What do you typically eat for breakfast that is fast, hot, and satisfying?

Herbert O.
I often eat old fashion oatmeal. And when I have them, I add a hand full of peanuts, and/or dry or frozen fruits, such as cranberries or rasins. Lastly, I sprinkle cinnamon over them while cooking. Old fashion oatmeal takes 5 minutes to cook.
Reese N.
I mash avocado onto some multi-grain toast, add a sprinkle of seasoning, dump a scrambled egg on top, and top it off with some drizzled hot sauce.
Arron O.
I usually make an egg, a few strips of bacon, a yogurt or some fruit, and a cup of coffee or tea. Healthy, but enjoyable, and it keeps me full till lunchtime!
Elizabeth R.
I don’t normally eat a hot breakfast. It’s usually Greek yogurt and a banana. But occasionally plain oatmeal with fruit and almonds