If you work early in the morning and commute to work, how quickly do you eat breakfast after waking up? How does this factor into your morning commute?

Falc O Z.
I get up, drink a glass of water and then go straight to freshen up. I brush my teeth, wash my face and I'm all ready to fill my belly up. This usually takes about 30 mins. Although some days I'm not as hungry in the morning and take some time out to play the keyboard so that I get a little hungry. And this makes me feel very satisfied after I've had my breakfast.
Isabella R.
I eat breakfast faster in the morning and have less of it or something quick. I don’t really get a chance to appreciate it as much.
Joyce Y.
Well I don’t usually make breakfast, but when I do it’s the last thing I do before going to work. It usually means I skip breakfast or buy it on my way to work.
Vi F.
I get up at 6 a.m, I feel great, because until 7 a.m I have time to do almost everything, after which I still remain productive for the whole day
Harry R.
If I have to commute to go to work, I only drink a coffee for breakfast and I bring something to eat when I arrive to the location where I work. I found out when I was a teenager that if I eat something for breakfast early in the morning (6 am) before commuting, I get ill (nausea).
Cia R.
It’s takes me a while to get out of bed dew to me sleeping in and wanting to get a couple more minutes of sleep so then I won’t get up and make some breakfast instantly
Ida I.
I usually fix myself up (shower, get dressed, etc.) before I eat breakfast since it takes some time for me to get hungry in the morning. I have a lot of trouble eating when I am not hungry so I wait for as long as possible to eat since I usually get hungry around 09:00. Of course I am not able to eat that late but I try to eat as late as possible. I also wake up very early so that I have a lot of time in the morning to prepare (maybe and hour, hour and a half) and never really stress.