If I am just studying or having a lazy day, is a large good breakfast necessary?

3looya N.
Nope and here’s my personal answer to it… a breakfast is something to break your fast. You’re basically fasting while asleep so that’s all you’re doing while eating in the morning. Just eat something that will energise you and give your body the nutrients it needs. Large breakfasts aren’t necessary and I don’t even recommend them bc I feel drowsy after.
Isabel N.
I would say so, yes. I personally can’t function properly without my bowl of cereal (or other breakfast option,) and it’s a healthy habit to solidify anyway. Breakfast helps me keep energized and provides the body with fibers and stuff; but I also understand simply lacking the motivation to make a nice breakfast… which is the reason I eat cereal most days.
Stella T.
Yes, I do think it’s necessary because breakfast is the most important meal of the day, no matter how lazy or hard working you are. It still matters.
Anika N.
You could just have something small to keep you energized during the day. I’m not really a breakfast person myself so I just have something small like fruit
Akshainie Y.
Okay maybe not a Large breakfast but a good, healthy, filling and one that meets your needs for the day is essential. Plus you're brain takes a lot of energy to think so studying also takes a lot of energy.
Sha3rawovic N.
The roces of getting a shower then making food then eating will make you awake and u will find ur self more active until after noon then u may take a nap then re study
Glen C.
Yess!!! Breakfast is the most important eating of the day, skipping breakfast makes you feel more tired and unwell. And here’s a tip: drinking milk everyday can make your day even better 😉
Rasmus G.
Yes a larger breakfast is better than eating a smaller one. Your brain is gonna be more active and it's gonna make you not wanna stop as much to eat snacks around the house. Snacking can sometimes lead to binge eating which can sometimes makes you feel worse in the end.
Joy C.
Yes a breakfast is always necessary but if your are planning on an adventurous day maybe plan a larger breakfast. if u are having a lazy day I think you can have either depends how hungry you are.
Gustav P.
Well personally, and don’t take this the wrong way, I think that this whole “you must eat a giant breakfast in the morning or you will feel like garbage later” stuff is Big Bacon Sellers Propaganda 😂
A piece of toast with nut butter with your morning tea/coffee is sometimes all you need.
A bagel with cream cheese could be fine or for a little more protein 1 or 2 eggs with a deli slice of ham is another good, smaller breakfast.
Some days, like you said, just don’t need a large breakfast and would probably make me feel too full. See what works best for you! Much love 💕 Perry