Do you pre-plan breakfast food in the evening before or arrange the meal ad-hoc?

Taylor P.
I definitely at least think of a few options before I go to bed and make sure I have all the ingredients. Then I can wake up and see what I’m in the mood for!
Mat O P.
I used to not eat breakfast. I’m just getting in the habit now. My breakfasts are fast and should be better. I have a hard time waking up in time to reflect and ease into the day. It’s like I wake up and have to go from 0 to 60 immediately. I guess looking at this I should plan time to make a better breakfast and have time to ease into the day.
Jen C.
I meal prep my breakfast for the week. That way it’s always ready and waiting for me first thing each morning. This is a routine I’ve always had and find it’s crucial to starting out my day.
Mya A.
I usually arrange myself when I’m ready for it, unless planned the night before for overnight items. I feel like I should plan better and actually execute that plan.
Priscilla Z.
Ad hoc. That said, I pre plan on the weekend for how many of each different types of breakfast I want for the week, and make sure I have the ingredients on hand. I also make ahead a dish or two for mornings where I will grab and go.