercise, instead of before?

Mildred U.
There are a few benefits but if you need to eat beforehand to feel alright exercising then just do that. Main reason is you can get cramps, other then that if you're trying to lose weight, some fitness instructors say you want your insulin to be low so your workout starves the fat more. With the cramps you can remedy it by waiting half an hour or so 👍
Angelina F.
I prefer after exercise. I have this idea that if you eat before exercise, you might feel sluggish and not perform to your optimum levels. However my other belief is that your body to needs fuelling before an exercise. If this is done, then something light like a fruit, protein shake or bar or smoothie can fill that gap. I'm sure it has additional benefits too
Jose Y.
I think it depends on the person or better it’s organism. Also it’s routine. In my case I don’t have enough time to eat and digest before working out.
Kate Q.
It's not a big deal, it's best to do what works for your body. However, they recommend you eat breakfast before you exercise to give you the energy you need. 🙂