Is breakfast the biggest meal of your day?

Eliab I.
Breakfast is and should always be the biggest and most complete meal of the day. After a long night you need to get ready for a long day and an important part of that is giving your body enough energy to work it!
Magnus Z.
Not so much anymore. It is typically about as big as my lunch these days, then I have a small, sensible dinner. I try to keep protein snacks around to keep my energy up.
Yolanda Y.
My breakfast is usually coffee and then heavy on carbs with the app I want to choose healthier eating so now it’s usually a home have smoothie and two eggs with a small amount of fruit.
Karla G.
No, usually my dinner is the biggest meal. But I would be interested in trying a routine where breakfast was my biggest meal. I think I would be less prone to snacking on unhealthy food at the office if I was more full in the morning.
Jorge T.
Not for me personally, I tend to have a medium-sized breakfast, a small lunch, and a big evening meal. My favourite breakfasts include egg and toast, and cereal. I love some sweetened porridge but I don’t often have the time to make it in the morning- hopefully Fabulous will help me implement a better morning routine so that I have more time to have a good breakfast! Good luck and all the best for your journey 🙂
Victoire P.
Not really. I'm frequently not hungry in the morning, so I eat at work. Dinner is more important since I usually eat it with family.
Miguel J.
Not really, dinner has and continues to be the biggest meal most days. During school time it is because I don't have much time for breakfast so I end up eating less in the morning. And throughout life dinner has been the only meal we've had together at our household, and so it was the most important. I've been trying to change that, by having a bigger, healthier breakfast and by eating a smaller dinner.
Ella U.
No, i typically eat a small and light breakfast and eat a larger lunch or dinner. When i have big breakfasts i want to go back to sleep
Gail J.
I think yes. On the morning I usually feel very uncomfortable and tired so good breakfast is one of the best options. I can be full and full of the energy for the next few hours
Lesa O.
No – but that is my goal. I'd like to have the biggest be breakfast, middle be lunch, and a small dinner. But I still have big dinners. I am careful to have complex carbs and protein for breakfast. And if I'm too full for fruit with breakfast, I have a serving of fruit ready for when/if I do get hungry before lunch.
Samantha O.
No, every meal is important and should not make you feel full/stuffed you should try to eat 80% of what you feel like full.
Nicoline P.
It isn't and in fact it is hands down my smallest and it shouldn't be. I need to make more of an effort to get a fruit and a few veggies in for breakfast as well as more protein if I'm ever going to feel full and healthy.
Molly Z.
Breakfast isn’t the biggest meal of my day. I find that is lunch time. I believe this is because I normally eat breakfast just 20/30 minutes after waking up so I find my stomach isn’t ready for a large amount of food.
Leslie J.
No, it's the smallest meal I think. It's because I think I don't have time for breakfast or because I am not that hungry.
Pedro E.
No , I rarely have time in the morning to eat breakfast. I would say lunch is when I have the time and opportunity to actually enjoy and suffice my appetite most.
Lucie N.
No, it's usually either lunch or dinner. I don't have much apetite in the morning, but I do need to eat something small to have a good start.
Carmim P.
Maybe, because if you think about it, you don't eat since dinner. All the food was digested and now your stomach is empty.
Sofia B.
I think is not the biggest size wise. Probably breakfast, lunch and dinner are not too different in size. But I consider breakfast is very important since it makes me feel better.
Qu Rio P.
No, I struggle with waking up, so my mornings, and breakfast are usually rushed. To get a good breakfast it has to be something I can pre the night befire, so it's usually overnight oats.
Eve Z.
No because I don’t have a lot of time but I do try to eat something that will give me enough energy to get through to lunch!
Same O.
Breakfast is not usually the biggest meal of my day. I'm usually not too hungry in the morning so I having something quick to eat like a fruit or handful of nuts or both
Glen F.
No. I usually eat 1-2 eggs and some fruit or bread in the morning to start with some protein, or if I'm running late I'll grab a banana and a handful of almonds on my way out the door. But my biggest meal is usually at tea time. It might be fish, pasta, steak… that can change a lot day to day.
Charlotte E.
On weekends breakfast/ brunch can be more substantial since I exercise more. During the week, lunch is bigger. Try to limit the evening meal.
Na L T.
No. I have breakfast and lunch alone and I love cooking, so I like having my biggest meal of the day in the early evening when I can share it with my husband. It is an important part of the day for us both
Rene E.
For me no, it is more of a smaller, 300cal meal of the day. I tried having a big meal as my breakfast but I ended up consuming more calories in total than intended (I am trying to slowly lose fat, so I am tracking my calorie intake).
Mildred W.
Honestly no. My breakfast is usually cereal or a waffle with one fruit. That usually holds me till lunch. To be fair though, I eat breakfast pretty late in the morning.
Eleanor S.
No. After I complete my exercise ritual, I have a protein shake with a banana and almond milk. It's a relatively small meal, but gives me the protein I need after exercising. Lunch and dinner are usually the same size as each other.
Vitali N.
Not yet, but I want it to be. I used to be concerned with calorie count when younger and would try to eat little or close to starving so I can eat alot before bed. A bad habit I'm still struggling to get rid of.
Norman E.
In most cases yes due to the nature of my work which is mentally and physically demanding it definitely beneficial, which helps me to focus and gives me the energy to keep going. However there are days that i practice fasting so when i break-fast i need a lot more. Thats just my personal take