What’s a quick, easy source of protein in the morning?

Lo S Z.
I like making Sunny side up eggs or earlier in the week making sous vide egg bites. Sometimes I prefer cottage cheese, protein pancakes, chia seed pudding or overnight oats
Tammy Z.
fruits and tea.. everytime i drink tea my muscles wake up ang gave me energy. fruits supplement before the heavy breakfast to give you more energy all through out the day
Tasmira Z.
I personally love to have scrambled eggs with curcuma and black pepper in the morning, but a nice vegan option would be chickpea hummus with toast.
Katie X.
Hard boiled egg, cheese, peanut butter, yogurt. I give my son full fat Greek yogurt with a tablespoon of peanut butter and a little bit of jam and he thinks it's such a treat.
Sigrun F.
An egg. Boiled. Thats a great idea. But if you are like me, and living in west-europa, its likely you love bread. So try to eat cheese or something; not something sugery
Valdo I.
Every food with an high amount of protein eat the morning.
Might be meat, fish, seeds, oat, cheese. Try to change. Personally I eat multiple seeds and oat on the morning.
Pauline Y.
Eggs, I usually just have one…scrambled or hard boiled. Really quick with some olive oil. Also, a veggie hash wih 7 nuts, some meat and a splash of apple or balsamic vinager on a bed of arugala. Yum!!!
Goma T.
Being vegan, I usually go for thick cut oats with soy milk (soy milk is the hightest in protein of all plant based milks). I'll add some frozen raspberries or chopped banana while microwaving and afterwards I'll add some vegan protein powder (current favourite being hemp with goji berries) and some seeds (currently linseeds and flaxseeds).

If I have more time I'll do a cooked breakfast of mixed veggies, vegan sausages, olive oil fried bread, potato waffles and baked beans!

Victoria W.
Eggs are always a easy source of protein! I also like eating a peanut butter sandwich or two along with a bowl of oatmeal!
Marian U.
Greek yogurt has always been a good one for me. Find the flavors you like and pick a brand that's low in sugar. Skyr is good too.
Dennis P.
Baked beans on toast, and if you have time to make a tofu scramble (only takes around 5-10 mins) to really amplify the amount of protein you are getting all in the one meal. I like to add chives and nutritional yeast flakes to give a nice nutty flavour. Packed with protein and other nutrients too! Check out some tofu scramble recipes online 🙂
Laro A.
Eggs are quick and easy to cook in the morning, or you can hardboil several at once so they're ready in advance. Your local co-op's bulk section probably has pre-mixed nuts and dried fruit that are even more portable.