What is your favorite healthy breakfast recipe?

Judith F.
I love avocado on toast! I toast two pieces of whole-grain bread. Then a mash an avocado and spread it on the two pieces of toast. On one piece I add a poached egg. Sometimes I’ll add a little hot sauce just to spice it up. On the other slice of toast with avocado I drizzle a little bit of honey. So good!

Celeste Z.
This was the healthiest breakfast my money would allow: a toasted blueberry bagel with cream cheese in the morning. Again this probably wasn't the most healthy thing I could've made; however, it was the healthiest thing I had at my place.

Grace R.
I have two that are my favorite. 1 is scrabbled egg whites with diced up tomatoes, green peppers, 1/4 cup cheese and 1/4 cup turkey sausage. 2 is oatmeal with either diced up bananas or peaches.

Lance O.
Something simple to prepare usually! Greek yogurt with honey, nuts, and berries. Scrambled eggs and frozen veggie sausage! Carb friendly toast with peanut butter!

Simon G.
Oats porridge made with oats milk and chia seeds. Sometimes adding a spoon of Irish moss gel. Add fresh fruits, blueberries & grapes/kiwis. Sprinkle flaxseed or pumpkin & sunflower seeds on top…. delicious!

Willie Q.
I love a poached egg on Dave's killer bread, toasted. I cut up a small tomato and throw on a handful of spring mix and then top it all with Sriracha! It sounds complicated, but you can poach the egg in one minute in the microwave and use the serving plate to cut the tomato instead of dirtying a pan and a cutting board. The egg and veggies are done by the time the toaster beeps. I'm full all morning and it gives me energy to face the workday. Give it a try!

Siegbert E.
My favorite breakfast receipe is avocado toast. I use a fork to spread avocado on a slice of bread, then I squeeze a bit of lemon on it (this is crucial!), then I put smoked salmon on top, and I finish with a sunny side up egg (you can put scrambled eggs or an omlet, whatever you want).

Enzo Z.
To have a mixture of different healthy things at once I regularly enjoy a smoothie which includes some seeds for protein, a banana, a mixture of berries, some greens then fill it up with water. 🍌💧
To be honest though my most favourite breakfast would probably the full English cooked breakfast with eggs, bacon, sausage, tomato, beans etc 🍳🥓 😋

Malone T.
A nice fruity smoothie that packs all the nutrients that can help my body generate from the night, help my metabolism start, help my gut cleanse and provide delicious protein.