How can I motivate my family to eat a great breakfast? What are the major arguments or motivators that can ‘move’ them into this new experience of having a great breakfast? What actions do you recommended for me to inspire them?

Margaux Y.
First ;You Have tell them why our body needs good food then you have to tell them importance of eating breakfast. And one day a week you try to prepared a great healthy breakfast. Then give them and they will give you point for that.then after 1 week they will realise that eating a great breakfast or healthy breakfast good for their health

Anya Z.
I need more time…in the mornings that doesn't happen. Something I can make the night before, tips to help my kids ear quicker, tips for my kids routine….

Lenny S.
Any fruit they like I would give it to them and if they like the chewy granola bars and if anything else they like suck as eggs I would cook that with some yummy sausage or turkey bacon 🤗

Liesel R.
I think that first of all a good motivation can be the healthy aspect, having a substantial and healthy breakfast can be a stimulus to be able to improve and feel good about yourself. Another incentive can be the company to experience breakfast as a moment to be together and to enhance the presence of each member of the family.