I’m of the belief that although breakfast is probably the most important meal of the day, it doesn’t need to be at a particular time. I like to practice intermittent fasting and the easiest way for me to do that is to stop eating early in the evening and then eat again when I’m hungry which is usually around 11am. I have a healthy breakfast then. Why is it recommended to eat breakfast upon waking every day?

Adalsindo Z.
When you sleep, you're already fasting. Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day, because after undergoing a long period of time of not eating (due to sleeping) you replenish your energy, glucose, and better nutrients for your health. I usually eat two meals a day, but I can say that i feel way better throughout the day if I eat breakfast. This is a personal insight though, but please consider eating breakfast and fasting by no eating dinner!
S G.
I think eating breakfast upon waking up was probably a marketing poly to sell their products and more food. I’m movies you always see the family sitting around the table with eggs, bacon, toast and a cup of coffee or juice or both. I don’t think you need to worry about eating breakfast first thing in the morning. Whatever works for your routine is what you should do as long as it is healthy. Maybe eat a quick snack when you first wake up or try some orange juice just to get something in your system. I know it’s been said that you do better in school and work if you eat something before hand but I don’t know the scientific evidence for this. Just don’t over think it and don’t fall into the trap of what the latest diet trend is. Do what’s right for you and your body.
Melvin Z.
If you feel fine with your habit at present, an advice toward different ways properly won't really make sense to you. But you can try and find the answer by yourself by having breakfast after waking and then stopping eating around afternoon (for your IF diet).
From my point of me, who love eating and trying different kinds of food, breakfast is an exciting way to kick off a day, let alone it gives me energy to stay active the rest of morning.
Juan Q.
Hi, how are you today? I've tried intermittent fasting myself, members of my family too. It has many positives key things. The Fabolous app makes a point ☝️ here : if you're not taking breakfast, you can check ✅ the breakfast box of course (or as you say, eat at 11am).

I do take breakfast at any given time, in the middle of my morning routine, I before take a sip of water and meditate, and after exercise. I think breakfast is important because it gives you the energy boost you'll need during your day. And a good breakfast will give you energy for the entire day, not only 2 or 3 hours as some breakfasts would give.

But yes, don't worry whenever you take it, or if you're in intermittent fasting, Ramadhan or whichever. Fabolous is suggestive, not imperative. A guide, not a set of orders not a recipe of how to Be.

Good luck on your journey!! 💝

Wifi S.
Well, i know that now everyone drinks coffe after waking up but food is more recomanded because it gives you energy. Like, let's say that for one day you only eat breakfast and not any other meal. You feel good but hungry. But if you don't eat breakfast and the other meals, you won't feel hungry but you will feel sleepy and with no energy. Food has a energetic value so that's like coffe after waking up yk?
Eric S.
Not always popular beliefs are based on science. 😊

More than eating in a way or another, my recommendation i to look for a nutritionist that has already deliver the kind of result you want, be specific in what you want, and commit 100%