I struggle to accept breakfast as an important meal instead fasting until lunch time. I like to train early mornings at 6am also so eating before is a no no. What’s your go to breakfast, and when do you eat it to gain maximum benefit?

Dan E.
My go to breakfast is usually something warm and not healthy. I tend to eat a piece of toast or a bagel, and occasionally a bowl of oatmeal or a bowl of cereal. I usually eat it either hours before I leave for the bus stop, or as i’m going to the bus stop. I tend to feel as though eating a good and healthy breakfast is bad, but I should definitely incorporate more veggies or fruits and have a healthier and more balanced breakfast each morning.
Julian S.
I'll always have a homemade vegetable & fruit shake that's made of bananas, spinach, strawberries and a dash of honey. It fills me right up quick and leaves me full till noon as I'm usually on the go. If I'm feeling particularly hungrier on certain mornings, I'll have 2 hard boiled eggs on the side too.
Kat U.
My go to breakfast is a smoothie packed with all the foods that are proven to give you the good sugars you need to start the day – fruit and greens. I use coconut water, 2 cups of kale, 1 cup of fruit, a serving of chia seeds and hulled hemp seeds with maybe a non-frozen banana. This gives me the energy boost to start my day and is very noticeable to me. My partner is similar to you and fasts until lunchtime and has great success with it, they just have their smoothie at noon. I fast on an opposite schedule so my meal times are 8-4. And if you exercise at 6, 8 might work for you, too? I would rather forego dinner than breakfast any day, I just drink more water during that time. Hope this was helpful!
Mae T.
Hey there stranger!

Sometimes when I’m running late and I want something fast to eat on the way, I make myself a p&j sandwich and a yogurt drink to go with
It doesn’t take to long to make and it leaves me feeling full

I hope I can be of help on this one, good luck and keep going

Sarah U.
I get up at 6am to get to work early and that leaves me no time for breakfast at home. So I prepare a tupper with oatmeal, popped quinoa, nuts and yoghurt and berries or a piece of fruit. I take it all with me and when I get to work I add some oat milk and have breakfast there. That’s about 2 hours after I get up.
Arnd F.
I am (or was) exactly like you: I could and would not eat anything before lunch. But I felt very crushed during the morning and I got sick with a strong sense of nausea which often avoided me to do things. So I decided to change. For me. Even a small amount of dried nuts will do, but never let breakfast beats you!
Joy P.
I usually tend to keep my breakfast simple and easy to make because I don't have much time. But I also don't want to have breakfast on the run. I like to have eggs in a pan with cheese (I take 3 egg whites and 1 egg yolk) with half a bread pita. If not, I have oatmeal with chia seeds, berries and yogurt. It's so good and easy to make! I eat it usually after my morning walk right before I head to work. I think it gives me enough energy (and a fully stomach) up until lunch.
Jeremiah U.
Well, since you train in early in the day, you definitely need fuel. My suggestion might be a banana and a granola bar to get something in your body. Food is fuel. Just think about your car: would you skip putting gas in it's when it's almost empty?
N Ria Q.
I try to keep it light with an apple and a spoon of peanut butter. This breakfast is super cheap too, which is good if you're a student like me. I eat it right after completing the drink water moment.
Namita A.
I used to follow intermittent fasting for a long time hence skipping breakfast and my first meal would be lunch. Since fabulous suggested eating breakfast i thought i could do it for a change and gave it a shot. So far, i am enjoying having my breakfast and i feel my brain is more active and productive. I usually have a fruit like apple/banana. I keep them in my cube at work. Sometimes yogurt and granola.
Czeslaw E.
I have struggled to eat breakfast earlier due to immediately after waking up being focused on my work via mobile phone. Now instead of reading my emails and getting lost with the ongoing tasks I have at the office I immediately drink water and start my morning exercise, stretching and meditation routine followed by shower and healthy breakfast and some reading of a book. I will check my emails earliest on my way to office or many times only when arriving to the office.
Emily G.
I can answer this pretty well actually, my mother is a personal trainer so growing up I watched her go through different morning routines similar to yours. In the long run she would do her morning work out and eat a simple granola bar usually a kind bar or a protein bar like cliff bars and a piece of fruit. I hope this helps! Keep up the great work!
Hilda C.
A bowl of Greek yoghurt with flax seed, granola and fresh fruit @7:30am before I go to the trainstation always works for me
Louise Y.
Try starting small, even a few bites are better than none. The workout routine in the morning is great, but also increases the need for carbs. But as I said, if you can’t motivate yourself to eat “a great breakfast”, just eat a very small bowl of cereal or so. 🙂 Have a nice day, you’re doing great. I’m really a human btw. 🙂
Sebastiana I.
Good question. I have the same issues with breakfast although I don’t exercise that hard at this time. My plan is simple. I prepare first thing with a Slim and a Metaburn. Go through my morning routine. Then around 10:00 or so, I have a protein shake with eggs. It is light and powerful, but not so filling. My lunch will be later because I control my schedule. All those products are Plexus products. Revolutionary!
Molly E.
I interchange between porridge and flax seeds, and scrambled eggs on toast. Both are great forms of protein, which is particular important after a workout. I typically eat my breakfast between the times of 7:40 to 8:30.
Brian N.
An apple with peanut butter is a new option I've picked up from using the Fabulous app. It's easy and many of the hotels have these items when I'm on the road. Re: timing: I'm not typically a morning workout person, but if I was, it would be workout, shower, breakfast, then to work.
Tim N.
usually oatmeal, but after this app i began to eat more of a variety of food such as eggs which i didn’t like before but i began to eat them which is a good source of protein i also eat bread and tea in the morning along with that. certain mornings i am not able to do that but i try my best, i wasn’t able to do it this morning. i usually eat at 7:50 i think i should be eating earlier, i want to change this habit to have a healthier more energized breakfast. tomorrow i will try to eat eggs and bread as i have done the last few days. i am not sure if i can do it but i have to believe in myself and try my best. or maybe i can change it up and do something else, i’m not sure what else i can eat besides that but i am contemplating maybe a healthier oatmeal, berries (which i have eaten before), orange juice and anything else that is healthy. today i guess we didn’t have eggs but i will do my best to eat a variety of healthy things.
Oliver W.
I workout before eating as well, sometimes I'll grab a fruit on my to the gym. But after my workout I will eat breakfast-always oatmeal. I top my oatmeal with chia seeds, fruit, soymilk, nut butter and a little drizzle of agave. It's a super tasty and satasfying breakfast that keeps me full and happy until lunch time. I will eat my breakfast arount 8:30-9:30-works best for me!
Olivia A.
Cliff bars are my go to, I eat 30 min before I need to start doing brain work so that my mind doesn't feel sluggish or tired
Filippa F.
I sometimes train in the morning too, but I have breakfast afterwards, I don't like to wait until lunch. So I might have breakfast at 11 and lunch round 2pm.
My go-to breakfast is boiled eggs and some veggies with olive oil.
Yuki N.
Hi, I was like you before but then my stomach started to ache and I’m not feeling so energetic then doctor told me that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I tried so many times but I failed. Then this app helped me a lot to get back on track.
My go to breakfast is egg and fruits and sometimes I ate cereal.
Since I started this routine, I’m feeling in a good shape
Adolfine E.
Well i always try to not miss the breakfast meal because it's one of the main three daily meals , any time i woke up i go instantly (after washing my face ,hands, brushing my teeth… of course) i start to make the breakfast most of my breakfast meals that i used to eat contains eggs (boiled eggs) 2 or 3 without the yolks and a hot cup of tea with a minimum amount of sugar.
I hope that i helped you…
Karla Y.
I usually have my breakfast at my desk round 8, I cannot eat earlier, I just have my wather and that's it. A grab to go breakfast would be granola bars or oat pancakes for me, but I made them myself only healthy all the time
Louis Q.
My go to breakfast is a banana and 1 spoonful of peanut butter. The app suggested it, i did it and it held me untill lunchtime so u stuck with it. I'm energized and i don't get hungry before lunch.
Laura G.
I work early hours (5am) so I usually take a smoothie with me to work. My smoothies has yogurt, fruit, banana, oat milk, chia seeds and flax seeds. They sustain me until breakfast time which is 930. Lately at breakfast I’ve been eating whole wheat English muffins with peanut butter, banana and some bacon! It’s so delicious and feels me up pretty good!
Joyce Y.
Hello. I think you should do whatever works for you and don't worry too much. I wouldn't suggest eating before work out, unless its some time before, to allow the food to digest. Or at evening eating a good and healthy meal, to help you last through next day morning with more energy supply. Having the same eating habits as you have now. 🙂 It's okay too. A break between meals is healthy for body and brain.
Julianah N.
I usually have overnight oats or a breakfast sandwich. I try to put healthy ingredients in my oats like fruits and chia seeds. The sandwiches, I usually make with wheat bread, turkey and I try to add spinach or kale to make it more wholesome. I eat it on the go. My job starts at 6am so I tend to do everything on the go. I hope that helps
Peter Q.
I usually have a quick packet of oatmeal. Not a high sugar kind but a healthy kind and that only takes like three minutes to make with a Keurig.
Sarah G.
I also struggle with breakfast as I’m not a morning person. However I try to eat a piece of fruit and a low sugar cereal bar just before I leave for work, so that my metabolism gets going early.
Marsha R.
I usually go to eggs or fruit and cottage cheese something light but filling is always a good go to if I dont eat breakfast I end up snacking throughout the day and always drink your water when you wake up
🙂 good luck you can do this
N Dia S.
I normally eat something light that makes me feel healthy but also full, like fruit, yoghurt and granola and I normally wait a short while after waking to eat, whilst also making sure I eat early enough that my breakfast isn't rushed.
Sophie W.
On mornings where I know I’ll be busy, I make overnight oats the night before. There’s tonnes of great recipes about now, you just find a small reusable tub, Chuck it all in and leave in the fridge overnight. You could even take it out with you rather than eat it at home.
Lana Y.
I'm not a huge breakfast person so most mornings I only eat fruit. Fast, easy, doesn't last too long in the system and healthy.
Charles Q.
I don't eat as soon as I get up, I like to wait a bit until my body is ready. My go to meals are a boiled egg, oatmeal with a banana or apple or a grain granola bar or sometimes toast. Weekends vary because I like to go out for breakfast
Mariellla F.
I don't have any appetite in morning, even until 2 pm, but I try to eat a bit before I leave for school. Also I bring home cooked meal to school. So my breakfast is more like lunch
Dan Q.
Well if it is your regime to fast till lunch then do that. Everyone has their own diet and what they think is best for them. Just press skip if you don't eat breakfast. My cousin does the keto diet and she fast till lunch or evening so use Fabulous as your life guide. Whatever you want to make a habit in your life do that. Not everyone likes to have breakfast, and some people skip lunch, some skip dinner. Do what is best for you. Hope this helps.
Oleksandr O.
I eat breakfast after an hour after I woke up. I usually meditate, do some exercises ("seven"), read a book half and hour and then go and eat some healthy breakfast. My usual breakfast is oat meal, fried eggs, and fruit salad and a cup of Pu'er tea.
Holly N.
Instead of looking at breakfast as an important meal in the morning, why not focus on something that you are dedicated to? Post-workout protein is very important for muscle recovery and building, so instead look at it as your post-workout meal! Fasting until lunch doesn’t optimize your workout, so this motivator may make breakfast more of a priority. Make yourself a protein shake with some nuts and berries on the side; this is something you can eat while getting ready for your day, rather than sitting down to eat specifically.