Is bread a healthy option?

Mia C.
It depends, because I'm my case I made my own bread so I'm much aware of the ingredients I use. Many times when we buy on the grocery store or supermarket that bread has preservatives or ingredients you may not be aware of and that can be unhealthy, this is my humble opinion, the best way it's to find the more natural bread like sourdough bread you can do a little research about it.
To finish if you can make you own bread, if you can't make it then find the most healthy option like sourdough, I think in good proportion bread is not bad.
Marcus Q.
Bread can be healthy. The more whole grains it has the fuller you feel, and the slower it takes for the carbohydrates to process through your body. White processed bread makes me feel hungry sooner than a wholewheat or rye bread.
Bertha C.
That depends. Grains are important but whole grains are best. I think Whole Wheat bread is a good source of whole grains but I'm not aware of all of the benefits.
Elmer J.
No. Bread contains flour that is not good for our health, but it's not very bad so sometimes it's okay but we should eat bread in limit.
Deuv Nia Z.
It depends on the bread. Whole wheat or rye bread are better options for you than white bread, so I wouldn’t hesitate to eat those. It really just depends on the type of bread. If you’re looking to eat bread and still be healthy, which you can totally do, I would just stay away from white bread
Michelle Z.
I believe it can be depending on the situation. Bread is healthier than a bag of chips although fruit or nuts would be healthier.