What happens if I don`t have enough time to breakfast?

Karlfried Z.
Keep fruit around. Most fruit is great for an on the go lifestyle. That is assuming that you can't go to sleep and wake up 15-20 minutes earlier, of course.

Harper T.
My go to is an apple and almond Butter. I always feel full and satisfied all I have to do is grab it and go no prep needed so it's perfect if I'm in a rush.

Harry T.
I won't have enough energy for the day

Jeffrey J.
I believe missing breakfast is unjustifiable! Personally, when I have a short time to breakfast, then I stick to a minimum course: 7 palm dates (popular in our region) with a glass of water or a cup of coffee. Other preferred alternatives: yogurt mixed with a teaspoon of natural honey or a banana.

Daniel N.
If you don't have time then you should take something with like an apple or an orange or some dry fruits and it's really important to remember that you have to eat for sure 🙂

Rosa F.
Prepare the night before what you'll eat in the morning. Make a sandwich rest in the fridge, wash the fruit /vegetables of your choice and you'll save time and mental energy by making the decisions ahead.

Cristine Q.
For me, the purpose of this app is to make better decisions and build better habits to make time for breakfast. At the same time life gets in the way, so I keep RXBars, Siggi's Icelandic Yogurt and some fresh cut fruit in the fridge that I can bring with me in a rush.

Lisa S.
It's never that you don't have time, it's all about making time for stuff you want to do. But in a genuine case where you are in a superb rush, it's always better to be prepared for such instances with already crafted breakfast items. For example, you could eat dry fruits, just grab them on your way out, or you could make something that you can carry on with you, and can eat while commuting. There is always a way, always a solution.

Melvin C.
Make time 🙂 I guess there are two ways to go here:
1. Wake up 10-15 minutes earlier
2. Prepare breakfast the night before

Aid F.
That’s a question I asked myself. But then I realized that I have time for anything that’s truly important. So what I did for myself is I premade a vegan protein shake make with rice, peas banana and dry peanut butter and I left it in the fridge just incl case I was too short on time. I started going to bed earlier and waking up a little earlier to factor in breakfast. Since I have to eat anyway, I’d rather eat eggs and breakfast meat rather than a vegan shake. So I preplan all my meals in advance: eggs, toast, spinach and a meat. I make enough for my fiancé and I so we both eat and I have “accountability”. I’ve organized my kitchen so I finish cooking it in 20 mins. And then I put it in a container and actually eat it at work. I purposely make the time for it because I perform at a whole new level when I do eat. So since I now HAVE to eat, I’m fully prepared to walk out with something.

Brittany Q.
You can always grab some fruits or some other healthy snacks and take it with you to school/work and eat it when you will have time or you can eat it on your way to school/work.

Damian J.
I prepare ingredients and lay them out the night before. I set my alarm to leave 15min for breakfast. If absolutely no real time and I have to get somewhere I buy a coffee and a muffin to eat slowly making it last the morning as much as possible

Terra U.
My go to breakfast is to microwave some oatmeal, add some milk and some cinnamon sugar and put in my reusable mug so I can eat it on the bus.

Ottfried O.
Make a couple breakfasts at night just in case you need a quick meal. If you don't have enough time at night, grab a piece of fruit and a bottle of water at least. This will give you energy and hold you over until you can get a proper meal.

Guy T.
Prepare a breakfast on the go option the night before, like a plan B. A cereal bar or some cereal in a tub that you can eat when you get to work.

Kristina Y.
There are times that I don’t have time for breakfast, too. When that happens I usually find myself drinking too much coffee. I may not immediately feel hungry, but when it’s lunchtime I will often eat an unhealthy meal because I’m starving. I also don’t have as much energy as when I eat a healthy balanced breakfast.
Sometimes I get into a bad mood, too when I don’t eat a good breakfast.

A piece of fruit and some raw nuts can be a great breakfast when we are short on time. We can eat it while commuting. Best of luck to you, brother or sister!

August U.
Pack it and take it with you. If you use a public transport eat it on your way or when you reach office or school or college find few mins to munch it.

August Z.
The morning is busy. There is a lot to do before going to work or school. I often run out of time myself to eat breakfast. Everyone says, Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so it is best not to skip it. Next time, you are Grocery shopping, consider purchasing some protein bars or other quick nutrious foods. I’ll often grab a granola bar on my way out the door. It is quick, easy, and still gets you the nutrients you deserve to start the day of with.

Wulf U.
If you don't have enough time for breakfast then you didn't prepare well enough. Have quick prep or grab and go items in the pantry or fridge. Yogurt. Banana. Orange. Wole grain bread for toast. Whole oats for oatmeal. All of these take less than 5 minutes. I prep a smoothie the night before. 10 minutes prep. 2 minutes to make on the morning. I have nutriblast and prep rigjt on the cup. Carrots. Celery. Spinach. Chia seeds and flaxseeds. Crushed ginger from a tube. Ginseng. Store in fridge. Add banana and frozen erries in the morning. Water. Then blend.

Romarigo A.
I'll take some healthy breakfast options for me to have at work for example mixed nuts, protein shake, wholemeal bread with peanut/coconut butter spread, avocado on toast. I'll also prep boiled eggs in the evening and will have boiled egg whites on toast when I'm rushing out in the morning.

Dawn O.
Have fruit and healthy muesli (granola) bars that are low in sugar on hand to grab on your way out the door. Failing that, eat as soon as you do have the chance & make a plan to prevent no breakfast in future

Loretta Q.
Take a minute to figure out why you didn’t have time to eat it. Did you not have it? Did something take extra time so you couldn’t put it together? Figure that out and come up with a plan B so tomorrow you will be prepared. I keep a small container of trail mix in my car and purse. That way I at least have something. Ps… don’t beat yourself up… pay attention to how you feel not having the breakfast and turn it into a learning moment.

Melquisedeque F.
I have the same problem.
Ideally plan it out the night before, even better if you can prepare the ingredients on the table ready to cook or something ready to take away. If you know you regularly have this problem start preparing a small packed breakfast to morning. An alternative solution would be to get up early and start a morning routine that includes breakfast. This would probably take a bit more time as it takes time to form good sleeping habits and morning routines. Hopefully Fabulous can help us there 🙂

Hemit Rio N.
On the mornings I run out of time for breakfast I try to have a healthy snack of nuts, fruit or yogurt mid-morning. It gives me a little pick me up along with healthy calories.

Roland O.
You will not have energy to do anything else, it's better to go to bed by 6pm and get up at 4 am and eat full breakfast.

Alan B.
Night before try to make couple of small snack size portions you can carry with, and have them whenever you can like during stop at traffic, on the way to go, etc.

Gilbert W.
If I don't have enough time to eat I skipped breakfast. Then I will be out of energy for the entire morning, and feel guilty.

Lucas X.
Usually just a couple minutes airlier will do the trick, there are a lot of easy and healthy recipies out there. Just trust you can do it.