I am trying to cut out excess sugar. Do you know what fruits I should eat, or just skip fruit and go with veggies?

Liam Q.
Fruits have sugar, but they have a kind of sugar that is better for you than carbs or refined sugars like candy. You actually need to eat some fruits daily- just not a heaving bowl full of it. I’d say a couple pieces of fruit – one or two a day is ideal to keep the needed sugars but cut out excess. Switch it up each day to give your brain variety! And veggies are great too don’t forget to have those in your diet! If you’re really looking to reduce sugars then have a low carb diet (carb = sugar) and don’t be eating too much candy and you should be good!

Em Lia P.
The best sugar to cut out from your diet is food containing added sugar. Read your food labels and ingredients list to determine if sugar is included. Since the sugar in fruit naturally tends to be low, you should only cut fruit if you are really trying to eliminate all sugars from your diet. When you eliminate fruit, you are also eliminating important vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and nutrients like fiber. If you are still concerned about sugar quantity in fruit, look for low-glycemic options which won't spike your blood sugar drastically.

Prisca F.
Fruits shouldn't qualify as excess sugars. Having sugar in your body before exercise gives you a little extra energy which in turn makes you perform better. Any fruit should be fine for this purpose. Just keep the amount of fruit low. Cut out other types of sugar and/or fruit juice.

Adrien E.
As a fruit eater I would recommend to never cut out fruits. Fruits do contain sugar BUT they contain something awesome besides those awesome nutrients- fiber! Fiber slows down digestion and helps you stay full – versus added sugar where all the fiber has been stripped away and you get hungry afterwords. Not to mention fruits are calorie dense and contain water. A win win.

Kenan X.
Fruit is not only carb/sugar, so I suggest to avoid certain types of fruit such as persimmons, figs, bananas, grapes, dried and candies fruit or fruit in syrup as well as industrial juices and eat moderately apples, pears, medlars, strawberries, apricots, oranges, peaches and raspberries and not mixing different kinds of fruits during the same meal.

Elma F.
As long as you're eating fruit in moderation, you'll be good with any kind. Just keep it fresh! Fruit is full of fiber too. If you like grapefruit try a little salt instead of sugar on it.

Gabriella W.
All fruit is brilliant, naturally occurring sugars are so much better than foods with added white sugar which give you a boost at first and then you crash, fruit does not do that. Grapes contain a lot of sugar though, best to limit those. Dried medjool dates are fantastic, two a day is a good amount. Apples and bananas are my favorites. I wouldn't recommend cutting all sugar from your diet like fruit because veg barely contain any sugar and it is more likely you won't be able to resist a craving.

Ramon E.
Bananas and oranges are great for a sugary feeling while also giving you a full sensation. In the summer, melon and watermelon will make you feel great and fresh. Peaches and apricots are also great and sweet. Plums and kiwis are trickier and will be strong on your intestines. Apples and pears are the easiest to carry on your bag.
Just don’t forget to add some sort of nuts or wholemeal crackers to boost your energy and not to feel hungry again soon

Nathan S.
Kiwis are the most nutrient dense of the commercially available fruits! They have a lot of vitamin E which is hard to get enough of dietarily and also have been proven to help improve sleep quality.

Dorian Q.
Whole, natural foods are always the answer! Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and skip the junk such as prepackaged foods!! The more natural, nutrient dense foods you consume the more satisfied you will feel and the less junk you'll crave. Very few people are able to "never" indulge in the extras we are surrounded by, so eat primarily nutrient dense so that you can enjoy the occasional treats in a balanced way, guilt-free!!!

Gregory P.
Actually if you’re trying to cut sugar you should consider cutting fruit last as it has a lot of great benefits you still want for your body. It also has a lot of fiber which slows down the absorption of sugar (that’s why you shouldn’t drink orange juice or other fruit juices as it eliminates all the fiber)
But if you still want to cut sugary fruits, eliminate first the ones with a lot of water and stay with bananas apples and others alike.

Brooke Q.
Nooooo, don't skip the fruits. Depending on your diet, your choices should be different. For an athlete the best is dry fruits (sorry for my not so good english 😅) and bananas. I usually go with those plus apples and citrins. Fruit in general is a good choice.

Kim J.
Veggies are always better because they don’t elevate your blood sugar and thus you break the sugar craving cycle. When you really need a sweet taste choose fruits that have a low glicemic index like strawberry, blackberry, blueberry or green bananas and pears.

Stacey S.
I have found that cutting out sugar all together is very hard right off the bat. It usually sets me up for failure in that, I'm attempting to accomplish something I'm not yet ready for. Fruits with low sugar content, such as blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries can help you get to a better starting point. Also, remember to check the sugar content of vegetables. Some vegetables, such as carrots and tomatoes, have a surprisingly high sugar content. Good luck!

Amalie W.
If you at trying to cut out excess sugar first start looking at every label on any processed food you are using. I recently cut out all added sugar and sweeteners. I did not cut out any fruit. It is amazing how much sugar is added to everything. I stopped using anything that had added sugar or sweetener. Realize there are probably 60 plus different additives that are just different sugars or a different way to call it.

Marius Z.
Sugar in itself is not bad it just contains a lot of energy and leads to rising of blood sugar. Instead of cutting out I would focus on minimizing the intake and yes eat veggies instead. After some time the craving for sweets will be lessened.

Maxime E.
When cutting out sugar it’s very important to omit processed food (obviously pop/sodas, cake/cookies, and breads of any kind). Anything made with flour is quickly converted to sugar in the body. Anything that has fructose, sucrose, etc in the labeling is good to avoid. If you’re going beyond avoiding these sugar sources in your elimination then look at fruit. All fruit has sugar, but is obviously naturally occurring. You can Do a web search for a list of low sugar fruits (diabetes info sites have loads of info on this). Veggies still have sugar/converts to sugar but not quite the same as fruit.

Stephanie E.
Sugar is not your enemy. Glucose in white sugar and candies are bad. Sugar in fruts called fructose. It is good for our health. But it is necessary to eat only fresh fruits, not proceed. And about fruit juice. Healthy is only fresh juice, just made.

Aquino F.
Fruits have healthy sugar! I wouldn’t cut them out. Replacing your processed sugar craving with the craving for fruit sugars is a great idea, and more likely to be successful than just trying to kick the habit cold turkey. When you want something sweet, try reaching for a sweet fruit instead: apples, oranges, grapes, strawberries. These are the highest sugar content fruits, which is still way healthier than soda or chips! Then as your sugar habits dwindles you’ll crave less sugary foods, and low-cal fruits and Vegetables will be a lot tastier.

Zeni W.
I think it would be better for you to eat some bananas oranges mandarins and fruits that have low sugar and also your nutritionist good advice you better

Magdalena Y.
Come on ! I understand cut on sugar (I myself took this decision) but honestly I don't think that skipping fruits is necessary…. unless you're skipping sugar for health reasons..
Going back to fruits and vegetables is in itself healthier than processed food…so I think that you should just enjoy you choice.

Rose Y.
All veggies are perfect tot eat. Fruit is also good to eat. However there are some that contain a lot of sugar so not to much of those.

Sandrino P.
I think it's good to eat fruits and veggies when you want to avoid eating lots of sugar. The problem lies within added sugar (sugar-filled drinks, sugar-loaded desserts, sauces with lots of sugar etc.). Just replace these things with healthy options and you're good to go.

Sherri F.
I’m no expert by any means, and still learning myself, but my understanding is that veggies are typically better if you are talking sugar. However, even then you have to be careful of veggies with too much starch like potatoes. A lot of fruits are actually very good for you and the natural sugars in fruit are still better than any processed sugar. I personally like apples and bananas, but citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruits are good too!

Jenny P.
You want to avoid ADDED sugars. Any sugar that’s been removed from its natural state or is listed separately as an ingredient. Fruits, veggies, dairy, etc. is safe. Sugar, syrups, alcohol, etc. are what you want to avoid. Also be sure to watch white grains, as your body processes white grains as sugars 🙂

Gunar T.
Sugar from fruit is healthy so you can eat food. Cut out sugar in other areas such as processed foods, candies and snacks, and any other ingredient that has sugar as an ingredient. Added sugar is what you were trying to cut out. From sugar is fine so stick with it because you’re a myriad of vitamins and minerals in fruits that you need for your body.

V Nia Z.
Try fruits with less sugar & more fiber, e.g. blueberries, raspberries, & blackberries. Strawberries are good as well, but higher in sugar. Also, don't forget the super fruit, avocado!

Judith W.
Lemons and limes are good options as well as green apples. Most berries are also good in moderation. Your body needs the detoxification effects of fruit so I wouldn't cut them entirely for very long.

Michele I.
I would eat any fruit in moderation because they have many vitamins, but cut instead all proceased sugar. Good luck, you can do it!

Mia R.
always eat fruit. Fruit is a different type of sugar. Use fruit to replace the processed sugars you eat. Combine this with eating lots of veg too. Stick to whole foods

Tracey E.
fruits are a good start, but they are a source of sugar. maybe go with a mix of fruits and vegetables. and whenever you get a craving, eat a fruit. also give yourself cheat days from time to time. just keep those cheat days in control.

Maria X.
You’d better keep the fruits that are low on sugar: lemons, raspberries, kiwis, grapefruits, avocados, oranges, strawberries, blackberries

Martim Q.
Most veggies except for corn have low sugar content. However, if you are a fruit eater, I would not recommend skipping them. Most fruits and vegetables have low glycemic index, meaning they don't give you the sugar spikes in your system. They dont cause sugar highs and lows. So, either way, I think you will be fine eating fruit and vegetables.

Ma Lia Y.
If you start to eat a lot of fruit then you will still be taking in a lot of sugar in the form of fructose instead of sucrose. If you want to cut out excess sugar then investigate a low gi diet.

Ary I.
As long as the fruit doesn’t have added sugar (like fruit canned in syrup or dried fruit with added sugar), any fruit should be suitable. Trying to eat one serving of vegetables for each serving of fruit is one way of making sure that you are getting a variety of nutrients and consuming foods with a lower glycemic index too.

Natalia U.
Try to avoid fruits as they've got a bit of extra sugar and go for ample of veggies. Do eat dry fruits like almonds though.

Carla U.
For a highly educated answer you should ask a dietician but as far as I see it, I make my calories count. What I mean by that is I try to make the most of the food I eat in terms of nutrition value- vitamins, minerals and fiber.
This way I make sure I don't get in empty calories with gives me nothing more than the sugar they carry.
My best friend is a green apple.
As the old saying goes :"an apple a day keeps the doctor away "
Being married to a physician, it kind of makes it hilarious for me but you will hardly see me around without these grand smith greenies in my hand.
I hope I have been of any advice to you dear fellow.

Asta A.
Learn which fruits are lowest in sugar content so you can satisfy your sweet tooth without breaking the sugar bank.
Lemons (and limes) High in vitamin C, lemons and their lime green counterparts are fairly sour fruits. …
Raspberries. …
Strawberries. …
Blackberries. …
Kiwis. …
Grapefruit. …
Avocado. …
The thing is if you avoid sugar in other products you can eat any fruit and it's pleasing and tasty, also not so stressfull as with avoiding all sorts of food.

Marcus P.
I’ve never thought of fruits as excess sugar. Fruits and vegetables are the best things you can eat. My thoughts on cutting out sugar involve reading labels. If it doesn’t have a label on it, then it’s probably ok. (Meaning produce)

Kitty O.
Fruits are okay (within limits) as you eat the fruit and also receive the fibers of it. Veggies are even better, but take a piece of fruit everyday, a banana gives high energy, same with grapes, orange has a higher vitamin ratio, etc. However drinking fruit juice is the main sugarbomb, stop drinking soda and fruit juices and overly sugar saturated foods and you should already see changes. Switching this way gradually also will help (also watch the "no sugar for 30 days" video on youtube, really helpfull in this case)

Fred E.
I think that all fresh fruit is valuable in our diet. I also think moderation is key. Berries are on the top of my list though!

Aurore T.
Well personally at first I did not know what to choose either but I picked up a tip from the app it said eat an apple but also take a teaspoon of peanut butter that it cuts the amount of sugar absorbed from the apple not much but hopefully that will help. Really it’s pretty good!! You should give it a try.

Anton Z.
I think you should eat all the fruits you want bc that’s good sugar. Make sure it’s organic and drink tons of water. Drinking clean distilled water and staying hydrated cuts down on cravings too. Good luck! And when you really want a sweet have an apple or some blueberries

Lea C.
Are you looking to cut mostly added sugars or just sugars in general? If you’re trying to cut overall sugars but still want to have some fruit, you may want to stick to lower sugar fruits like berries!

Holly E.
I would focus on refined sugar before cutting fruit, but if you have already cut out refined sugar from your diet, then there may be fruits that you find too sweet such as grapes or overripe bananas. Keep eating fruits and vegetables of all different colors for a balanced diet. Mmm, fresh blueberries!

Eleonore M.
Fruits that are good to eat would be berries; strawberries, raspberries, blueberries etc, also apples, grapes, oranges and watermelon.
Veggies that are good; pumpkin, carrots, potatoes, beans
Hope this helps and keep up the good work.😊

Julia J.
I think if you want to cut out sugar, the best place to start is to always keep a reusable water bottle with you during the day (if you don’t already). It will help a lot when it comes to making healthy drink choices – you’ll think “I kind of want that soda/lemonade, but I proably shouldn’t…” (like we normally do), but then you’ll also think “and I have my water bottle right here, so I really don’t need that sugary drink!”
My Step 2 would be to purge your pantry. Most of the sugary stuff we eat goes in dry storage: cereal, pastries, cookies & snacks, etc. There’s certain stuff we know we shouldn’t eat, but we get tempted anyway and it unravels us. The best way to avoid that is to get the temptation out of your face!(Side note: bread products are really high in sugar too – just in the form of carbs! It’s your choice if you want to count carbs as sugar. Just be warned, that will make this thing MUCH harder! If you do want to try it, just subtract the amount of fiber in a product from the amount of carbs. Whatever is left of the carbs when you take away the fiber is basically sugar! Foods with high sugary-carbs are the ones you will want to avoid.)
My step three would be, yep, stick to fruits. Veggies are great too! It’s true a lot of fruits are pretty high in natural sugars, but in my opinion that’s still way better than the added & processed sugars we eat all the time! I think it’s worth it, because it will help curb any cravings that might pop up. Things like raspberries, blueberries, and bananas are surprisingly satisfying when you’re craving a little something sweet.
Good luck!!😊

Connor E.
you should avoid fruits which has high glicemic index(as higher it is as faster it breaks to glucose and rise its level in your blood). Less matured and not very sweet fruits has low GI. E.g. green apples, green pears, kiwis, grapefruits and other cirtus fruits which again are not very sweet. Avoid eating grapes as their GI is really high as well as bananas. Or if you really want to eat them eat in the afternoon but avoid eating them at evening and night. Enjoy your healthy diet!

Harold F.
Berries are pretty fabulous in terms of being so nutritious and low sugar. Raspberries are a personal favorite. Limiting the amount of fruit to 6oz a day helps too

Karoline O.
Honestly, i wouldnt worry about eating the wrong fruits. If sugar is what you're trying to cut back on, look out for processed sugars, not the natural ones found in fruits.

M Lina O.
strawberry, apple, coconut, avocado, pomegranate, pear. actually every fruit is worth eating, you should avoid refined sugars and sugar products, not fruits

Roger O.
Fruits with low sugar content:

The above fruits contain between 1 and 13 grams of sugar, serving size makes a difference

Laila U.
Blueberries are a lower sugar fruit. I would recommend transitioning to thinking of fruits as a dessert/treat so that you keep them in your diet and are replacing unhealthy foods with healthier ones.

Ninon P.
If you’re cutting out processed foods and sugars and eating fruit as a healthier option, I’d say go wild and eat whatever fruit you want. Signed, plant-based for a year, excellent health, eat all the fruit every day.

Myrtle S.
I go with lots of veggies. That said I don’t have much of a sweet tooth. I think being more mindful of veggie based protein has gotten me staying full longer after meals, and I try to get creative with my veggie bowls. Pinterest is great for getting new food ideas.

Cireneu Q.
The problem with our meals today is definitely not the fruits(even though they have sugar in them), but the huge amount of processed sugar in processed foods. You should at the label of every product you eat and check the amount of carbohydrates in them. If you cut the sugari once, you can have as much fruits a day as you like, and every kind of them. Good luck

Jesse E.
If you restrict too much sugar, your body will crave it anyway and you risk bingeing later. Natural sugar in whole fruits is accompanied by fiber, which slows absorption. Juices are not accompanied by fiber and can spike your blood sugar. It’s really not necessary to cut out whole fruits, especially as they are a great source of vitamins and fiber.

Etta N.
Fruit does contain sugar, no matter which one you choose. You should consult a nutritionist to determine which, if any, should be part of your diet.

Silas C.
No, you shouldn’t omit fruit from your diet , they contain natural fructose , high in fibers and vitamins. Eat 2-3 portions of fruit daily, minimize your intake from high calorie fruit, but if you stick to portion size the is no harm ☺️

Roberto G.
Nonono, don’t skip fruit! 🍏 I know it’s hard to eat healthier based on all these weirdo facts on the internet. This is how it works:

More fiber, protein, unsaturated fats, slow carbs, vitamins and minerals.

Less saturated fats, fast carbs, ADDED sugar (this is the one that is bad for you, not fruit sugar) and salt.

I’m sorry if that sounded complicated to you, but it’s really super useful just learning this few basic facts! I recommend screenshotting if you’d like ❤️

Even though it may not seem like it now, in the long run it’s MUCH easier to learn the things I listed above. And you want healthy eating to last your whole life, right? 😁 All food have nutrition labels so you know which for example nuts are the best for you based on the basic facts you know. In that way you’ll not get frustrated by fake facts and unhealthy blow-up diets that want you to cut out the things that are good for you (like fruit)! 😱

This got long hahah but I love helping people with this ❤️ Remember to treat yourself with delicious added sugar a couple days in the week! Good luck, and great job getting started! 🍌

Ruben F.
Both fruits and vegetables have benefits. It’s a good practice to go for both without eliminating any or exaggerating the fruits. The best way to eliminate “excess” sugar is to avoid soft drinks, get used to drink hot beverages without sugar and limit deserts.

Amelia U.
Honestly I would keep fruit and veggies in your diet. They have nutrients and minerals we need in our bodies. Cut out pop, sweets, and added sugars in foods. Just look at the labels and make sure there’s no excess sugars!

Nikolaj B.
Berries are best for less sugar, and generally seek fruits with more fibre. But once you're not eating a crazy amount of fruit I think a moderate amount is fine.

Ralfe S.
Loose it! Is an app that yiu can use to check the calories and nutrient content of most foods, but I’d say trying to just cut out fruit and other things you love is just gonna lead to frustration. Focusing on reduction rather than abstinence is more helpful in my opinion.

Judith O.
Start little by little. Promise yourself not to eat confectionaries more than for example 4 times a week, unless you will pay an amount for that (nothing works better than fine when you have to pay). After a month come downer to 3 times a week sweets and cntinue so on… you will be succeed

Megan Y.
Dried fruit has more sugar, so I would cut them out first. I would not skip seasonal fruit, they are full of nutritions, but if you want to balance blood sugar, using more cinnamon may be an idea.

Alix Q.
Fruit isn't excess sugar having one or 2 fruits a day is a good amount of sugar. Having any other sugar on top of this would be excessive so focus on cutting that. Any fruit is good, really.

Amir W.
Fruits have natural sugars and are way better than artificial sugars! It’s okay to keep eating fruits, if you’re still worried choose fruits that are low in natural sugars like kiwis, strawberries, watermelon, avocado, and oranges

Joelma N.
This is hard. Ideally I focus on glicemic index. It is pretty hard to cut sugar and eat fruit at the same time. The go to option would be berries, any kind. They have the least amount of sugar. But if one has some “caloric space” to use, instead I would add a protein, like Greek yogurt, to bring the glicemic index down. Esting veggies instead is good, but not everyone is a fan of that.

Mijo A.
From what I have gathered over the internet, most citrus fruits seem to be low in sugar, like Lemons, lime, oranges, grapefruit and cantaloupe. Berries like blackberry, raspberry and strawberries are also a good addition. Kiwi, watermelon , avacado and perches are a great addition to the low sugar list of fruits. Also consider adding plums, apricots and pears to the list.

Victor W.
I’ve found that to be successful with cutting out sugar for a longer period of time, I do better when I avoid fruit and stick with veggies for a long while. If I do that, fruit feels like a treat and almost to sweet!

Jacob A.
Avoid artificial sugar like sweets, soda. Eat natural food, fruits are ok n eat in moderation. Avoiding sugar will only create a craving for sugary food and you may end up binging on sweet food too much n regret later.

Frederikke W.
As far as I know, sugar from fruit is actually the only sugar your body needs. So if you want to cut “excess” I would cut out the sugar that’s coming from other sources. Fruit is nature’s dessert! Enjoy it!

Rosie S.
There is no fruit that is off limits, however, I limit myself to two servings of fruit per day. I always include an apple with peanut butter (protein), as it makes me feel more satisfied. Fruit alone, just makes me more hungry.

Delfino A.
Hi. In my opinion, deciding whether fruit is in or out is probably not the biggest issue as you try to reduce excess sugar. Have you been able to reduce sugary foods or drinks from the rest of your diet? I would start there first, and try to set a habit to eliminate those foods. If you’ve eliminated all other sources of sugar, then worry about fruits. Good luck and good habit-forming!!

Juc Lia Q.
I love fruits but they say to avoid really sugary ones like grapes and mangoes and stick to healthier options like the berry family. But eating more veggies works too!

Quentin E.
Hey! Fruits are full of great natural sugars, as well as important antioxidants and vitamins. The fastest way to cut out sugar would be to replace soda with water. Hope this helps!

Abelardo E.
Hey! Great question! I would actually say that you shouldnt cut out fruits at all! cut out processed sugar, or sugar as an ingredient. sugar that is naturally in fruits is actually really good for you! as long as its a whole food, you should be fine. 3 servings of fruit perday is roughly the right amount depending on your diet. but if you are eating mostly greens, adding more fruit, or healthy fats like tahini or nuts, can help sustain you thoughout the day, so that you dont crash and end up grabbing some complex carb like bread.

Rafael S.
Eat less sugar fruits, avoid as much as possible mango, grape and banana and avoid eating fruit after 6 pm because it turns into sugars that are stored in our bodies

Annie J.
To cut the sugar completely will be very hard. But i'm trying to do it for a week with Fabulous. You need to exclude completely junk foods first. Then you need to buy only healthy food. For example eggs, nuts, chicken meat, avacado, cucumber and so on. But first, do not give yourself an option of junk food in your house. Diminish them all. Cheers and good luck in your first steps of your healthy life)

Camille T.
Eat bananas, oranges, apples are great, replace sugar with honey and grapes and any kind of berries are okay. If you’re follwoing a diet then watch out your calories.

Hermelinda P.
Hi! I wouldn’t skip fruit completely as they have their own important nutrients that veggies do not. Raspberries are lower in sugar and a full of fiber to keep you full. Strawberries and kiwis aren’t bad either and have a ton of vitamin c. Avocados may be your best bet with only 1 gram of sugar and good healthy fats. Good luck to you!!

Sue F.
If you like fruit, eat fruit. Apples and pears are better choices as lower GI, and fresh fruit better rhan dried. I’m not sure about bananas but hey are great potassium. You say, don’t obsess about the sugar: if you like fruit eat fruit!